In an effort to stay home on Saturday for once…

I buckled and decided to go into Saskatoon yesterday evening. I had delayed Brady’s Father’s Day date for too long and had promised him Montanas. Dinner out plus Kinsmen Park plus a little shopping sounded good and not stressful at all. After I made the decision, I found out that free rides for kids were cancelled, which was very discouraging to me. Silly, I know, but I was pretty disappointed. I started sulking, which convinced me it was time to get out of the house. No need to pout at home. So we got all ready and met Brady at Montanas at 5:00 so we would for sure get a table.
Our server was really friendly and made sure to ask if Dekker wanted a juice or some milk when we got our drinks. Sometimes I laugh at those questions, but I’ve started to realize that at first glance, my son looks a lot older than he really is due to his size. If you look a little closer, his mannerisms and face is all baby, but I get where it comes from. We ordered for ourselves and were told there was a childrens meal of mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. Instead I just opted for an extra side of mashed potatoes since I knew he wouldn’t even dent it.
Our food came quick and was perfect. Everything was flawless until it was someone’s birthday. If you haven’t been to Montanas, when its someone’s birthday, a few of the staff members bring out an embarrassingly large hat with horns for the birthday victim to wear while they sing happy birthday. They got everyone’s attention and announced that there was in fact a birthday that evening. Everyone clapped, and Dekker just about jumped out of his skin. And then be just wailed. And wailed. And wailed some more. It was terrible, everyone was looking and it took a while to calm him down while they sang happy birthday. Suuuper awkward! So everything calmed down until there was another birthday. When we saw them coming out I grabbed Dekker out of his high chair, and everyone was already watching. When they announced the second birthday, the clapping was a lot more hesitant and quiet. I just bounced Dekker like crazy and sang happy birthday in a funny voice into his ear and he did a lot better. I’m used to Dekker being the center of attention in a lot of cases, but this was not the most favorable one by any means. It is hard to keep a cool head in that kind of situation, and as a recovering pessimist, its hard for me to not let that kind of situation ruin the whole evening. We tried to just laugh about it, and it was ok. When we were done, we paid at the table and started to pack up, and only then (of course) did I really take a look at the bill. Our wonderful server hadn’t charged us for Dekkers food 🙂 I love people like that. People who give him a deal, or who secretly stick a sticker to his hand, or who reach over past the till to scan whatever grocery he happens to be carrying so I don’t have to take it from him. Some people really go the extra mile. It reminds me how badly I want to be that person.
After Montanas we went to Old navy and then Walmart. We had another breakdown in the bathroom when someone flushed a toilet. He cried and cried, and I felt horrible because I know I would feel horrible if I flushed a toilet and as a result, made a baby cry. However, the woman came right up and talked to Dekker and calmed him right down. She said her five year old still cries sometimes at how loud hand dryers can be, and she completely understood. Turns out she was pregnant and very interested in new babies again, so she was very understanding, which made me feel a lot better. Whew!

From there we whipped through Superstore, which is normally not a happy place for me. In high school, for some reason I found specifically Superstore very overwhelming, to a point of getting headaches and feeling sick to my stomach. I’m better at it now, but since they’ve split the aisles I get confused again and it just ticks me off. But it was quick and we got almost everything we came for. Coming through the till, Brady and I threw in our “bets.” We never actually bet anything, but we like to guess how much the trip is going to cost us. I guessed $71 and he guessed $76. It was $56 only! Also, it was tax-free day! Not that it saved us tons, but its was such a nice little thing that surprised me and put a little silver lining on my Superstore cloud.
I’m so glad we went to Saskatoon yesterday. Its funny how the devil tried so many times to wreck the evening (or parts of it) just a little, yet so many bright lights made it awesome!

I will follow you to the ends of the…province

I’m so happy that some of you actually came over and read this. Thanks guys! If you’ve ever blogged, you know its added motivation to have others be part of it. I think I’ll reach a point (or hope to anyway) where its more therapeutic for me and I won’t need other peoples involvement, but currently, it still helps.

Last night we got haircuts. Not Dekker, but he came along for the ride. It feels sooo refreshing to have short hair for summer! The lovely lady that cuts my hair from her home is moving soon and I really don’t know what I’ll do without her. There is something about being able to say “I totally trust your judgement” to someone and come out with a beautiful cut. I also had big exciting plans to go blonde this year, but I’m nervous to start that process with someone and then try to continue/finish it with someone else. So blonde will have to wait. Suggestions anyone? Otherwise I might find myself stalking my hairdresser to her new home in a new province every two months.

After we had our cuts, her husband surfaced from the basement where he was finishing some work for the day, made us all some tea, and we had a really nice visit in the living room while the babies played. It was so nice to spend time with them on a social level, even though our haircut visits are never super formal or anything, it was still different, and we liked it a lot. We left their home around 10:00pm, and while I hope for their sake that their house sells soon and they can get on with their exciting new adventure, I hope they stick around for at least one more cut 😉

We got home around 10:50pm and fed Dekker and put him to bed. Surprisingly, he’s already talking away in his room. He normally sleeps anywhere from 10 to 14 hours, and this is a little less than 10, so I’m just letting him chat for a bit. Maybe he’ll go back to sleep. However, after doing my normal pass through online (email, facebook, LikeNet, now here) I see that lots is happening in Saskatoon today and I’m wondering if I should get him up and go, or if we should just have a quiet day at home. I know the rides at Kinsmen Park are free today, which is awesome! But I also know Brady would be very sad to miss that, as we’ve been talking about taking Dekker there for quite some time. Also, Safeway’s “This Friday Only” sale includes 15 cobs of corn for $5! Considering the quality of Safeway’s veggies usually, I almost want to drive out there and pick some up, since I know it will be gone by the end of the day, rendering a trip by Brady after work completely useless. Also, my gas money alone makes the corn a LOT more expensive if thats all I’m going in for. Tough call, tough call. I still need to find a gift for my nephew, who turned two recently and who I will be seeing this coming week. I’m a little stumped on that, so I know I need to go in and do some serious shopping. However, after my last shopping trip on a wildly stormy day accompanied by tornado warnings, on my own with Dekker, going to probably 10 stores looking for maybe one thing in each, the thought of errand running is just a little overwhelming. Maybe I’ve just answered my own question. I guess we’ll just stay home and get some good naps in. I’ll pay a couple bucks for Kinsmen Park a different day. I’ll buy corn for full price, or just wait for it to finish growing in my garden. And I’ll shop for the birthday gift on Saturday with my husband to back me up.

I suppose the second half of this entry is relatively meaningless, as it sort of cancels itself out, but at this point, I’m still new on here and it looks better to have a longer post, hahaha!

And so it begins…

I suppose this is the part where I introduce myself, in case the “About” section hasn’t answered all of your questions.

You know what? After rereading it, I’m pretty sure it has answered everything actually! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Instead, I’ll tell you what my intentions are. I intend to use this blog as something of an outlet. While I adore my son and would not trade stay-at -home-mommyhood for ANYTHING!!!… sometimes a woman needs some conversation with someone who speaks english, or at least the illusion of it. So this will be my “adult conversation” of the day, if you will. Another purpose for this is to remember. Everything. I have a beautiful life that I couldn’t be more grateful for, and sometimes I forget to write things down, and then I forget them for good! Which is a shame. No more of that.

I know that trying to make an entry daily is asking a lot of myself, and I can’t promise that I will, but I will try!

I will wrap this up as I hear my Dekker boy waking up from his nap and I should feed the little guy some lunch. Did you know he’s supposed to be feeding himself with a spoon already???! *sigh* I’ll save that for another day…

Have a delicious lunch! Peas anyone?