Birthday Week

I always laughed a little bit about how my grandma doesn’t have a birthday. She has a birthday week. There wasn’t one big family celebration. She had something up every day, for a whole week, every year for her birthday. She is a lady who loves to go out to eat, so she was taken out to eat every day for the whole week. But she was onto something! I’ve been celebrating since Friday and while my official birthday was yesterday, I still feel like I’m celebrating today, as we’ll be heading out to the lake any minute now. Sooo looking forward to it!

I spent yesterday evening with my parents, my husband, my son, and a couple close family friends. We chatted, and ate a crazy amount of food. Barbecued chicken and farmer sausage, with whipped potatoes, corn on the cob, and a fabulous green bean dish with mushroom sauce and crunchy onions. And cake, of course. Actually got all the candles out this year!

After such an evening of delicious food and company, I’m excited to pile into my tiny car which is now crammed, and spend the next 2-ish hours driving to the lake, eating my ham sandwich and nectarine. Why does food that was boring in a high school lunch taste so much better on the way to the lake? Who knows. But its even better when accompanied by…


* One last thing. My dear mysterious country “CW,” I’m so very curious who you are! If you read this blog regularly and don’t know me personally, would you please leave a comment? As a birthday present to me? I’m so happy you follow me!

Pretty much ideal

Yesterday Brady and I skipped church for the first time in a long time and I can honestly say, it really did finally feel like  day of rest. We slept in, had breakfast, watched some tv in bed, and eventually went to Saskatoon to run a couple errands that weren’t super necessary, but just got us out of the house. It was so nice to not have a deadline. We were so relaxed! We made it back in the late afternoon and had a really easy supper. Brady’s parents were driving home from a reunion and spent the night here, so they arrived about a half hour before Dekker went to bed. We had a nice cup of coffee and a chat, and all went to bed at a decent time.

This morning, we all had breakfast together before they continued their journey home. Now, Brady is outside working on the deck (yes, he took the day off) and Deks and I are inside, playing on the floor. The fan is doing a great job of keeping us cool, and I still have the taste of my breakfast nectarine in my mouth. Yum. Deks will hopefully nap in about a half hour and then I’ll go help with the deck. Haven’t had my chance to get in there and get my hands dirty yet, so today is the day!

We’ll spend the evening at my parents house, celebrating my birthday. I’m officially one year older today and to be honest, its the first year where I’ve felt old. I was thrilled to be twenty, and while I know I”m still plenty young, I’m practically in my mid-twenties!!! Not feeling especially ready for that. I catch myself reminiscing a lot recently about the summer after I graduated high school. It was the best summer of my life and it feels like it was yesterday that I was there. Guess what, it was like six years ago! Feelin’ old. Not how I expected to feel. However, I’m pretty sure all the fun is just beginning 🙂 I’m very thankful to have made it this far. Thank you Lord for giving me another day!

Deck Build: Day #1

Yesterday was the first day of our deck build. I have waited for our stinking deck build, and it is finally here. Brady assured me that we would get the beams and joists built, but I shouldn’t hold my breath for the actual decking yet. However, good food brings energy, and a loving and willing heart brings a friend, so with our group of builders grown from two to three, work went a little quicker. Process pictures? Sure, I have those.

Little sugar-shot of Dekker here because why not?


So many pictures later, hopefully you can see that we’re a good solid way through the deck! We still have half the deck boards to screw on, and then the railing (which we have to learn how to build.) And then its OVER! Hopefully we can accomplish it all Monday morning and afternoon. I would love to spend that night away at the lake knowing that our deck project is done forever!

Birthday Date

My actual birthday is on Monday, but that is a deck building day. So Brady planned my date for yesterday. And it was AWESOME! I usually have a way of figuring out where we’re going or what we’re doing in advance. I’m not the easiest person to surprise. However, after we drove a decent ways out of the city, through construction, and Brady was still saying we might miss our reservation, I was super confused.

Berry Barn! I had never been there before, and it was super yummy. Our food came relatively quickly, it tasted great, and we didn’t break the bank which always helps! Our server even said my dress was cute. She was right. Too bad I don’t have a picture to prove it.

From there, we went to the river and watched a production of “As You Like It” in a big white tent crammed with people so tight you almost touch knees. It was fabulous! We had been to a similar event a year or two before and I loved every minute of it. This was that, but with music! I did not expect it at all, but there spontaneous accordion guy who would prance around and take us from scene to scene was a huuuge highlight for me! He would sing silly songs and dance around a little, and then he would just belt out his song in a strong, seasoned voice. He was fabulous! I think the crowd clapped for him every single time he was on. At the end of the play, everyone gets married. Four couples, to be exact. They did a whole silly dance sequence (cue the siblings to heckle my love for dance movies) which I absolutely loved, and then it was over. It was such a great night. Warm with a breeze, non-sketchy people sitting beside us, and a play I had never read but fully understood. Who can ask for anything more when it comes to Shakespeare??!

I’m feeling refreshed this morning after sleeping like a log last night, and I’m ready to get started on the day. Deck day!!! Mom and dad should be here soon (with coffee) and we’ll really start rolling! Rolling with the (deck) homies!

Its about time!!!

Before I even start really posting, I have a favor to ask. I can keep tabs on my “views” and I’m starting to get a regular view from a country called “CW.” It has no flag and doesn’t show up on a map. I’m thinking, maybe the Common Wealth? Anyway, whoever you are, could you comment, just so I know? I know some blogs are followed by tons of different people from all over the world, but I’m still pretty new at this and definitely don’t have any out-of-country followers. Please let me know who you are 🙂

Back to basics. Yesterday, we picked up the material for our deck!!!!! The build begins tomorrow and I’m SO EXCITED! My dad borrowed a work truck with a trailer and met us at a Co-op at 5:30 for the pick. I know people have their places they like to go and its not always Co-op, but my goodness, they were sooo good to us! We had started loading the truck with the best pieces we could find, when we realized the first ones we loaded were the wrong size. Bad way to start. Everything off, everything back on in the wrong order. This, plus the fact that Dekker was in the car, made it a little more stressful as we wanted to rush and get it done fast. We needed some really long wood (Whoops! Thats what she said) and there wasn’t enough up front (Thats what she said! Thats what she said!) so we found a guy in a reflective vest that just told us to follow him to “the back.” We drove behind him and he took us to a lot more (and better quality) pieces. He showed us where to pull from for what sizes, as everything is unmarked back there. Instead of just helping us with that one size, the guy basically adopted us! He had our pick list and was crossing stuff off, helping load up our truck and everything. For a summer worker, he definitely took pride in his work. After we had pretty much everything we needed from the back, he pointed toward the deck blocks and slabs we would need, but just said “Follow me.” So we did. And he helped load that stuff too! And same with all the hardware. 18 lbs of screws (and a lot of other random hardware) later, we were done. He came out, shook hands all around, and left. I’m pretty sure all he was asked to do was forklift out a load of pieces that they were short on out front. I love people that go the extra mile. Big shout out to Taylor at Co-op!!!

So 3.5 hours later, it was done. And would you believe that Dekker was still happy?! Playing with his blue key that sings, with only really his water and crackers to accompany him, he was perfectly content. Of course I still checked on him often, but he was fine! Was a fabulous son I have!

This whole mess of wood is now in my backyard, unloaded right beside where it will (hopefully) become a deck before Tuesday.

Today, I will not think about it. I will simply play with my son A LOT and get all pretty for my birthday date with Brady tonight while Dekker naps. Sounds like a good day to me!

Plans change, things speed up.

I posted a while ago about how the rest of July for me was pretty slammed full. It has been, but in a really good way. This last chunk of the month is all scheduled towards FINALLY building our deck, a picnic table, and deck chairs. Included in these five days, I’m going on a birthday date with Brady, and having my birthday itself at my parents house. Lastly, we booked a night at the lake from the 31st to August 1st, since I’m just itching to get away. Pretty full five-ish days right? Yesterday I was getting ready for a trip into the city when Brady called. Apparently the home builder Brady works for forgot to mention that they did have work over the next week after all! They had just forgotten to schedule it. I sat on my bathroom floor and cried like a child. Not the kind of crying where I just tear and sniff and get over it. It kept going. And going. I have waited and waited to build this stinking deck! I have waited to be away from my house when that ugly task was all over. Wow, I was mad.

I’m still not 100% sure what plans will look like over the next couple of days, but I know that our night away is non-refundable, so luckily, the guy Brady works with offered to sort of take the hit those two days. I know he’ll likely go back to chaos at work, but I’m trying to just be thankful instead of anxious. We will (hopefully, knock on wood) still get the silly deck built, it just might be more in evenings than the 2-3 full days we were planning on. Saturday better be a productive one! And I have no idea what my birthday date is but I’m under the impression its not allowed to change, so I’m thinking we’re still doing something together (Dekker-free) Friday evening.

So after I bawled myself silly yesterday, I reapplied my make up and brought Deks to the city. It was actually really successful. I was feeling pretty draggy from the morning and didn’t have lots of energy, but got fun stuff done!

I ordered a high chair-ish seat that clips onto a table so we can latch Dekker to our hypothetical picnic table for his birthday party.

I went to Sephora to pick up my free birthday gift and came out with some awesome nail polish too.

And I went to Lululemon to spend the birthday money my mother in law gave me. I picked out some “Wunder Under Crops” and now I’m just waiting to pick them up after they’re hemmed.

Maybe its childish, but I’m almost as excited about that pretty bag they come in as I am about the crops themselves.

So yesterday was a successful shopping trip for sure. Today, when Brady and my dad go pick the pieces of our deck, I hope thats is just as successful! Holding my breath. Knocking on wood. PRAYING!

One of those windy nights

Before I get too far into a post about what a weird night we all had, I have to report first and foremost that Dekker crawled last night! I cried a little. I know some of you may be thinking he’s “behind” in crawling or walking, but keep it to yourself because I could not be prouder. He army crawled (sometimes with the assistance of one of his legs) a decent distance to a toy he wanted, and he happily lay there and sucked on it while I kissed him and kissed him, tearing like a silly emotional mom. As per usual, we all cheered for him, which scared him like crazy and he cried and cried. He’s kind of funny that way 🙂 It was time for bed anyway. He can get a little sensitive before bed. So we put him to bed, and since all of us (myself, Brady, and Elvira) were feeling pretty tired, we all hit the sack.

So began the weird night. Did anyone else sleep poorly last night? We thought maybe it was the wind or something, but none of us slept soundly. We were all awake on and off, even Dekker woke up and cried a little once in a while, and I had wild dreams all night long. Something involving high school friends, playing “chicken” with wooden toy penguins (I don’t know), and being in a house rigged to kill. It was not a nice dream, and I’m glad its over. However, somehow my bedroom is ice cold and my feet can’t seem to shake it. Brrrrr!

Either way, I’ll get Dekker up soon and feed him breakfast, maybe see if he’ll crawl again. He is pretty scared to bowl over into the crawl position. He was doing it great a few days ago, really trying to get on his belly and crawl, but he did it at Shekina a few times and bumped his forehead on the hardwood, and I think he’s a little spooked. To the carpet we go!

Off my feet. For…36 more minutes…

I posted a while ago about how life was about to get really busy. Its been great, but truly busy. Dekker has been the biggest indicator of that. For several days now, he has been without his crib for regular naps. He’s a very bubbly boy, but he still very much needs his two naps per day. We’ve been experiencing the wrath of his fatigue every evening for long while now.

Dekker and I went to Saskatoon with Elvira today for just a quick trip. We hit Fabricland to buy material to make a cover for my and Brady’s new quilt. Never quite know how to word that. Was my grammar right there? Anyway, from there we went to bring Brady lunch and see the floor plan he was working on, and after that we picked up some chicken from Costco and headed home. Dekker was making quiet noise constantly, which is a surefire way to know he’s tired. So I fed him a nice big, warm bottle here at home and put him to bed. And now he’s talking away in there, completely awake. Little goober.

I’ll get up in…31 minutes and quickly make supper and put it in the crock pot. Yes, my famous honey chicken. One day, all of you will make it and understand why I’m this gung-ho about it. Maybe we’ll even eat it downstairs today, in nice squishy furniture, and watch a movie. Sounds nice.

Maybe baby will sleep until then. Probably not. 

A Day at the Lake

Today Brady, Dekker and I took Brady’s mom to the lake. We have raved about our lake for years, and we finally had a chance to show her what makes our lake so wonderful. As an added bonus, today was Dekker’s first lake experience. Out of the womb anyway.

We spent the day lounging and snacking on the beach, playing in the water, perusing the little shops, buying hats, and eating pizza. It was completely perfect. Before I get into a warm bath and wash the beach smell off my skin, I will post a few pictures.

As I said, it was perfect. I can’t wait to go back.

Family and Fatigue

We had such a nice time at the family gathering this weekend! I”m pretty sure none of you guys read this, and that is completely fine, but I love you all! It was so refreshing to finally spend enough time with you to be able to put names confidently to faces. Who knew there were so many cute babies in my family?! And to my aunties and cousins, thank you for keeping tabs on my son while I went zip lining. I don’t often get Dekker-free time, and while I love him dearly, an hour or two off is refreshing for me and my arms. You would know after holding him.

Once we returned from our day at the reunion, Dekker crawled his first few inches. I am not calling it “the day be started crawling” because he really hasn’t figured it out yet, and he barely did it again today, but he’s very close, and trying hard. He was such a trooper for being so tired after his day away.

We spent this evening dropping off Brady’s dad at the airport, and are eagerly awaiting a day at the lake tomorrow with his mom. I have no had a good solid beach day in quite some time, and Dekker has never been to the lake. Hopefully he enjoys it, even though he’ll likely have another nap-free day.

We just put out bawling, exhausted son to bed. He quieted as soon as we placed him in his crib. I’m more and more proud of him every day, if you haven’t noticed. I think I will take a hint from him and hit the sack soon. After my bubble bath. And a snack.