What do you call a fake noodle?


There’s your lame joke for the morning 🙂 Since it won’t say by the date of this post, I am beginning writing this at 6:34am. And I don’t feel like death!

I fell asleep before midnight for the first time in a very long time. I don’t know how long, honestly. It was pretty close to midnight, but I never even got close to that ugly 2:00am I’ve seen sooo many times. However, I woke up when Brady woke up. 5:00-something. As in, I heard his alarm snooze a couple of times before I looked at the clock at 5:30am. I wake up to his alarm often enough but rarely say awake. However, I had to pee. Thanks for nothing, post-baby bladder. So I got up, peed, and went back to bed. I tried to fall back to sleep, but it wasn’t coming right away, and once I thought more about it, decided to just be up. You know those times when you wake up, fall back to sleep, and somehow those last couple of hours make you feel waaay worse than you felt when you originally woke up? That is really how I saw things going this morning, so I opted for wakeful time instead. I don’t hope to be awake this early regularly, but it’s along the lines of my current “wake up earlier” plan so I figure I’ll just roll with the punches and see what happens. At least its the weekend tomorrow.

So. Progress.

We had a meeting of sorts scheduled at our house yesterday evening, so I cleaned up our massive amount of dishes in preparation for having someone more important over. Highlight of doing dishes? When I was standing at the sink and Dekker was playing with the magnets on the fridge. We were sort of doing our own things, content, I was probably humming or singing, just relaxed, when out of nowhere, Dekker pantsed me. I didn’t even notice that he had crawled over, but he certainly pulled up on me! I was completely surprised and turned around to look at him. He just stood there, looking up at me with his perfect, innocent Bambi eyes. Ya, I had a good laugh 🙂

Turns out the man we were meeting with got stranded out of town that day with car trouble, so we moved the date to next week. No big deal, I felt worse for him having to fix his car in a strange place. However, to be proactive, I made some cookie dough in the evening so I could make fresh cookies on the day he came over. I was hoping to make them yesterday but it was getting too close to his arrival time. But then he couldn’t come! So I guess it kind of worked out for the best.

I am decently proud of how yesterday went. I felt tired and accomplished at the end of the day, and fell asleep with no problems. I’m definitely wishing I could have slept longer this morning but hopefully everything will even out sooner than later and I’ll be able to run a normal routine like everyone else.

My plan for today is to go to the city with my mom and get a few things done. Groceries, Value Village, stuff like that. And then meeting the boys and picking out Christmas trees 🙂 It has become a nice tradition that we share with my parents every year, and I’ve been looking forward to it!

Our first Christmas tree 2009. We look just a little different...
Our first Christmas tree 2009. We look just a little different…

A Few Changes

So I have a few fun updates for you guys from yesterday evening and this morning. At least one of them is fun.

It has been suggested to me by a few friends recently to start waking up early whether Dekker does or not. This goes completely against my grain but as I’ve been seriously considering it, I think it would eventually be good for my sanity and great for Bradys! We would both feel better with more sleep, for sure. So this morning I have a friend going in for a c-section, and I promised to pray for her. So I figured it was a good day to wake up to an alarm and be a bit more disciplined than I’ve been in the past, on this issue anyway. I set my alarm for 7:50, as she was scheduled to be wheeled into surgery at 8:00. In all honesty, I feel like death. But I didn’t fall back to sleep. I prayed for a few minutes, and then only lay there for a couple more minutes before I got up. Not “got up” as in got ready for the day and began accomplishing things. I mean “got up” as in I turned on the bedroom light, grabbed the laptop, and other things similar to that. Soon I will surface even further into the kitchen for the coffee waiting for me in the kitchen. Thank you, Brady! When I was originally thinking about waking myself up earlier, I thought maybe I’d only start the process in the new year, since Christmas will sort of throw it all off again, as holidays and gatherings tend to do. But I’m not sure! Maybe I should just go with it now? I don’t know. Waking up (and staying awake) when its dark out feels sooo wrong! Not quite sure which direction to take.

A fun update? I joined the iPhone community! Brady too! No, I’m not blogging from my phone. That is one thing that I’m pretty sure will likely remain a laptop activity. But I’m really pumped about this phone. I know we’re a little behind the times over here, but as everyone with an iPhone knows, its fairly pricey to join the community. That plus we were still on contracts. I went to ask what our buy out fees would be, and mine was only $45 while Bradys was waived because he had less than six months remaining. So we jumped at getting them. We both got white, and we both got the Apple Care or whatever the insurance is called. I don’t usually jump at the insurance, because I’m usually pretty careful with my stuff. However, Brady for sure needed it. I’ve seen what his phone looks like after a day of work, and having some insurance is good. I would likely never do anything bad to my phone, but Dekker might. And soon, the things I put towards the back of the couch just out of his reach will be within his reach, and then we’re all in trouble. So if my phone ends up in the toilet, I like the added security. I didn’t like the $100 per phone that it cost though. Gross, I know. But that aside, we both have beautiful new phones. My favorite part of the experience though, was Dekker, as usual. Brady carried him the entire time. No, I’m not a jerk. I tried to trade him off! But since Dekker doesn’t see his daddy all day, he is very popular in the evenings. Anyway, Dekker had a couple toys in his hands and was fine for a while, but started to get fidgety, as most kids would do. He desperately wanted one of the iPhones and we were not about ready to pass him one just yet! Then one of the staff reached into a drawer and passed him a bright blue phone. She assured me it was an old floor model phone, like one of the fake ones with the plastic picture that doesn’t work, so he could drop it to his hearts content. I passed it to him, but he just eyed it suspiciously. He had a toy in eat hand and didn’t seem quite convinced enough to try  new one. So I put it town on the counter in front of him. He leaned over and started are it very closely before laying his screwdriver beside it and picking up the new toy. And he loved it! So we all left the mall with new phones yesterday, Brady and I with iPhones, and Dekker with a Nokia of some kind. Total Success.

Now if anyone wants to teach me how to use my phone, it would be greatly appreciated.

What’s for Dinner?

Before I talk about food, I got pretty huge views on yesterdays post. Thanks for not being offended or hurt by anything I wrote. And if you were, thanks for not telling me. I tried to write diplomatically, and really just wanted to express that I was disappointed the other day. I still like you guys and I hope you still like me.

Onto yummier things. I found a recipe for chicken spaghetti the other day and figured I’d try it. It was completely amazing!!! And super easy. If you don’t like canned things, it is likely not for you. So I made it again yesterday and it was sooo much better! I brought my camera upstairs while I was making it so I could take pictures of what went in it so you could really grasp its easiness, but it really doesn’t look like much.

You’ll just have to picture it yourself. Boil noodles and fry up a few chicken breasts all in chunks. Put them to the side and made the yummy part. Its just a can of cream of mushroom soup, a can of cream of chicken soup, and a cup of sour cream. Its all bland looking and seems like it wouldn’t taste like anything. Then a big can of diced tomatoes! Everything turns pink and yummy. I LOVE pink supper! Once the soups are all mixed up, I threw in the noodles and chicken, gave it a solid stir, and baked it in a 9×13 pan for about 35 minutes, until the sides started to change color. Then I sprinkled cheese on top and let it melt all gooey.

The con of this dish? It is impossible to serve!!! Seriously, is it a casserole? Or spaghetti? Make up your mind!!! So its hard to get a decent chunk out of the pan but its worth it.

The reason I babble on and on about this is because I felt very wifey making it. With the way Dekker sleeps, we don’t usually think about supper until after Brady is home if we want to eat with him when he wakes. So Brady often does most if not all of dinner preparation. However, I was on the ball with this one, so much so that he walked in, washed up, and was herded to the table. Luckily he loves my chicken spaghetti and didn’t feel the pushing as much. Yum!

So. I don’t have a picture, but hopefully you can imagine how good it looked and tasted. In fact, perhaps I’ll have some right now for breakfast.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Readers or Watchers?

I’m not sure how to really write this post but I’m stumped for another topic and this one is just bugging me, so out it comes.

I had a question on my last post. I specifically asked the readers to give me their opinion. No one has to, I know that, but I figured it was worth a try. I heard from my mom, and a friend on facebook. Not one other person offered an opinion. I know people aren’t quick to comment, and I respect that, since a lot of my posts are random babbling about Dekker doing silly things around the house, and that is not super interesting to everyone. I get that! But seriously, not one comment?! I had 57 views on yesterdays post specifically, and plenty more who visited the homepage itself and likely viewed that post, as it was first. Does no one actually read? Do you guys just look at the pictures and go onto something else?

I got pretty frustrated by this yesterday, and lost sleep. I think its ridiculous that it bothered me so much, because it definitely is something I do for me, not you. I promised myself that I would do this to keep record of my life and invite people along for the ride. It got so much easier to want to write as my numbers of views got higher and higher. Yet now, this happens, and it makes me wonder if people click my link, look for pictures, see there is none, and leave. I put effort into these posts! But I guess I need to keep reminding myself that even if I got no views, it would still be good to continue the writings for myself.

I’m sorry for ranting, and if I’m completely off-base, please forgive me. I am thankful the views.

What I’ve Got So Far…

I am excited to post these pictures! Blame the crappy photography on my lame kitchen lighting, but blame the crocheted awesomeness on me! I’m pretty happy with all that I got done this weekend! Wanna see?! I do!!!

I made this toque for a friends baby. Its a white slouchy toque with a dark purple flower. The purple looks a lot darker in the picture but as I said earlier, the lighting sucked. This is a nice thick, stretchy toque. I’m actually super proud of this one 🙂

I made the toque on the left for a friends son. She saw Dekkers toque in a picture (on the right) and asked the exact same toque. But I need opinions from readers please! Dekkers is the littler one. Is the larger one too big for a four year old??

My first ever mitts. They’re enormous. I made them for Brady. His only complaint was that the thumbs are tight. But they’ll stretch I think. These were super straight forward and I will definitely make them again. Their super long cuffs seem like they’ll be suuuper warm. Oh, and believe it or not, this picture was the better of the two I took.

I hope my customer likes this toque!!! She asked for checkers, and I really couldn’t figure out a way to make that happen! So hopefully this counts! It is a black slouchy toque with alternating hot pink puff stitches. It is super soft!

Lastly, sooo many slippers! All for different people. I confess, I had made a few of the soles before the weekend so I didn’t technically do all the work at the retreat. They also aren’t perfect right now because I haven’t attached the tabs or buttons yet. I find that part the trickiest about slippers, getting them in exactly the right place, and then to get them in the same place on both slippers. Hmmm, this caption is super negative. I’m happy with how they came out! They’ll look great when they’re done, and they’ve helped me enjoy making slippers more! I was pretty scared of them not that long ago.