Christmas Photo Post, as promised

Wow did I sleep last night! So did the boys. We got Dekker out of bed around 12:30pm and he is currently having some breakfast with his Daddy while I am relaxing and blogging in bed. So. Photos. Oh, and no, its not your eyes. They’re all a little blurry. There was a lot of movement!!!

Dekker didn’t sleep on either drive. As you can see, he was exhausted, but there was too much to see! Or he was excited at the idea of seeing all his cousins, aunties, uncles, and grandparents. Who knows!

photo (12)We were ten adults and 9 kids. It was loud and busy and Dekker was pretty cautious at first. However, it didn’t take long for him to start to get in there a little.

photo (21)Sometimes, if he’s not expecting it and another kid gets too close, Dekker starts to fuss a little and crawl away. As you can see here, he didn’t even seem to notice all the action around him. Until he started to seek it out.

photo (19)He would walk behind couches and make his way over to wherever the sound was coming from. All of a sudden, he seemed unaffected by little falls he would take or dropping toys. He was sooo interested in the cousins! We don’t see Brady’s family all too often, but I am always so touched that the kids know who Dekker is and take SUCH an interest in him! Even in the beginning of the visit when Dekker was more nervous around them all, and would cry more readily, they kept coming back. And it paid off!! He loved them!

photo (13) photo (20) photo (17) photo (18)Those kids peek-a-booed and tickled and hugged and kissed and talked and taught and chased and gave it their all with Dekker. And best of all, they were quick to forgive when Dekker would cry or fall or basically just be a baby and not react the way they had hoped. They even waited patiently for Dekker to open all of his gifts before they opened any, just so he could go to sleep sooner.

photo (14)Such an amazing bunch of kids! And aunties and uncles and grandparents, of course! Love just radiated this weekend!

Our second night was a rough one, unfortunately. Dekker had been so thrilled with all the busyness of the day that he had been too distracted to eat. It made me uncomfortable, but figuring that he wouldn’t waste away overnight, I let him have his way. But my gut had been right. He woke up in the middle of the night, bawling. No amount of cuddles, bounces, or songs could calm him. We changed his diaper, checked his teeth, gave him a drink, etc. and he just wouldn’t stop. Never have I seen him cry like that. Just as we were about to just try and lay him back down and see if he’d just cry himself to sleep, I had a lightbulb moment and opened his crackers. He RAVAGED them! He was completely starving! So we cuddled him in our bed with us and fed him crackers and water while we watched some Glee. His head was bobbing, since he was completely exhausted, and he was shrucking pretty hard from crying so long. It was fairly dramatic for a while, but we recovered.

photo (16)Sadly, I don’t have any pictures from Sunday. We helped Bradys sister lead worship in the morning at the church Brady grew up going to. I got to meet a couple of his friends from high school, which I have never had the opportunity to do! Dekker didn’t sit too well through the service so I ended up bringing him to the back nursery area to play with kids. Normally, he would shyly sit at my feet for ten seconds before starting to cry and reach up. Not this time. He squirmed to get away, and just went right for the toys and other kids. It would appear that baby stage is over and toddling stage has genuinely begun. I think most of that happened a while ago, but I’m not ready for him to be big yet. Well, not any bigger than he already is anyway.

We had a quick lunch at Brady’s sister and brother in laws place. Leftover Christmas dinner. Having felt sick all weekend, I opted for ham on a bun. I have to say, the BEST ham sandwich I have ever had! I love honey mustard, but honey pineapple mustard is amazing! From there, we quickly met his other sister and brother in law at the local coffee shop to grab something to go and say goodbye.

Everyone gave us such a nice sendoff. We had a great time with family, but are thrilled to be back. My stomach doesn’t hurt today. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a stomach ache! Probably a couple of weeks ago.

My body knows I’m home. How shall I celebrate? I think I’ll learn some ukulele.



We are back. The drive felt long, but we are officially settled back in our own home, anticipating a night in our own bed. Such. Comfort.

The best I can say for todays post is to encourage you to anticipate a photo post coming soon. Tomorrow maybe. Some might think a photo post would be easier than writing and therefore a more favorable option for an evening such as this one, but since my phone is new and my laptop is old, they cannot do the whole iCloud thing that makes it super easy to have my iPhone pictures go directly to my laptop. And I don’t have the energy to email them individually to myself. So another day it will be.

On our way home, we made a quick pit stop in Saskatoon to pick up milk, since ours would be all expired by the time we got home. Walmart was where I discovered just how tired I am. I happily volunteered to run in on my own and buy two jugs of milk. I barely made it from the cooler to the tills at the front of the store. The cashier was nice enough to double bag each milk jug so I could carry them more easily. From the till to the doors, I actually had to stop once and set everything down and stretch my arms. By the time I made it to the car, my arms were dead. I couldn’t lift them to open the door. THAT is how tired I am.

As hospitable as everyone was, and as fun as the days were, and as good as the food was, I felt sick almost all weekend and we had rough nights. Our poor bodies, haha!

After hours in the car, we were finally on the familiar trek towards home. As we were driving through the valley over the river, Dekker burst out laughing. Completely on his own. I thought he was possibly just so very finished that he lost it completely. He giggled for a while, then relaxed. When we pulled into our driveway, he was laughing again. Keep in mind, he did not nap on the trip today. So he wouldn’t normally be a very happy camper. But he was jabbering and laughing and exclaiming all over the place. He laughed hysterically the entire walk from the driveway to the house, was SUPER impatient when we struggled with the keys in the dark, and gasped and celebrated when we got inside. Someone clearly was very happy to be home 🙂 I wonder if he laughed in the valley when he saw the lights from the bridge and knew he was close to home…

After only one brief but wild exhaustion meltdown, the boy is in bed and a bubble bath awaits my aching body. Pictures and a few more details (I’m sure) to follow tomorrow. Good night everyone! Hears hoping I have one too!

Yet Another Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with Brady’s family today. His parents, three siblings, their spouses, and their nine kids. Plus us. Needless to say, we all are spread out between three houses and used the church as our main gathering place. There was lots of food, talking, and loud kids. Dekker was pretty shy of everyone for a while and would go play toys on his own, but was soon seeking out his cousins and following them around, behind couches and every which way. He is walking amazingly well too! He must really be intrigued by everything around him!
I also pulled in a great haul of presents! A ukulele and a beautiful Amish made stool! Both awesome 🙂 feeling pretty pumped about all my exciting new gifts.
Tomorrow Brady and I will help lead worship and then be on our way. We have had such a nice time here but are all very tired and missing our own bed. Especially since last night out air mattress was flat about two hours into the night. Thank you John and Julie for hauling over a real mattress and box spring just for tonight. We REALLY appreciate it!
Time to sleep. I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas as much as I am!

Travel Day

We’re visiting Brady’s family for a couple of days and have no Internet where we spend the night. So behold! My first ever post from my phone! Please forgive the auto corrects that ate bound to happen.
I still feel pretty horrendous but I’m doing my best. We had a nice enough drive, even though Dekker didn’t sleep at all. Kindersley surprised me with friendly people at the Tim Hortons, lots of nice employees at Walmart, and when we stopped to check on the man who hit the ditch, within two minutes two trucks had showed up to help. It’s nice to see nice people in a not always nice kind of place.
Now we’re here. We’ve eaten with everyone and are calling it a night. Hoping sleeping will make tomorrow better than today. Or honestly, if I can’t just feel better soon, I hope I just throw up again. Whatever will make this yucky feeling go away.
Goodnight all!

Didn’t pan out how I had hoped…

I wrote yesterday that I was feeling extra tired super early but was going to try and stay awake with my siblings. It didn’t last.

We were playing Mario Kart downstairs and I was feeling really carsick. So I traded chairs to be a bit further away from the screen. Still pretty yucky. I opted out after one cup, feeling pretty lame. I went to sit on the floor just a ways back from everyone else, but still close enough to be part of the group. My mom offered me some gravol, which I was glad to accept. I followed her upstairs to her bathroom, where I plopped down on the floor. I felt super nauseous, and was scared to move. It was definitely time for bed! I gradually pulled myself up and headed to bed. I lay there, feeling awful, for maybe 15 minutes before I figured if I was going to throw up, I should get on it and get it over with. I sat in the bathroom with Brady for a decent amount of time, bucket in my lap, waiting. Nothing. I waited and waited, feeling nothing but guilt that my husband was missing out on the fun on my account. I finally gave up and figured I’d just go back to bed. Turns out my body just needed one final jolt to get in action, and standing up did the trick. As soon as I stood up, it hit. I plunked back down and puked handful of times into my bucket. Nasty slimy, stringy, disgusting vomit. Poor Brady, haha! He witnessed the entire thing. But he still loves me. From the floor, I dragged myself into a warm bath, and then to bed. No surprise puke in the night, thankfully!

My sister and brother in law are now on the road, and I’m feeling pretty disappointed that we missed our last evening with them. But I needed to be where I was I suppose. My body seems to have a pretty violent way of getting what it wants these days! To all my poor, fluey friends, I’m so so sorry! Puking at Christmas is the worst.

Boxing Day

I didn’t go shopping. I went Boxing Day shopping once, several years ago, and it sucked. But I was probably in junior high and had no money. Why go shopping with no money?!  However, this year I would have loved to go.

I was looking for three things. New jeans, an external hard drive, and a ukulele. That being said, we received amazing gifts and I feel selfish even mentioning things that I would still like to have.

Instead of shopping, we stayed home. We continued catching up with each other, while watching a few movies, playing Mario Kart and Super Mario Party, eating, eating, and eating. We picked up pizza and wings for supper a couple of hours ago and while I’m completely full, I am disappointed that the food is gone and wish I could keep eating.

I also crocheted my sister a slouchy hat today. I like it more than most I’ve made. It will likely change the way I crochet them from now on. New texture. It felt good to actually accomplish something other than talking and eating.

Its 9:30pm and feels like midnight. However, I’m trying to stay up and be with my siblings a bit longer before half of them leave tomorrow morning.

Anyone find any sweet deals shopping today?

The Present Report

Merry Christmas everyone! What a great day!

We spent the morning opening gifts as a family. The little ones opened theirs first, since they were ready for naps. Dekker hauled in a ride-on toy, a few books, a cd, a big rubber ball, and a mallet and peg wooden hammer set thingy. No idea what its called, haha! Some awesome gifts though!

After the boys went down, we realized that things needed to be done within important timelines! For instance, the turkey needed to go in! The stuffing needed to be made! So we ditched the gift opening for about a half hour in between and got a few things done. Once back to gifts, we became completely spoiled rotten. I came out of the morning with a gorgeous Cuisinart cast iron 5 quart casserole dish, purple leather driving gloves, new crochet hooks (that won’t break in half) with a magazine of new patterns, and a calendar that my mom made from pictures she had taken throughout the year. Each of our families gets a calendar every year. At least we have for the last two or three years. Great tradition, mom! Keep that going please!

Our morning took longer than we expected, and all of a sudden, our company would be over in 1.5 hours! Such lovely company 🙂 We had some dear family friends over for dinner and Mario Kart. A couple, and their two sons. They all fit in so well with us, and conversation never really gets dull.

I’m always so touched that they show an interest in our lives, or an interest in Dekker. While I obviously am well aware that Dekker is amazing, I feel very blessed when others see it too. Deks had been pretty on edge all day, but was a complete peach in the evening, walking from table to table, checking on everyone. After awhile, us kids headed downstairs for some video games until dessert. I’m pretty sure most of us ate our body weight in turkey and chocolate this evening.

Now, company is cleared out, everyone is in bed, the house is quiet. Such a fabulous Christmas 🙂 I love my family, and I love our friends. I love that Jesus was born, and whether it happened today, or mid-summer, I love that we celebrate His birth every year. I love Christmas!

And food. And presents.

Yatzee Master

Basically I got two Yatzees in one game today. NBD. Seriously, what else do you need to know about today?

Oh ya, its Christmas Eve! I’m really looking forward to the church service this evening. Even if you don’t usually attend, you should probably come. The music will be fun! Brady and I are helping on instruments.

This afternoon was spent playing Yatzee and Scrabble and Draw Something and Mario Kart. We’ve eaten a lot of taco dip and listened to Christmas music. It has really been a fun day. The rest of the family is showing up this evening and then we’ll all be together for a day or two before going off to our other holiday celebrations elsewhere.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Quiet Day

How often does one have a quieter day around Christmas when family is out? Not often. But today is nice. We are at my parents, and half of the siblings are out. But today, we have very few places we need to be, and we are home. Quiet.

So far, we’ve eaten a great breakfast of omelets, lunch of leftover home pizza from yesterday, and played Yatzee. Brady and I went to the church for a little bit to get his drums set up for the Christmas Eve service and to do a quick run-through of the songs. That is literally all we’ve accomplished so far, and its 4:30pm. The evening will hold chicken stir fry for supper and…hopefully not a whole lot else!

I apologize to anyone wanting a better post than this, but it is Christmas. Posts will likely be short over the next week or so because I am too busy enjoying my family. So get off the internet and go enjoy yours!

Or if you have none nearby, come on over 🙂

Born Family Christmas

Brady, Dekker and I had our family Christmas today. As a kid, it never mattered to me whether “Christmas” was on December 25th or January 25th. It was fun no matter what.

We went to Dalmeny first thing in the morning for a quick practice of the music for the Christmas Eve service at our church. The quick practice took about 2.5 hours. Poor Carrie who took care of Dekker for the “quick practice!” Thanks for making him some lunch 🙂 You are so sweet. Dekker slept the whole drive home.

photo (7) (one of his little toesies escaped his sleeper, haha!) When we got home, we were greeted by…

photo (10) Yaaaaay! This happened a few days ago but I only just saw the sign today. It is about time. And a pretty sweet Christmas gift if you ask me! Speaking of gifts…

photo (9)

Dekker still wasn’t too interested in opening presents this year. Not with his music table and a large silver noisy pot in the same room! But we tried, and I have to say, he got a decent haul.


Big strong boy!
Big strong boy!
The only kid in the world who tries to rewrap his presents
The only kid in the world who tries to rewrap his presents
This is probably his favorite gift. And of course, the cheapest. Sigh.
This is probably his favorite gift. And of course, the cheapest. Sigh.

Brady and I had smallish budgets for each other this year. We had a lot more people we wanted to buy for this year so we capped it low. Which is why his gifts were relatively lame, give me a break. Gotch and a watch. Hahaha! Had no idea they rhymed until right now. Behold!


Dekker also got his Daddy a game for them to play together. Usually its velcro but since its winter, it was hard enough to find this suction cup version. In my family, the game is known as Skatch. Here, its called Suction Ball. Whatever.

My gift? Brady built mine. Which obviously means that the gift I received was considerably less lame than mine for him. I’m not a carpenter. So there. This is my gift…

P1010738Not a fabulous quality picture, but definitely a fabulous quality product! Its a storage bench for our entrance. I’ve wanted one for a long time and now I have one! He just made the plan up in his head too! He says the materials fit within our budget and I guess he didn’t charge for the labor 😉 Isn’t it pretty?! We’ll paint it soon, there just wasn’t time.

SUCH a good afternoon of fun! Now, the baby sleeps while Brady and I pack to move to my parents for a few days next week to be with the family. Still plenty of fun to be had.

Is everyone else enjoying their Christmas already?