Floody Update

I woke up this morning earlier than usual. No, not actually early. Probably before 9am, which is something around this house. Trust me, if you had a kid that slept until 11 everyday, you’d have the same problem. That aside, I woke up completely aching! My body was sooo sore, and while I accomplished nothing physical yesterday, I did a lot of stressing and running around outside in the cold. The tension really showed itself on my body today. But so it goes. Dekker was still asleep so I got up and dressed and ducked outside to check out the yard and lake area, as well as the pump they put in last night. Here’s a couple pictures from the morning:

Here's the biggest pump I've ever seen...
Here’s the biggest pump I’ve ever seen…
They made it so the road is still accessible.
They made it so the road is still accessible.
This gush is CONSTANT!
This gush is CONSTANT!

When I checked it all out in the morning, things weren’t looking especially better. It froze overnight so our backyard was thinly iced over, along with I’m sure lots more of the water, so I guess the general flow had slowed a bit, but all that really did was keep us juuuuust ahead of the game. Not gaining any ground, just keeping up really. Water levels were the same. As it warmed up in the day, we knew it wasn’t looking up at all.

So in no time at all, we somehow acquired another massive pump to get the lake lowered. That happened early afternoon and we have already seen results. Grass on the other side of our sandbags!!! Vegetation poking up from the water!!! Its very exciting 🙂

Unfortunately, we still have to be nervous. The road west of us is not giving up quite yet. I’m under the impression that a ton of water is about to give, so they’re actually pumping it over to us to lessen the load. But if that road gives, we’re all under water, sandbags or not. So thats not ideal for anyone. Things are supposed to stay a bit cooler for the next few days, which will only help us out with catching up with the melting, but as of Thursday or Friday, we may very literally be in over our heads! Prayers are still very much appreciated.

My mom came by today to spend some time with me and take my mind off things, as I find myself approaching the point of pulling my hair out. It was so nice to just take a break from thinking about everything scary that could happen, and instead visit with my mom. Instead of wandering aimlessly outside around my house while Dekker napped, we took pictures of what was going on. And to top off my day, Brady brought me home a super cute pair of rubber boots 🙂 Black with big white polka dots, and a bow 🙂 Cutest boots I have ever seen. Seems a shame to get them muddy.

Baby moves. Quite a bit today. Looking forward to seeing the little munchkin in a few days!

Holy Flooding Batman!

Wow. Today has been nuts. If you haven’t seen on my Facebook or Brady’s Facebook or any of the local news stations, we are getting flooded like MAD!




IMG_0919I woke up this morning to voices. Very close voices. I looked out of my bedroom window and saw a whole crowd of people in my yard. So I threw on some comfy pants a bunnyhug and ventured outside. Into the snow. And the lake. I was greeted by a bunch of people with completely positive attitudes who announced they were there to save our home! Sandbags upon sandbags were brought into our yard and stacked up high. I asked if I could help with anything, but being pregnant, I was pretty useless and they insisted I just stay inside and keep warm. I mentioned that my husband would absolutely help if he was at home. When it spread through the group that my husband was gone and I was pregnant with a toddler on my hands, I had four guys pile into my house and bring everything valuable up from my basement. Joyfully! Even a big chunky couch. Everything was done with this amazing attitude that made a very scary situation a lot more liveable. They were sooo great! It really makes a difference when your volunteers are gung-ho!

While everything was going on and I felt like things were most chaotic, my friend from across the street came by and lent a huge hand. I was so aware that my house was messy and she just didn’t even mention it, but came and took my mind off things for a bit. At one point I had Global News knocking on my door and Melissa even fed Dekker breakfast while I interviewed outside. And then when they wanted to come inside and get a bit of tape of just Dekker and I being in our house doing regular stuff, she tidied up the dining room so I wouldn’t be self conscious. If you’re reading this my friend, I appreciated that sooo much!

In amongst all the chaos, Brady was trying to call and I just was failing to get back to him over and over, so being very overwhelmed and nervous and not being able to take care of me the way he wanted to, he came home. Which was actually pretty awesome. Our yard was as sandbagged as its gonna get, so he did the dirty task of driving our vehicles to a different street (in case our road was washed over) and hauling more stuff upstairs. My dad even came to help in the evening. They hauled up very literally everything that wasn’t in a rubbermaid or didn’t matter at all. And some friends were loving enough to send a sump pump along with him to add to our backyard. The large water bladders they used as sandbags (in some areas) were leaking, not so slowly, closer and closer to our home, so the boys dug a big hole into our lawn and planted the pump, that is now pumping every 15 seconds. Its insane.

Efforts that the town are making are very impressive actually. There are sandbags and water bags everywhere. There are HUGE irrigation pumps in two different locations, pumping water wildly away, the villa is evacuated and people are being fed in the town hall, volunteers have been filling sandbags all day, etc etc etc. And in all of it, I feel completely useless. I hate that I can’t really help. But our town mayor is incredible and he is out in the mud with everyone else, going house to house making sure everyone is ok and taken care of.

As soon as Dekker went down Brady and I ran outside and got to witness the huge pump right outside our house start pumping the lake away. What a celebration!!! We are now completely frozen and reeeaaally looking forward to our bathtub tonight! And nachos I think. I feel like we will be able to sleep soundly knowing that very literally everything that we can do has been done. There are even guys that are making the rounds on the pumps all night long. We are as well taken care of as we can be. And worst case scenario, if we wake up to water in our basement, we have already officially declared Radisson to be in a state of emergency, and the government will help us all our financially. God is so good! And we’re all doing our best.

On the shopping list for tomorrow: rubber boots. How do neither of us own those?!??!?!

Safely Arrived And Survived!

We are home, safe and sound. SUCH a good trip but sooo good to be home! Everyone knows that feeling, I think. Its great to be away and visit family or friends, but arriving home provides a yummy, relieved feeling. I love home.

We left Simon and Grace’s place in the early afternoon. I had been such a good wife and decided against bringing a couple Bath and Body Works coupons I had on hand, since Brady always heckles me about the amount of their stuff we have under our bathroom sinks, but he convinced me that we had time and there was such a good deal on hand soaps, so we ducked into Edmonton on our way out. We came out of there with a really good haul! Seven hand soaps and a dish soap for $22. Pretty impressed. From there, I drove us home, stopping only in Lloydminster for supper. Because clearly, our little one was hungry!

Nom nom nom!
Nom nom nom!


After supper, we ducked into a Husky food store, becaaaaause…


Screamers!!!!! A slurpee machine should ALWAYS have a soft ice cream machine next to it! Now, for the record, I have heard that something like this is offered at DQ all year, but they look less appetizing to me from there. Plus I can’t justify spending that much money there knowing that Husky has them for so much cheaper! So I wait for the novelty of Spring. They’re baaaaack!


Definitely a treat 🙂 The rest of our ride was pretty uneventful. Dekker wept his face off for the last half hour or so. Something we try pretty hard with is letting him express himself, and cry when he’s sad, but only really allow him to milk it for so long. Once the screeching starts, its time to stop. It was sooo hard this time though, because the poor boy hadn’t napped AT ALL and was completely shot, wanted out of his seat sooo badly, and was bored of all his toys. I couldn’t blame him really. It was a hard thirty minutes. But we survived, and he was shaking with excitement as we walked into the house. He was so ready to play with his magnets!

A great thing about coming home earlier was that we got Dekker to bed pretty well on schedule. Literally, maybe a half hour late, just because we were so happy to see him happy, we let the playing carry on a bit longer. But now he’s in bed and its not too late for a bath!!! So that is running 🙂 Yay.

One last thing I want to talk about is the crazy amount of melting that took place this weekend. If you didn’t see on my Facebook page, my neighbour took a couple pictures of my property to show off the crazy amount of water. In. Sane. We were scared to see what it would look like in person, as they were from yesterday and apparently the water level hadn’t peeked yet! However, God is good and tons of the water is already soaked in and receding. I’m not suggesting that we are home free. There is a LOT of water around our property! But I’m thankful to God for our diligent sump pump that has completely saved our butts the last couple of years! 

Hmmm. Baby moves in my belly. Apparently baby is the size of a small cantaloupe this week. My app asked me if we are having a boy cantaloupe or a girl cantaloupe. I told it, we’ll know by the end of the week!!!!! Now to not tear by hair out over the next five days…


Ok, I forget what CHIPS stands for but its something about second hand childrens stuff on sale. Woohoo! The event started at 10am and we were there at 10:20, which was pretty impressive, considering we were hauling with us three overtired little boys, not to mention how overtired us four adults were. It was kind of a short night…

That being said, I forget a good amount of the stuff we bought today. I know we have a box of brightly colored wooden blocks, a couple bunnyhugs and shirts (I think) for Dekker, and some toy that twists around little gear things. Hard to explain, but he likes it. I came across a random rack of “kids” clothing that was clearly worn by teenaged girls, and left with a long, pink, Lululemon sweater for $10! Pretty pumped about that actually 🙂 It was a greta haul, and we dropped about $30 all in. Not too shabby.

We were all fairly tired so we spent the rest of the day resting when the kids napped, and being pretty hands-on when they were up. Gracey made a delicious chili for dinner, and we all ate way too much, as per usual. Sooo good though! We headed off to church for 6:30 and by 8pm all the boys were trashed. Once arriving home, the two littlest ones went to bed and the oldest stayed up for a special popcorn date. Once all were tucked in and tuckered out, us tired old folks headed downstairs with popcorn, angel food cake with strawberries, and hot chocolate. We rented “Safety Not Guaranteed” which I actually would recommend! Quite a bit of language and the morals are pretty off in parts but for the most part, a super endearing movie.

We are now just as tired as the kids and so ready for bed. Brady and I are just getting comfy and ready to watch something before bed. We didn’t choose a new series before we came out here, so being at a loss, we picked a one season show off of Netflix. It is sooo boring! But it does the trick and helps us fall asleep no problem, hahaha! “Can’t” wait to start watching 😉

Driving home tomorrow, anxiously anticipating the insane amount of flooding in our yard. Sigh.

19 weeks pregnant and visiting family!

Brady, Dekker and I have arrived! We’re south of Edmonton and looking forward to a HUGE sale of baby clothes, toys, maybe a carrier?, and whatever exciting stuff we can get our hands on. This sale happens every year, and it was only two short years ago that my brother and sister in law texted us a picture of a beautiful wooden cradle from this sale, that they then bought for us and that Dekker used while he lived in our room for his first few months of life. Definitely hoping to find a few great gems again!

Brady worked his crazy butt off this week in preparation for having Friday off. I had a prenatal appointment at 11:45 and we were fifteen minutes late!!! We are never late. As in ever. And our doctor was already through seeing patients. The receptionist called her at her desk and she happily agreed to see us. Once in the room, I apologized and she sluffed it off, saying she had made us wait for her dozens of times. I appreciated that so much. Because of course its true, but its something we all somewhat expect from our doctors. We just don’t expect them to acknowledge it. I love our doctor.

It was a really good appointment. She’s been keeping good tabs on me since I started out my pregnancy with a pretty high anxiety level. She asked me if I had been having any anxiety recently and I told her my only real anxiety currently lay in Dekker’s diaper rash. three weeks of a diaper rash has made me feel like a total failure. She took a bunch of extra time and did a nice thorough exam of him, talked prescriptions, and even had some encouragement about our potty training debate. All of these things to calm me nerves. I appreciated it so much! We also talked about my faintness and blood pressure and dizziness, and we decided to bump my 26-28 week bloodwork up a bit, and get it done in the next couple of weeks, just to double check my iron and thyroid levels. We talked about how I’m making the effort to change up my eating habits and make them healthier and more often. She made the joke that as doctors, they’re sort of taught to contradict the “eating for two” theory, but in my case, I should definitely eat for two! Another thing we talked a bit about was delivery. I didn’t expect to talk about labor and delivery for quite a while yet, but something that has lingered in the back of my mind is the concept of having another large baby and having the delivering doctor (won’t necessarily be her) lean towards a c-section, just based on Dekker’s size. Now hear me when I say I have NOTHING against c-sections at all! I think having a c-section is just as big of an accomplishment as a drug free delivery. Just my opinion, to each their own. But I would love to delivery vaginally again if I could, and I know I can! But I was worried I would be pushed to deliver via c-section because of Dekker’s mondo size. I don’t even remember how the conversation came up but she quickly assured me that Dekker’s delivery proved that my body can accomodate a large baby easily, without incident, and that no one will just opt for a c-section without giving me a good chance at labor. Made my day. I wasn’t super worried about it yet or anything, but curious, and thankful to have it cleared up this early in the game! As you can see, we covered a lot of ground and were in the appointment for probably over a half hour, but we were having such a nice chat, and she was dreading doing an afternoon of dictations, so it seemed we were all happy to be in each others company. Babys heart rate was jumping all over the place as he/she fled from the doppler over and over. From 160-150-180 beats per minute. She laughed and commented that we have a very excited baby, and if its a girl, she’s a diva. Give her space 🙂 It was a good appointment.

I feel awesome as we left. Every question answered, and I liked all the answers. We headed straight to my moms to have lunch with her, and then we got on the road. Stopped for greasy burgers along the way and now we are here, with family, and sooo ready for bed! All of us have lived pretty crazy lives the last week or two, and it should be nice to rest a bit together. But tomorrow will be early! Well, for Dekker and I anyway. Breakfast at 9am, and to the sale for 10am!!! Hopefully I’ll have pictures to post of some exciting finds tomorrow!

Sleep well everyone.

Mom and son day

Today was a perfect mom and son lazy day. It was filled with eating, cuddling, reading books, playing toys, and naps. Very little else was accomplished. We made a few phone calls, I suppose. But really, that was it. Brady has been going to work at stupid o’clock in the morning and finished up his work at a really nice time, so he could be home around 4pm. We put Deks down and made ourselves some supper. Perogies, mushroom gravy, and wings. New wings. Golden Mustard wings. Best wings ever. We will definitely buy those again!

As for this evening, now that Deks is down, Brady is going to install our motion sensor, and then we’ll hypothetically pack a little, have a bath, and a good sleep. Tomorrow, we’ll head out to visit family and attend a HUGE baby stuff sale! I used to call it a baby sale, but its not as though babies can be purchased there. Just to clarify. But we’re looking forward to seeing what we find for new baby, and hopefully even some clothes and toys for Dekker, who seems to be outgrowing everything we own. Should be exciting!

All of that after a routine prenatal appointment. 19 weeks on Saturday! Lots of questions this week for sure!

Yet another visit to the walk-in

After making some good progress with Dekker’s diaper rash this last week, he woke up this morning with yet again, open and raw bumps. He still has red bumps but they were getting sooo much better, until today. Yesterday, diaper changes were uneventful, even playful, but today they were thrashing and screaming again. So back to the doctor we went.

I’m come to a desperate point. I’ve debating switching to cloth diapers and wipes, I’ve debated potty training boot-camp style, I’ve debated daily baking soda baths, I’ve debated waking Dekker up in the night, and I’ve debated taking him to the hospital and getting the strongest stuff available. But as a last straw, I grabbed every prescription we’ve tried and all the info I had and headed to out walk-in.

We were so blessed again, to arrive to an empty waiting room again!! This is probably one of the busiest clinics in the city, but we have been sooo blessed the last three or four times we’ve went. We got in nice and quick and waited for just a couple minutes before a doctor arrived. He was very interested in what we had used and to what extent and how they all panned out. He listened great and read everything I brought him. He honestly said that the cream we had settled on using the most recently was the best move, so that felt good. I’ve been feeling like a total failure, not being able to solve this problem. But apparently that decision was the right now. He pointed out that an ingredient in one of the compound creams actually would have stung his skin on contact 🙁 That made me really sad, so also really glad that I trusted my gut and barely used that cream, even though it cost by far the most! The one cream that we have been using and seeing results with was the right one, but the container said to only use a thin layer a few times per day. He said the reason it isn’t working is because we’re too afraid to use too much. He said the rash Dekker has isn’t a scary looking rash at all and should easily clear up in a few days, but we need to be liberal with it! So he prescribed four times the amount we’d previously been given and said to use it every diaper change in the amount I would use if I were hypothetically using zinc or some kind of barrier cream. Just go hard. So we will, and I am confident this could be the end of it. Of course we will continue naken time and baking soda baths, probably for a good long while because this has been quite a frustrating ride. But we were in and out of the appointment in good time, and on our way to Superstore to fill the prescription.

Being that the amount ordered was four times bigger, the doctor warned us it could cost a decent amount. Not having a drug plan isn’t ideal but we do what we have to do for our kids. We were pleasantly surprised to leave paying $20 🙂 I guess Saskatchewan Health Care has some rule that kids under $15 shouldn’t have to pay more than $20 for a prescription. I’ll take it! So we picked up that, and shirt and some socks for Dekker, and a cute dress for my mom. We were looking for a little potty to hypothetically start the training process but they didn’t have anything! So we decided to hit up Walmart on our way out.

Sooooo glad we did! We found a great potty that triples as a potty, a step stool, and also had a detachable seat that can go on your toilet if you want your kid to learn both ways. After posting my scary potty training post the other day, Facebook consensus seemed to suggest having all the options available, and now I do!

IMG_0887Ya I know, its a picture of a potty, but I’m pretty pumped. It even has a “comfort seat” like toilets that all old people seem to have.

While walking through the baby stuff, we came across the car seats. We love the car seat that Dekker has used since he grew out of his bucket. Its a nice narrow design but he still fits in it great. We really like it for our small car, and we learned when we bought it that its sold all over but every store has a different color option. His is black with green accents. We thought it might be fun if we could get all of our kids the same seat but in different colors. When we bought his, Walmart carried this yucky maroony red that we didn’t like, so we opted for Babies r Us’s green one. Walmart had two colors today, and they were on rollback for just over $100. There was a really nice blue, and a pink. We have never seen a pink. So I confess, we did something super embarrassing and we bought a pink one. We’ll know relatively soon whether or not we’ll need a pink one and if not, we’ll bring it back and likely try to exchange it for a blue one, but I say again, we have NEVER seen a pink one and it was just way too cute to pass up! So it came home.

IMG_0886Our quick trip to the doctor turned into a somewhat expensive trip, but totally worth it! We even got a motion sensor floodlight for our house. There has been a huge jump in petty theft in my town and I’m a little nervous to be away this weekend, so hopefully this will work. Better than nothing anyway.

We felt so good coming home. We accomplished everything we were in the city to do, Dekker was a total champ, being that he was up waaay past his bedtime, and now the house is quiet and we’re ready to hit the sack. Sooo ready.

Hope everyone sleeps well! Thanks for listening to me lament about my baby’s bum and then celebrate silly purchases. I know, I get excited about mundane things these days but at least I’m joyful 🙂



Low key with a visit

Today was super relaxed. Dekker got up around 11-ish and had breakfast while we waited for our afternoon guest to arrive. Grandma!!

Dekker played in the living room, reading book after book, and showing off all his great dance moves until around 1pm, when it was time for a nap. I put him down and we got lunch ready. My mom is recovering from a surgery and trying to be very healthy in the way she eats and exercises. However, we all know that a solid cheat meal is necessary once in a while, so probably over a week ago now, we planned for a cheat meal at my house. Today. Hot dogs and chips for lunch. And I mean we did it right! White bread, and BBQ Pringles. Sooo delicious! It was one of those meals that I was sooo disappointed to finish, because I just wanted it to keep going. But life does go on I suppose. There will be more lunches like it.

My mom left after lunch and just a bit of TV, around 3pm. I made my way upstairs and lay around, figuring Dekker would be up sooner than later. It was after 5pm by the time I hear him make any sound! Once he was awake, I got him up right away and hed ate a HUGE meal, which I always like to see. Brady was on his way home by the time Dekker was eating, and by the time we were eating, Dekker ate a second supper with us, haha 🙂 He’s a hungry boy recently!

Our house was so hot today, so Dekker hung around in his diaper most of his awake time. I’m so thankful that he’s never tried to remove his diaper (yet) or make a big mess that way. In fact, in all of his naked times in the evenings, he’s only had one accident and peed on the floor, and that was when he lost his balance and fell down and cried. But hey, kids pee. It doesn’t matter.

On the note of naked time, his bum is looking sooo much better these days! The cream we’re using says to only use up to four times a day, but every time we don’t use it, he gets yeast within an hour or two. So we’ve been using it exclusively for a few days and its making a huge difference. I called the pharmacy to check on the side effects, since I was reminded today that some creams can thin our a persons skin, and I do NOT want to do that to Dekker! Luckily, the only possible side effect is drying out his bum and skin irritation. So far, it seems like everything is looking perfect, and he is sooo much happier! So I’ll just keep an eye on it and talk to my doctor about it on Friday at my prenatal appointment. Can’t  believe I’ll be 19 weeks by the end of this week, and then halfway done the week after that! Time is sure going by faster this time!

Now I know I have friends who really genuinely do not care about belly pictures, and thats fine, but I do, and I think some of you don’t hate them at least, so I’m posting a few. I always suck in my belly, as in all the time. Not to an insane extent, but a bit, so my belly these days looks like this:

IMG_0874However, I can still suck the whole thing in if I want to!! So do I even have a legit bump? I don’t know!

IMG_0875Ok, its not the whole thing I guess, but pretty much! However, if I don’t suck in at all…

IMG_0876Forgive the face. As soon as I let it hang out, Brady laughed at me. Punk.

All in all, the real, first thing in the morning, laying down belly looks like this:

IMG_0869So there is a little something there anyway. I know, the photo quality sucks. But its the best I could get at the moment.

Thats about where I stand for 18 weeks. I’m still sooo thankful I have a kid that sleeps in the way he does so I can rest throughout the day. Blessed mom.




Earth Day Date!

Today felt a little cabin fevery, again. I think its going to be a sickness until its easier to get outside and not be met with either a flood or a snowdrift. We’ll get there. As I was perusing Facebook today, I saw that Starbucks was celebrating Earth Day by offering free brewed coffee or tea when a patron brought in a reusable travel mug! So Dekker and I celebrated Earth Day by burning several litres of fuel and heading to the city to take advantage of their generous offer. Of course, we had to run a few errands, otherwise that would just result in a super expensive coffee, lol 🙂

So we hit Lawson Mall first and grabbed a tea for me and a coffee to bring to Brady later. I then ducked into Telus to ask a question about my phone. The girl working there remembered us from when we bought out phones. She’s super pretty, and kind of a tough girl it seems, but she craned over the counter to flirt with Dekker, saying that she remembers us because she just really likes him. She told us he was one of her favorite kids 🙂 I’m sure she was just being polite but I felt very proud of him in that moment. He should be amongst people’s favorite kids, because I think he is absolutely tops! Not to mention he kept his sunglasses on the the whole time we were in the mall so he was just stylin’.

We did a lap of the mall to get some extra exercise and then headed back to the car to go find Brady and bring him coffee. He’s working in an area that I’ve only been to once before but I found it all by myself! Pretty proud, but considering the first time I went he gave me wrong directions, I had to sort of fend for myself, so its a bit more engrained in my mind. Brady came and sat in the car for a few minutes to drink his coffee and catch up. While we were chatting, the Daytona Homes salesman walked past and told Brady he better get business cards soon because they were getting TONS of compliments on the finishing work in the show home that Brady worked on 😀 That was a much-needed compliment in the moment for sure! So as I blog, I’m also putting together Bradys first business cards! Very exciting!!

Dekker and I left Rosewood just as a grader was fixing up the terrible road leading out of the neighbourhood. Yay! We hit Costco last and picked up milk, Cherrios, goldfish, and bananas. Again, we were singled out because of Dekker. As I unloaded by groceries, the cashier seemed to get really excited. She said “I saw you walk by earlier and thought, ‘He is so cute! I hope they come through my till!'” I know I’ve said it a hundred times, but I am always so blown away when people pay so much attention to Dekker. I mean, family and friends dote on him, but they kind of have to, right? A cashier at Costco has no tie to me or my family, and therefore has no obligation to engage my son in conversation. I love when people do. Warm fuzzies.

Now we’re home, the little one is napping, and I am getting off my feet for a few minutes to complete this entry, the business cards, and probably whoop Spider Solitaire’s butt a few times. After that, I’ll maybe do some dishes so my house isn’t ridiculous when my mom comes to visit tomorrow. No more cabin fever for me! It was a beautiful day to get outside with my son, accomplish a few things, and then be able to come home and not have tons left to do until my doctors appointment on Friday.

Today is a good day.

What if I am the one that isn’t ready??!

I’m starting to get really, really afraid that Dekker wants to potty train 🙁

He is 20 months old today, and Brady and I have little planned for potty training at this point. So far, our “plan” is to not even go near potty training until after baby #2 comes, and really only get on it once Dekker is totally used to having the baby around. Baby is due the day Dekker would be 25 months old. However, recently, I’m getting really nervous that Dekker is getting interested. The things I’m seeing could possibly be related this diaper rash and the general discomfort tied to that, but his bum looks better today than it has in a couple of weeks and the signs are still here. I really hope this will pass right along with his diaper rash. Soon!

Sign #1: Dekker is a very timid and cautious kid, but he loooves the toilet! Not in the way that he throws things in it (yet) or tries to play with the water. If someone is in the bathroom, he wants to witness the whole process. He loves the flush and will run up to it and watch the water swirl. Yet things much quieter scare him. Who knows. Just an interest in the toilet I guess.

Sign #2: He has started to alert us when he’s wet or dirty. Not every time at all, but if he’s pooped in his diaper, he usually comes over pretty quick and gets clingy, or if we’re downstairs, he’ll walk over to the stairs and just stand there, waiting for us to bring him upstairs and change him.

Sign #3: Dekker has a poo place. The last few days, he goes over to a certain place, and when he surfaces, he’s pooped. I have heard this is a pretty specific sign that something is happening. Like, if we made his poo place the toilet, it would just work. Maybe.

All these things aside though, the kid is still sopping wet every morning. I have heard some people say that kids are ready to potty train when they wake up dry. But seriously, everyone has a different idea and every method will work differently with each kid. One thing I have read that I really agree with is that the parents have to be just as ready as the kid when it comes to potty training, and I am feeling pretty much not ready at all. I’m hoping I’m wrong. The signs have been around for just a few days really so maybe they’ll pass soon. Who knows. Sigh. Just needed to get the thoughts out I guess.

On a completely separate note, I am 18 weeks pregnant today!!! Yes, this is the exciting time when people like to find out the gender of their baby. And ya, I’m not going to lie, we definitely will be finding out if baby cooperates! However, the clinic I’m using in this pregnancy was pretty insistent that the ultrasound not be done until 20 weeks or after. Lame. So we wait. But that aside, 18 weeks apparently means that the baby is the size of a large mango, which I quite enjoy! Yes, I enjoy mangos, and knowing the general size of my baby. However, the size is another thing I want to touch on quick. I was WAY bigger at this point with Dekker. My belly was an actual pregnant belly. I dont have a belly shot for you at the moment because I’m too greasy and not going to put that on the internet, but what I discovered this last week is that I actually can still suck in my entire belly and not look pregnant at all. Does that even count as a bump?! Weird hey? I’m somewhat baffled by it. I also have a bigger bump in the morning and can feel the top of it pretty much right in my belly button, but partway through the day if I lay down to feel it, its waaay the heck down there! I know the baby moves around, but does my uterus really shift that much?? That being said, the baby is moving more and more, so I can be confident that things are going as fine as we can know, despite the small (or even lack of) bump. 

Is anyone still singing the duck song from yesterdays post? Got any grapes??! I do! Yum. Best bathtub snack ever!