Apparently we have no idea “what to expect”

So to begin this post, I feel like I should tell you guys I had a contraction last night, and I do not mean a braxton hicks contraction. I mean a real one. I kind of had a cramp while I was laying down, and when that happens, I usually opt to change up what I’m doing, going from sitting to standing, or standing to laying down, etc. I was laying/sitting in bed when I got this really nasty cramp so I tried to stand up and literally lost my breath. Of course, it was a small contraction in comparison to active labor, but kind of out of the blue, it was killer. I think these types of things happen more often to people who are really exerting themselves, and I clearly was not. So who knows. I woke up to one this morning as well. I thought another one was coming soon afterwards, but that movement was just baby. She is determined to stay horizontal as long as possible and not to be a super whiner, but its really painful and extra tiring to have her that way. Its getting pretty annoying actually. However, all of this considered, I am 28 weeks along! Officially in the third trimester! Doctors say that the chances of survival in a baby born over 28 weeks gestation is MUCH higher than a baby born before 28 weeks. While I know that some babies born later still pass away, and some babies born earlier still live, I know God is good and am choosing to have faith that I will carry to term and delivery a super healthy and completely gorgeous baby girl!

News: Baby girl will be cloth diapered. It is official! I purchased my first haul of diapers today off of Ebay ­čÖé I know everyone has their opinions and favorites and that is fabulous. Just please┬ádon’t bash my choice! I’m choosing to rock the Kawaii pocket diapers. I was eagerly searching out covers and prefolds, as that idea appealed to me almost more, but I was looking for used product and everywhere I looked, the pockets were cheaper and in bigger lots! Plus, the deal we got today was an Ebay auction for diapers new in packages. 24 Kawaii pocket diapers with 48 large inserts, and we won them for $130! I’m actually very happy for that, since I find a lot of people trying to sell them on kijiji even for $10/diaper. This is MUCH better! I also have a haul of them in Winnipeg waiting to be picked up for me by a friend (thank you!!!) so I’m getting pretty revved up. I figure if all of a sudden baby needs more padding or we’re just unprepared (since we’re new) then we can just buy a bunch of prefolds and still use the pocket diapers just as covers. Done and done. After the diapers, we just need to buy a few wet bags and a big diaper pail, and we should be good! I’m sooo excited!

Who knew I would ever even consider going down this road?! Not I. But the other day I was reminiscing and I realized Dekker got his first yeast diaper rash at 13 months. He has been on some kind of prescription cream since then basically. On and off of them at best. How did I let it go so long?? I’m feeling more and more guilty about that, and that┬áis the main reason for my change of heart. I’m all for the environment and everything, but I’m also really anti-rash and very pro-cheap. If I treat these diapers well, they could be used for Dekker to finish out his diaper stage of life (if they fit), for baby girl, and hypothetical next babies! I’m sure some will disintegrate over time, and we’ll likely replace liners, but the savings are pretty exciting. I’m lame, I know, but poor Brady has heard nothing other than cloth diaper information for days and I need a new outlet.

It is the end of the day. It was a really good day, but my body is feeling super fatigued, to be honest. Brady drummed at church today which left me on my own with Dekker. We’re on our own a lot, but it was a joint service so there were lots of unfamiliar people around so Dekker wanted to be held the entire time. We finally just sat down. My arms were ready to give and my ribs are paying for it now. We spent the afternoon with my parents, aunt, and cousins, which was super lovely and low key. I loved it. But I am really looking forward to a soak and a snack, as per usual.

Hope everyone has a great long weekend! We’re celebrating by sending Brady to work. YAY for being self-employed! :p


I’m feeling super crampy this evening and don’t feel like typing on a laptop in an awkward position longer than needed, so this will be short and sweet.

It was a good day. We had a really weird night though! Brady and I were watching boring tv on Netflix before bed and fell asleep during an episode. Happens, right? We usually wake up during the credits and shut everything off for the night. However, we woke up at 4am!!! Somehow the show had turned itself off. I have a vague recollection of closing the laptop at 3am, but its all kind of a blur. Anyway, it was a weird night of light sleeping. Dekker, however, slept until we got him up at about 11:45, so he clearly did alright.

He was pretty off his game while we were out for dinner with my parents, my aunt, and her two kids. I felt bad that Dekker was struggling so hard, but he actually did better than his last experience at Montana’s, when he cried every time they sang happy birthday to someone. Not this time, and one birthday was pretty much right beside us.

Thats really all I have to say about today. It genuinely was good, but I feel like crap and I want my bathtub. And to do just a little bit more research on diapers. Boy, you cloth diaper-ers weren’t kidding! No wonder you could talk about it for hours! There is sooo much to learn! I’m really enjoying the research and am doing everything in my power not to talk non-stop about it. Poor Brady.


I will be blunt. We’re not rolling in money over here. I know we are blessed more than many people all over the world, so I am not complaining. But I’ve recently decided we need to try a little harder to save, or at least be better stewards of what we’ve been given. Especially with a second baby joining the family, we’ll need to be more budget┬áconscious┬áand basically, we need to be the grown ups. Hopefully I’m not the only person that has to relearn this lesson over and over again.

Now that we finally know the our baby Paddles is a girl, I am fighting myself at every turn not to shop for her. I mean, come on, its not like we’re expecting her to pop out any day now! But I have resisted the urge to buy so many adorable things for so many months, and now I just want to go snap them all up! But I have the ability to exercise self discipline and it feels like something I should do.

I will admit, I bought her first pink sleeper at Costco the other day.

Pink owls wearing argyle sweaters!

Ok, they’re not actually┬áwearing sweaters but I don’t care. I love them.

It would appear I am pregnant. I went into the store determined to buy only what we needed, and came out with┬ápyjamas┬áfor someone who isn’t even born yet! I bawled as soon as I got back to the car where Brady and Dekker were waiting. Its not like Brady said anything to make me feel bad, or I really needed to feel guilty, but it seemed like as soon as I made that deal with myself, I failed. I was so angry at me, and discouraged, but decided that whats done is done, and our baby will have a very adorable pink sleeper when she’s born. No looking back.

After that whole thing, I am finding myself itching to go purchase girly things! Some thing we’ll need, and I can justify them, but buying too many clothes right now is silly. I know that. But I can’t seem to shake off my desire to buy some jeggings, or a dress. I had decided to stay home today and do nothing, but Brady accidentally locked his keys in his van, so I made a trip to Saskatoon. Every part of me wanted to SHOP! So I went back and forth and bit in my head and decided that, yes, it was ok to buy a few things already, but I would start at Value Village. That way, I’d spend less than half of what I’d spend on new things. Plus, I’m only currently looking for a few things in the 0-3 month category, and babies grow out of that stage sooo fast that the second hand stuff would likely still look awesome. So we arrived at Bradys job site at the end of the day, let him into his van, and we all hit up the newer location of Value Village.

I have had a lot of luck at this location the past few months, on cute tops, housewares, and shoes. However, their baby section sucks the bag. Badly. Boys and girls stuff is all mixed together, and after looking for less than five minutes, I was already into the 6-9 month stuff. I know Dekker grew like a weed, but if our baby girl is anything like me, she will not grow like that at all, and will likely actually be in the little clothes longer. So after not finding anything in the baby stuff or in maternity, we left empty handed.

I’m actually ok with how the day played out, to be honest. I didn’t resist the urge to shop, but it just didn’t work out today for me. *shrugs* Whatever! Her birth is still likely 3 months away, and I’m sure I’ll have a change to find some cute outfits in that timespan, especially when fall clothes start surfacing.

Lastly for today, I’ve been tossing around the idea of cloth diapering. I KNOW! I never thought I’d even go there in my head, but I have been doing a lot of research and not only is it a HUGE money saver, but I’m thinking it might not be as difficult as I thought! The only real hard part will be deciding which kinds to go with! If anyone has tips or ideas or personal experience, I’ll take it all! Please send me an email or a pm on Facebook with everything you’ve got! Much appreciated!

Sleep well, friends.


Happy Anniversary to me and WordPress!!! I have been a blogger for one year as of today, and I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I had enough views along the way to keep me motivated, and I have loved being able to document things about my family in a way I can look back on. I’m kicking myself a little bit for not printing off each post and keeping a book but I could still go back and do it. Sooner than later though, I think, or I’ll never find the┬águmption. To those of you who have followed regularly, thank you so much for being part of this, and being interested in my life and my family. Its nice to know people care and ,weirdly enough, I don’t feel strange knowing there are people who read that I’ll likely never know about! I mean, yes, I wish I knew, but its just nice that you guys are around. I know it seems bold to say you’re interested or concerned or anything along those lines. I mean, who says you’re not just bored?? Or creeping?! But for instance, when I got pregnant this second time, my views skyrocketed! Same thing happened when Dekker was starting to have his eye problems. WAY more people checked in, and I consider than to be genuine concern for my family. For that, I am thankful. You guys have all helped make this blog great for me! And while I’m aware that it is sometimes boring for you, I love it ­čÖé Here’s to one year!! *lifts glass of tepid water*

Onto how I spent today. At the hospital, actually. No, nothing is wrong, but I had some concerns. I’ve been waking up with cramping for a couple of weeks now, which was a little unsettling, as it seemed to come and go. I saw my doctor about it a while ago and she said I was fine as far as she could tell but if it got any worse, or started maybe coming in a pattern like contractions, I should go to fetal assessment at the hospital. This morning I woke up with my usual cramps, but I was woken up earlier than usual with a pretty wicked stabbing pain. I tried to tough it out but it stuck around constantly for a good hour. After that it started coming and going, so I figured I could shake it off. Brady had a home day so its not like I would have to haul Dekker around much by myself at all. However, when I tried to get up into a sitting position I was in sooo much pain! Even worse with standing. I asked a few friends and got a few different suggestions, but ultimately I think my doctor would have asked me to go get checked out. So I did.

I didn’t get many answers. I haven’t really had much explained this pregnancy. It seems like its just quite a bit harder on me and that my body is quite a bit more irritable this time. I did, however, get to listen to my little girls heart beat for a couple of hours. We had to chase her with the monitor quite a bit. She’s already a fighter ­čÖé They checked my urine and a few other things, but nothing painful or invasive or uncomfortable at all, which I was thankful for. The doctors and nurses that came through were very attentive to us, including Dekker, who was very chatty and interested in what was happening. If you’ve ever had him intently look you in your eyes while he talked to you, you know what I mean. You can’t NOT listen!! They were great to him. One of the students even pointed and seemed amazed at how much he could see the baby move in my stomach from the outside while he checked the monitors. It was nice to have as much attention as we did, considering it was a full day with quite a few people.

Such a cooperative boy, having his diaper changed in a weird unfamiliar spot.
Such a cooperative boy, having his diaper changed in a weird unfamiliar spot.
Someone got a bug bite right on his nose :( Still sooo cute though!
Someone got a bug bite right on his nose ­čÖü Still sooo cute though!


I was release with the instructions to take a warm bath and relax. Happy to oblige! We quickly hit up Superstore to buy 20 nectarines, and we were on our way!

I spent most of the rest of the day off my feet. Dekker slept pretty well the entire day away, so we opted for pulled pork for dinner, as it makes itself, and relaxed for the afternoon. The only time I was really up and around was to pull the pork, and my feet filled and swelled and were hateful so I laid back down and Brady made the salad. We all lost track of time and put Dekker to bed at about 9:30! But he slept so much in the day I think it’ll work out alright.

Now for that bath, and leftover blue cake from Monday. And a nectarine.

One year down, everyone. Hope to have you stick around for more!!! Thanks again, and have a great night!


Brady had a home day, so we opted to hit up the nearby zoo. I’ll be the first to say that the zoo out here never has been especially riveting. A zoo with deer and gophers? Because we don’t see them regularly enough, we’ll pay $20 to go. Nah, I’m just joking. Its not crazy exciting but it counts. Plus, we had never taken Dekker so there was lots for him to see.

Its Wednesday, Dekkers forth or fifth day in glasses I believe, and he wears them without complaint. His only fuss is when they slide off. Once they’re back in place, he’s happy. So while that is a HUGE relief, today our son wore his hat like a champ. No fight. He’s worn it for pictures in the past but never longer than a minute or two. It seems a new part of his personality includes being a lot more tolerant! He did awesome ­čÖé






My one actual animal picture - Do most birds sleep like that?...
My one actual animal picture – Do most birds sleep like that?…

Unfortunately I’ve been feeling fairly down since the zoo. Lots of reasons, but in the long run, I’m just not feeling especially chatty right now. So bring on a random photo post from the last couple of days! If you’re lucky, there may be captions. Other than that though, have a great sleep!

Dekkers mosquito bites. They don't seem to bug him (pun intended) but my goodness!! They freaked me out when If first found them but they're fading away now. Yikes!
Dekkers mosquito bites. They don’t seem to bug him (pun intended) but my goodness!! They freaked me out when I first found them but they’re fading away now. Yikes!
Loving the safety goggles on my pantless wonder.
Loving the safety goggles on my pantless wonder.
My corn is growing sooo fast! Ignore the weeds.
My corn is growing sooo fast! Ignore the weeds if you can.
We had a little break in the bedtime cuddle routine when Dekker was really struggling with his eyes and we were figuring out his new schedule. I'm sooo glad its back! Got a little carried away tonight and all of a sudden we had been playing and cuddling for about twenty minutes! But when this little one keeps reaching out, taking both side of your face, giving you a big wet kiss on the mouth, and saying "num num num" you don't stop him!!
We had a little break in the bedtime cuddle routine when Dekker was really struggling with his eyes and we were figuring out his new schedule. I’m sooo glad its back! Got a little carried away tonight and all of a sudden we had been playing and cuddling for about twenty minutes! But when this little one keeps reaching out, taking both side of my face, giving me a big wet kiss on the mouth, and saying “num num num” I don’t stop him!! Keep ’em coming!
My bright light. Its so nice to have him back, feeling better. Warms my heart.
My bright light. Its so nice to have him back, feeling better. Warms my heart.

Last Night…

I was so excited to post our baby news yesterday that I completely forgot to write about how the rest of yesterday evening went! I’m gonna play the “pregnancy brain” card again since I only have three months of that left. Less, Lord willing.

Brady and I met at UC-Baby yesterday, him from work and me from home, so we left separately as well. As I drove away, I had my little mommy moment, which really is just a sugar-coated way of saying I had my cry. My thrilled, over the moon cry about having a little girl growing inside of me. In between my tears, I glanced into the backseat at Dekker, as always, and he was watching me pretty closely. As soon as we made eye contact, he gave me a big, mischievous smile, and started growling like crazy! I could not be more thankful for my boy!

We spent the evening helping some friends clean their house and get another load of stuff packed up, ready to move. We all sat around first, for burgers and pop, and the cake that we had brought to share the gender with them! The cake was actually unceremoniously hacked into before we even got down to the meal, but I was happy they were all excited like I was! We all gorged ourselves on food (Dekker on his new love – ketchup chips) before we got to work. Dekker loved how emptied out the house was and did laps from room to room. He did take a little time to warm up, so I was pretty useless for the first half of the evening, but once we have walked hand in hand to every room and checked it all out, he seemed good as long as he could see me. The house heated up fast with all the working people inside, and soon Dekker was just running around in his shorts and shoes. Probably the cutest shirtless boy you’ve ever seen! And his glasses just make everything over the top!

We helped until about 9:00 before we left. They were still all going strong but Dekker has started to go to bed around 8pm and we still hadn’t dropped in on my parents and shared the good news with them. My mom has been gone for a few days so it was really nice to see her again too. She hadn’t yet witnessed Dekker’s glasses, or his newfound love for his toys that he can finally focus on, or his excitement about books! He has changed drastically in the past few days, and it was nice to get everyone together again.

I had originally planned to bring some cake back to my parents to eat and celebrate with, but we actually ended up leaving our friends before we had actually had dessert, so the cake stayed behind! However, I had stored both cakes at my parents and just grabbed the right one on the way. Therefore, there was a perfectly good blue cake covered in chocolate icing just sitting in their fridge! So we brought it up and explained that this was the opposite gender. We had a good laugh, and celebrated our baby girl with a radioactive-looking blue cake. Hopefully the pink one was yummy too!

We left around 10pm, and it takes about a half hour to get home from my parents. Poor Dekker was SUCH a great sport! He had been social, pretty meltdown-free, and didn’t complain even though he was sweaty and covered in mosquito bites. However, less than five minutes from home, I hear an “ummm…” from the backseat. I look back and he’s holding his glasses. I had to laugh. He hadn’t even tried to remove them all day, and of all the times he could pick, he picked right at the end of the day. I let him off the hook. Because simply, I had no other choice, being that I was driving and he was in the backseat, as well as the fact that it was over two hours past his bedtime and in a normal circumstance, they would have been off long ago. When I got him out of the car though, I stuck them back on him without any objections.┬á

Being that yesterday was as exciting as it was, I woke up at 4:00 this morning and couldn’t come close to falling back to sleep. I’m waaay too excited about our daughter, and my crafting brain was going in all different directions, trying to decide what I could make, and what I actually would make, and what I would likely buy the stuff to make but never complete. Weighing my options, you know? I think as long as I get a few ruffle bum onesies and headbands, I’m good. Maybe a sweater dress and leggings. Oh and jeggings!!! And I’ll crochet some little┬ámoccasins. Sigh. I suppose “weighing my options” didn’t really work out. But I’m happy ­čśÇ

Looking forward to a family day tomorrow!

My Kids

I love that I have kids. As in plural. I mean, one was a blessing, don’t get me wrong. But the fact that God has given me the gift of a second child blows my mind. I cannot quite fathom everything about today in one shot.

First of all, it was my first day alone with Dekker since he got his glasses. I was sooo nervous! I went to get him in the morning with the most positive attitude I could muster, changed his diaper, and then put his glasses on him. He didn’t fight it at all. He squinted a little, but sat still. Once they were on, I held him and he had a good cry. But he left them on his nose, untouched. My wise little one knows he needs glasses, even though he doesn’t like them. I am so proud of him!

He didn’t eat a big breakfast, which I chalked up to him feeling playful and interested in all the new things he could see. When I took him out of his chair, he went right to the stairs and pointed down. So I decided to go with our normal routine and see what would happen. I brought him downstairs and plopped him down in the middle of his toys. And he played hard! He did not touch his glasses once, except to adjust them if they slid around too much. He also fell less, and didn’t have one tantrum. At naptime, I took his glasses off of him, celebrated his success, and he went down after just a little fuss. While he napped, I iced cakes ­čÖé Did I mention we went to UC-Baby today? I baked a blue cake and a pink cake yesterday, and iced them both this afternoon, so I could grab the appropriate cake if the kid chose to show the goods, and bring dessert to our small group this evening. I had zero energy to get up and ice cakes so they looked pretty sloppy but its the inside that counts anyway.

Dekker and I drove to Saskatoon after lunch. He didn’t even whine when I put his glasses on ­čÖé He ate leftover chicken spaghetti from last night, which is one of his favorites. He ate tons of it at warp speed. We left home right away to head to the city. Only a couple of minutes into our drive, Dekker put his toys down and proceeded to point at everything along the way! Seeing at a distance isn’t his issue, so I’m not sure why he was so enthralled with all the trees and trucks, but maybe colors were duller too, or something like that. He is definitely in discovery mode, either way. We stopped in Dalmeny first to store the cakes in my parents fridge, and then continued to the city to get Deks specs adjusted. They slide down his nose quite a bit, so it’ll just take a few visits and a bit of figuring to get them right I think. He let the person working there take his glasses on and off three times without any complaint. They kept commenting on how amazing he was doing, and how he was tolerating them sooo well!

Lastly, we hit up a Timmys so I could grab something sugary to drink at the scan, and we met Brady. Into the ultrasound we went!

I won’t hold out on you guys. Drumroll please!!!!! Baby is…..



The tech said over and over, “100% girl, no doubts, 100%!” We are completely over the moon about our little daughter. And she is sooo beautiful! I’m so excited to finally get to buy all those cute little girl outfits that I haven’t been able to justify until now! Be prepared to go bankrupt…



My happy girl, already full of smiles. And my other smiling child is so ready to be a brother. I love my kids.

To Those Who Prayed

I could not be more thankful to those of you who prayed and inquired and loved us in the last day or two.

As I mentioned, yesterday Dekker wore his glasses for a total of about thirty minutes. Before I talk about how the day went, I will be the first to admit that I did not go into it optimistically. I woke up with braxton hicks, I was super dizzy, and all I could hear in my head were Dekkers screams from yesterday. There was sooo much screaming yesterday. I was dreading today. However, I felt a bit better prepared after a little research that I did last night. I looked up tips on how to introduce glasses to a toddler, and got a few helpful ideas. In no particular order…

Tell your child how great they look, and point out any cartoon character, family member, or friend who has glasses.

Don’t make a huge deal of the glasses. If the child pulls them off, try and put them back on, and if they pull them back off, give them a minute before going again. But be persistent.

Keep positive! (I was bad at this one yesterday. I’m sure Dekker knew how I dreaded trying to put his glasses on him.) Don’t apologize or say things like “I know its so hard!” when they’re sad. Be encouraging instead.

Leave those suckers alone! When they’re on, do not touch them!

Be entertaining. As soon as the kid is bored, those glasses come off.

Something we also did was celebrate HUGE when we took his glasses off. Glasses are for mom and dad to put on and take off, not for Dekker.

I also opted to wear the glasses I wear for crocheting all day. Then our whole family would have glasses!

So while Brady got Dekker up for the day, I headed to the kitchen to get Dekker’s cereal and milk on his tray. It sounded fine until Dekker started crying and squealing. My heart sank, for about ten seconds, and then I heard “Wow! You look amazing Dekker!” and he had recovered! Waaay faster than yesterday! When Brady brought Dekker out, we celebrated how great he looked and how nice the day looked. We chucked him in his highchair and gave him his banana right off the bat. Usually we wait a little bit but wanted to keep him engaged. So we “rewarded” him with his favorite breakfast food. I know, my kid isn’t a dog, don’t reward with food. It worked! While he ate we showed him all sorts of toys and fed him a lot more than he usually eats. He had “Daddys special cereal” which is just Life as opposed to his usual Cheerios, his banana, yogurt, raspberries, and pineapple before he went down to play. We followed him pretty closely, keeping watch on him in case he went for his glasses and we could catch him in the process. But he didn’t! The glasses need some adjusting, as they slide to the end of his nose a lot, but we figure if he can get used to that, it’ll just be a bonus when they actually fit and don’t slide. At least the whole time he played toys, he was looking down and through the lenses. Not ideal, but it worked. He ran around and played really well! And better than ever! We read more books than we’ve ever read in such a short time span! He left those things alone for an hour and twenty minutes before he sniped them off his face.

But as soon as they were off, he looked a little hesitant. He tried to turn around, misjudged his step, and fell over. He landed on his knees in some mega blocks, which would hurt anyone ­čÖü Brady scooped him up while he was crying and I put those glasses right back on. I know, it sounds mean, but he recovered from the pain in seconds flat and didn’t even seem to notice the glasses were back!

He played hard until nap time, and when we took his glasses off and celebrated, he was sooo proud! His entire evening awake, he did not touch his glasses, and even stood still and let us adjust them from time to time. I say again, NOT ONCE did he even attempt to pull his glasses off! If he knocked them a little, he’d readjust them back to a comfortable spot. He can see better, and he knows it. I could not be prouder.

So as I said in the beginning of the post, to those of you who thought of us and prayed for us, we can tell, and we are so thankful for you! Today could not have gone better! Tomorrow will be my first day alone with him, and I would appreciate it if you could all keep the prayers coming.

I have lots of pictures from today and I’ll try to pick and choose, but the little mister loved seeing himself today! Clearly he knows how great he looks!





A little too excited, lol
A little too excited, lol




Time for some new eyes on the blog I think...
Time for some new eyes on the blog I think…

My little boy is back. He was more “himself” this evening than he’s been in the last month, and while I know we will still have challenging days ahead, I am hopeful and feeling refreshed.

God is good.



Thirty Minutes

Thirty minutes is about how long Dekker wore his glasses today. Out of the hypothetical 1440 minutes that go into a day, 30 doesn’t seem like enough. However, it is hard to consistently put glasses on when the arm keeps falling off. So back to Saskatoon we went!

I was terribly nervous for today. Probably more than I should have been. But I was so scared of failure, and that one hard day would lead into two hard days, that would lead into Dekker never wearing his glasses. I had tried to put Dekker’s glasses on him over breakfast three times with no success whatsoever. I expressed my concern to Brady and he took initiative, which I really needed. While I drove us to Saskatoon, Brady put Dekker’s glasses on him, and held his hands so he couldn’t rip them off. Dekker screamed┬ábloody murder, and thrashed around for a solid minute. I bawled too. It was awful to hear him so upset. He still cried for a little while, but then he seemed to warm up a little bit. Brady worked hard to show Dekker every possible thing in and outside of the car, and didn’t reprimand Dekker for being upset. If someone held my hands down and made me so something I didn’t want to do, I’d be pissed too! At one point, Dekker seemed comfortable with the situation and played with his toys a little bit. As soon as we took an eye off of him though, it was off with the glasses. Its hard to enforce glasses in the backseat from the front seat, but we got a solid five minutes, which I think counts.

We went to visit our friend Jerilee at work and buy her a drink. Punk wouldn’t let us though, so we just had a quick visit and then headed off to our eye doctors office to ask them to fix the arm of Dekker’s glasses. They saw us coming and called us over by name. I was kind of embarrassed that they knew Dekker’s name already, as his first visit had been very loud and uncooperative. They reassured us that the young kids they had through there were there a lot, for repairs and whatnot, so they just knew all of their names. And honestly, that made me feel great! They take notice of the kids, and they won’t think we’re terrible parents if Dekker rips the arms off his glasses more than once. The arms on his go all around his ears, and we had to get them put on, as they didn’t originally come on the glasses. For that reason, they didn’t hold as strong so we just asked them to super glue them on. Dekker was very patient and luckily, the glue job worked awesome and we were out of there in just a few minutes.

For the rest of the day we would put Dekker’s glasses on him every time we’d head into a store. He would have his one minute scream in the car, and then we could take him into wherever we were going and he would forget his glasses were on for the first couple of minutes, five minutes here and there. Nothing huge, but definitely something! Right? Hopefully my expectations are realistic…



Our longest stint with glasses on was in Walmart. Deks didn’t want to sit in the cart, but opted to run around, so he really forgot about his glasses. I think we got a solid ten minutes out of him there!!! However, when he had taken them off, we let him be free of them for the last few minutes and avoid the big ugly screaming fit in a public place. But for the first time ever, he actually let me walk with him and hold his hand!! He’s never let me hold hands with him, even when he was learning to walk. He wanted to do things on his own time and didn’t want help, but today he let me hold his hand, and he even reached up for me at one point, just for my face, and planted a big kiss on my lips ­čÖé SO proud of my boy today!



He was pretty wiped when we got home, so he went down for a nap and we cuddled in for some tv and basically just getting me off my feet. Its way too early in my pregnancy to complain about my achy self, but forgive this next part because I’m going to say the word “pubic” a few times.

I’ve had this crazy pain in my hips for a while, but my┬áchiropractor┬áhas corrected it very nicely! However, I have this pain directly on my pubic bone that is borderline┬ádebilitating. I remember a similar soreness towards the end of my pregnancy with Dekker, when I would do too much in one day or I walked too much. But this is a very crazy, persistant pain in just directly one area. It is so strong that if I roll over in the night, I either cry, or wake up completely. It feels like I’m either on fire, or like my legs are ripping off my body. Yes, I’ve just had all my bloodwork and a urine test, and I have no kind of icky infection or anything. Its probably everything loosening up and spreading out but it is completely┬áexcruciating!!! But all that being said, I was in rough shape after our city trip and laying down was exactly what I needed! Even though I only have relief until I have to move my legs…

We invited Jerilee over for the evening since our visit had been so short, and we just sat in the living room and chatted. I feel like people who read this regularly probably don’t want to come over, as we so often just chat with our guests and don’t provide them with any other entertainment. I think we even tricked her into thinking she was coming over for a movie, and then we just never watched one. Bad friends. Sorry Jerilee!!

All things considered, it was a good day. I think. Dekker wore his glasses for about a half hour, which feels good and bad. I’m not sure what to think. But as Jerilee kept reminding me, it was our first day. He’ll only wear them more tomorrow. Its such a huge learning curve for all of us, I think its easy for us all to panic a little. It was nice to be around people who understood and sympathized. We came home after a successful day in the city to clear skies and my daylilies ­čÖé



Thanks again Willa! Love these flowers!

Todays the DAY!

From here on out, Dekker will begin to see the world in a different way. Literally.

We started his day off with a toga party. A toga party is always fun because it is never planned. They sometimes just happen, and everyone loves spontaneous fun!


Breakfast was the same as every other day, and as per usual, we went downstairs to play toys. While Deks does best on his new schedule of one nap later in the afternoon, we had to leave the house at 2:30 to make my 3:30 chiropractic appointment, so I tried to nap him for a bit around 12:30 just to give him a bit of a rest before we were out and about with no more chances to nap. He played in his bed, and had a few moments of silence here and there, but nothing super helpful probably. Either way, he got up in good spirits in time to get dressed, have a snack, and head to the city.

He did great through the appointments, and our chiropractor asked lots of questions about his vision and basically what happened next. I’m looking forward to seeing him again in a few weeks and updating him, siiiiince…

Dekker got his glasses today!


I’ll be honest. He hasn’t kept them on for longer than 15 seconds yet, but he did amazing during his fitting! He let us put them on him and fawn over him quite a bit. He would sit very still and smile, just waiting for whatever to be finished, but then he’d pull them off and hand them to me. So I don’t think he specifically hates them or anything, but of course they’re new, and they’ll take some figuring out. But as if we’re not all thinking it already, doesn’t he look amazing?! He drew quite a bit of attention ­čÖé

We did a quick grocery shop at Costco afterwards, and picked up some fruit at Superstore. Best haul ever!!! Go to Superstore for peaches and nectarines!!! $0.96/lb! We got 8 of each, and 2 pints of raspberries for just over $10.

He passed out on the drive home. I can’t blame him.

IMG_1363I know, he looks a little bit awake here, but he was nodding in and out. Tired dude.

Tomorrow glasses training begins.