She is here

Baby girl has finally made her arrival. However, I am exhausted from the days events and need to be sleeping rather than blogging. Please forgive me and accept the birth story in a day or two. I eager to share it 🙂
We will be home tomorrow. I can’t wait to sleep in my bed and to be able to breathe while laying in a position that isn’t strictly on my side.
It was a great day. Welcome to our family Laela!

Induction Day

My Facebook page has been quiet today, and isn’t that really the biggest indicator of labor??

It isn’t, actually.

We knew there was a possibility that we’d get called to the hospital for induction this morning, but I figured that we were only 8 days late at this point and I’d probably get bumped. However, at 8:04am we got the call to come on in! We called my parents and they came barreling over as fast as they could while Brady and I threw the last of our stuff in the hospital bags. We were on the road by 9am and at the hospital within the hour.

THRILLED to be getting registered
THRILLED to be getting registered

We were in a room relatively quickly, and even though we had to share the smallest room I’ve ever seen with another couple, it was pretty doable. The staff was lovely and they were in and out often enough that we didn’t really have time to feel claustrophobic or annoyed. The other couple even had both chairs so Brady had to sit on the edge of my bed. But again, we lived and were feeling positive. The resident came in and gave me the speech about Cervidil as the form of induction we’d be using, unless I was all of a sudden super dilated. For those who want to know, Cervidil is like a tiny tampon thats inserted behind the cervix in an effort to soften it up and get it dilated and moving. Turns out I hadn’t made any progress since my last appointment and therefore would need the Cervidil. I had it in by noon.

I’m not sure if you guys remember but I was actually induced with Cervidil with Dekker. I was overdue by only one day, and I wasn’t induced really out of necessity but more so out of error. Its a long story, I won’t get into it. But when I had it put in with him, I was laboring pretty hard within twenty minutes.

About four hours later, I was released on a 24 hours pass. No contractions. Not one. I was very discouraged. We were both tired, mostly emotionally. Because I had gone into labor so fast with Dekker, I had forgotten that it is actually perfectly normal to get Cervidil put in and then go home for the day. Some people have it done more than once! I just had forgotten, and it threw me for a loop. I hadn’t expected it at all. I thought today would be baby day. And guys, it wasn’t. Still isn’t.

Leaving the hospital without a baby in our arms was really disappointing for me. We got in touch with my parents and let them know what was happening and our tentative plan. I needed a treat. So we hit up Starbucks for pumpkin spice lattes and then went to walk River Landing.

photo 2It was freezing and windy but I needed to be out, and the wind seemed to help. I don’t want to be dramatic and use phrases like “inner turmoil” or “devastation” but the wind seemed to help my stormy mood release a little. We walked a good ways but my body was very sore, so we eventually found a bench, sat, and discussed what would be the best way to lay out our evening. We confirmed everything with my parents but decided to go on a date. So we walked back to our car and hit up my favourite restaurant. The last time we were there, Dekker was still in his bucket seat, which he was only in until about 5 months. So it was a while ago.



We ate well and then headed to my parents to spend some time with Dekker. We debated for quite some time about whether to bring him home and then back to my parents for tomorrow, or leave him there, or stay at my parents for the night, etc. While we were visiting I started having lots of contractions and we all decided that it was a bit silly to try and take Dekker home when I may or may not be up laboring all night.

So Dekker is with my parents and we are home, getting ready to enjoy a hot bath and rest my aching body. I have lots of contractions but they are still pretty wimpy and haphazard. I’ll have them two minutes apart and then they take a fifteen minute break. I have no idea. We’ll see what tonight and tomorrow bring. A BIG plus is that if we can deliver baby tomorrow, my lovely Dr. Guselle would be the doctor on call 🙂 THAT, my friends, is the prayer request for this evening. A decent labor starting after a few hours of sleep, followed by the flawless delivery of our baby girl by our very own doctor. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask, does it??

41 Weeks Pregnant

Its official! I am 41 weeks along today and can really, truly say that I can feel the prayers. I feel such peace, and so little anxiety. God is good. I thoroughly enjoyed today.

Dekker woke up unnaturally early, which wasn’t ideal but was ok. He got up and had breakfast with me, like usual. I’ve been struggling to eat in the mornings, but now that I need to take iron and I need to take it with food, it forces me to eat a little something. Which is good all around. However, I didn’t know what to eat and for the first time in years, I opted for a bowl of cereal. I hate cereal. But it worked anyway. Once we were both done our food, we went downstairs to play toys.

We really ran with our normal weekday routine, since Brady worked today. He is now solidly caught up, which we are both super relieved about. While he worked, we played toys and watched “Moving Up” on TLC. I was so happy that my plans for the day worked out, and my mom came over for the afternoon! I didn’t have to have another day like yesterday where I twiddled my thumbs and waited for the sun to go down. I had company! She brought watermelon and we had it with grilled cheese for lunch. Dekker went down for a nap pretty quickly after that, and I opted to rest my ribs. I lay on the couch and my mom asked if she could do a few jobs. I’m not very good at letting people help me all the time, but I decided to let it happen. And did it ever! My mom tidied up my living room and did my dishes. We then moved to my bedroom and went through the hospital and overnight bags to see what was all in them, what was no longer in them, and what still needed to be added to them. We listed. We made a plan for if we called them in the day, or the night, and whether they’d come here or we’d bring Dekker to them. I feel sooo much more organized going into the next day or two! After all of that work, my mom opted to make us dinner. It was ready on the stove in no time, and just needed to be quickly reheated when Brady arrived. We spent a good few minutes feeling baby girl move around and talking to her before my mom headed home to take care of her own house, meals, and plans for the day.

I felt very housewifey when Brady came home to food on the table. I pretty much bullied him into eating immediately because it was all ready and I felt so put together, even though I had created not one part of the meal! I even used the leftover noodles from the fridge instead of making fresh ones. But hey, its not cheating! They would have gone bad had I not used them! But we also had corn on the cob from our own garden!!! It was exciting after last years complete flop of a garden to have fresh, edible veggies!

We spent the last chunk of the evening bathing Dekker. He played and had a great time once he got over the initial devastation of actually being in the tub. I think he cried harder when we pulled him out. But hey, I’d rather it that way than the screaming bloody murder the entire time we’re in there. I’m hoping he might be more interested when there’s another small person in his bathtub.

Baby boy is down for night, Brady and I just had showers, and I think we’re still going to hop in the tub before the night is over. We need to get to bed at a decent time, since we never know when baby girl is going to come and we want to be as rested as possible! I am truly so excited for this family of three to be a family of four, with all four on the outside!!! Hopefully tomorrow! Or the next day. Or any day. I’ll take her. I am so ready. Anyone else?

Day 6: Alone

I’m six days overdue today. After my appointment yesterday, I’m not too choked about being overdue at the moment. Labor could happen all by itself still today, or tomorrow. Or I could get a call for induction on Sunday, and if not, I’ll be induced Monday and our daughter will be delivered by my doctor!! Lots of positive things to think about and either way, we will have our baby in the next few days. I cannot wait!

But if I’m being honest, today was a bit crazy. Not in the “busy crazy” kind of way. Brady discovered he actually has work he can do in advance, which is a HUGE weight off our shoulders actually! He opted to work long days today and tomorrow, and then no matter when baby comes, he’ll be able to take off a nice solid week and not be far behind at all! We were thrilled to learn this and jumped at the opportunity. However, I have gotten used to the luxury of having him home this last little while. Today was my first day at home with Dekker, all day, just the two of us. And wow, was I at a loss! Not that I’ve forgotten to take care of us or anything, but nothing was planned! I had no jobs mapped out, nowhere I needed to go, nothing that really needed accomplishing. And I went a little crazy!!!

Instead of being completely lazy all day (which I’m thinking would have actually been acceptable at this point) I did a few things, just to fill my day so I didn’t just sit and tap my finger. While Dekker ate, I unpacked the dishwasher and refilled it with yesterday evenings snack dishes. I threw all the laundry I could find (one load worth) down the stairs. That was really all I could come up with. I had phone dates with both my mom and my sister, and then Brady over lunch, like always. Dekker and I eventually made our way downstairs and put the laundry in. I stuffed diapers from two days ago. This is all my very long way of saying I really tried to keep busy! Once all I could really do had been done, I plunked down on the couch and watched some tv and read Dekker books. It was nice. I texted a few friends throughout the day, and that paired with Facebook and the phone calls, I didn’t feel too lonely. I should have planned something else in the day, but at least I didn’t go snake.

Dekker went down for a nap and I had plans for that span of time. Firstly though, I ate lunch and took my pills. I figured I deserved a bit of time there to just relax and watch some YouTube videos and enjoy my food. But wow, I paid for that! I didn’t actually throw up, but did I ever get sick! I was sooo nauseous!!! So I dozed a bit of the afternoon away until Dekker woke up. Luckily, it wasn’t too far from Brady being home, and he was bringing supper, so I got Dekker up and instead of feeding him right off the hop, we went downstairs and folded laundry. He helped 🙂 I am proud to say he’s never overturned the hamper or pulled my folded piles apart. ONE TIME he unfolded washcloths. Once. I didn’t care. But today, I would fold an article and set it on the floor beside me, and he would stroke it very gently and wait for the next thing to be folded and ready for him to smooth out. It was so gentle and lovely.

So as I mentioned earlier in this post, Brady works tomorrow too. And again – I didn’t plan. Its impossible to plan anything super riveting this late into ones pregnancy! But I have to. So! I’m thinking I’ll clean the bathrooms. I’m hoping we’ll be lucky enough to have some visitors once baby arrives, and our toilets look like what I imagine toilets in prison look like. Hopefully I’ll have the gumption to do that, and then I want to recheck our hospital bag and Dekker’s overnight bag. We packed them at a reasonable time but the longer I’m pregnant and not in the hospital, the more we pull out of them. So I want to make sure they all have what they need and I don’t end up sending Dekker to my parents with no pants. I think thats all I’ll plan to do though. Might try to hook up with my mom at some point. Oh! And I have to check the corn in the garden and see if its ready!!! Hope so!

Diapers first rinse just ran through so I’m going to go throw them on wash. And then a snack. Baby is moving SO much right now, I can’t believe she hasn’t just walked out yet!

Doctor Day – 5 days over

Lots happened today but I wanted to update everyone on how my doctors appointment went more than anything. I had a decent amount of anxiety going into it. What if I made zero progress? What if I had regressed even further? What if my doctor said something in the process had changed and I’d have to go even further than ten days over? Not a lot of positive thoughts for me. But I am pleased to say that I felt refreshed in the appointment. So, to go through it step by step…

Dekker was making eyes at these two particular ladies in the waiting room. He was terribly cute in his slouchy toque and grey sweatshirt, eating goldfish crackers like they were going out of style.

I got weighed in like every appointment and I’m proud to say that I will deliver this baby ten pounds lighter than I was when I delivered Dekker!!! I know the numbers aren’t a huge deal at all, and I genuinely haven’t focused on my eating and “being careful” much at all. But its just nice to know that I’ll have less to work off.

Dr. Guselle came in after just a few minutes and was very compassionate. She understood that I’m feeling quite finished. My blood pressure came up as 110/60 which is a really nice happy medium for me. My uterus is still showing good consistent growth. Baby is moving lots. Heart rate of 140. Everything looked good.

We then talked induction. I have always heard that out here, the general rule is that a mother will be induced once she is ten days overdue, unless that day falls on a weekend, in which case she is bumped to the next weekday. Apparently thats changed!!! Dr. Guselle sent in a form for my tentative induction for the 29th, Sunday morning! However, with that being only 8 days over, it leaves the hospital wiggle room to bump me if its just too busy that day. But with that being said, Dr. Guselle is on call on the 30th! So really, any day that baby comes will be a bonus! Sooner is best but later brings me my doctor!

Lastly, my pelvic exam. I obviously requested another membrane sweep. She asked if I wanted her to be a bit more aggressive and I said a big YES! Just give ‘er. She informed me that I was still about 50% effaced, but a SOLID 2-3 cms dilated which she said she could “stretch to kingdom come.” This bodes well for being over 4cm when I arrive at the hospital! I was so relieved that the sweep didn’t hurt like I thought it would! Baby girl was NOT impressed with the sweep at all, but she can come out and pick a fight if she wants. My favorite news was that my bag of water is bulging. Bulging! I’m not sure how long that thing can bulge for, or how long it has been, but it feels optimistic that things could start someday soon. Not that I have a desire for my water break somewhere inappropriate or public, but I do desire labor to begin, so however that has to happen will be perfect.

All things considered, we all left feeling uplifted and hopeful about our near future and the little one that will soon be a big part of that future! We anticipate her arrival so strongly I can taste it. I can’t wait! As ideal as the schedule is if I have to reach the point of induction, I would prefer to go into labor on my own. Just throwing that out there for people who want a specific angle to pray 😉 That is our hearts desire.

Thank you all sooo much for caring and being interested in this looong seemingly-uninteresting story of the labor that never came! Your prayers are being felt and we are feeling more and more at peace. I appreciate all of you!!!

It feels like a rather blustery day

Somehow, Winnie the Pooh makes a blustery day seem positive. Thats what I’m going for, anyway. The weather was cool and rainy and overcast all day. Believe it or not, we live far enough away from the city that our weather patterns are totally different. So we didn’t get a beautiful downpour so much as just clouds and a bit of spitting. It was kind of depressing weather but I felt ok. There were even highlights of the day!

A friend sold me a huge stash of diapers! I know, you’d think I have enough, but not only are cloth diapers super cute and addicting to purchase, but I will also have two kids in diapers for a little while at least, and will also hopefully have more children after this one (if she ever comes out!) so they will be used for years. While her diapers were all used on her son, there were a solid 12 or more than I will happily put on baby girl and about ten I’d currently use on Dekker, while the last handful or two will be put away in preparation for our next newborn boy, whenever he may come. So this afternoon, I took a drive to go meet her and pick them up. I left the boys at home and listened to really loud, guilty pleasure music in my car. Once we had made the transaction and had a nice long visit, I drove to my moms for a quick visit. As per usual, that turned into a really nice long visit which included some questions on caring for Dekker while we’re in the hospital, playing with the diapers, and a TALL glass of chocolate milk for me. Best. Visit. Ever. My drive home was nice and loud with music as well, and I enjoyed the rain as long as it lasted.

When I arrived home, Dekker was still sleeping so Brady and I went and walked around the garden. Its quite a bit behind everyone elses this year, it seems, but we are eager and keeping our eyes open every day for our corn to be ready. Its sooo close!

A random positive from today is that my reflux wasn’t as horrendous as its been in the past! Its not gone by any means, and the Zantac still isn’t cutting it. BUT!, the days that I’m up and around more are the days that food has an easier time travelling down. However, “up and around days” are much harder on my body and my bones. So its a toss up. But it was somewhat refreshing that I wasn’t plagued by horrible acid reflux while I was driving around on my own. Win!

Our evening was fun and playful, as it so often is. We had pizza for supper and then played toys downstairs for a good 1.5 hours. When he came to our room for cuddles and bedtime routine, we had the most fun we’ve had in a while. He recently has discovered our pillows and LOVES them! When he had them paid out the way he wanted, he said “Ni ni” and face planted into them. He rolled over but stayed laying on them, so I grabbed his blanket and put it over him. The Brady and I lay on either side of him and he just started talking and jabbering away, completely comfy. As I’ve said once or twice before, we don’t co-sleep or bed share in our house. Its a personal choice we’ve chosen not to practice. However, I very much understand why people do it. Closeness, and security, to mention two reasons. There was something so comforting having him right within my reach. And he was comfortable with my nose stuffed into his face and my hand over his tummy. He was sooo comfy!

It hit me in that moment that we have no idea if this will be our last evening, just the three of us! Heck, pregnant or not, we never know if we’ll all be together again. I don’t mean to get gruesome, but its reality. So we took some pictures 🙂




IMG_2319I know they’re not great quality but they’re all I need! Such a great memory. (There’s also a beautiful video of this cuddle time on my Facebook if you haven’t seen it.)

I’ve struggled these last few days with God saying “no” when I ask for things. Maybe if baby had been born earlier, we would have missed this evening cuddle time with Dekker. Im so glad God understands His timing even when I don’t. I flip flop between wanting to know everything and being completely relieved that its not my responsibility to know, or ever understand.

Tomorrow I will see my doctor. My last “in office” appointment before having my baby girl. With my building anxiety and growing belly, I’m curious to see what my amazing doctor will have to say. But as I seem to keep asking in every post, please oh please keep the prayers coming. We need them and appreciate every single one!


Day 3

Today is my third day overdue, and I’m feeling pretty good actually.

In an effort to keep occupied but not too busy, we made plans to meet my mom for lunch in Saskatoon. I had another one of those mornings where I woke up at pee at 6am and was too awake to fall back to sleep, but then I did sleep again at around 9am, which is super inconvenient. Either way, I was nervous I wouldn’t make for very good company over lunch, but it worked out!! We met my mom at Costco for lunch right around noon. For an added twist, our friend (and one of Dekker’s grandmas) Willa came as well, which was such a treat. We see her so rarely and probably won’t again until after baby comes, so this was a great lunch date with family!

After lunch, we did a quick walk through Costco and grabbed a few groceries, plus one impulse purchase. We LOVE the Kirkland coffee, so we bought a box of 100 K-cups of Kirkland Breakfast Blend coffee. Of course, this was a big risk, since its 100 cups and we’ve never tried this blend, but hopefully they’re delicious!! Have any of you tried them before?

We finished at Costco around 2pm and headed across the city to hit up my chiropractor for an appointment – hopefully my last before baby is born! Its been less than a week since my last appointment, so I felt kind of silly going in. I knew that lots of my pain was related to just how loosened up my body has become. And that loosening is a really good thing! But it hurts like you wouldn’t believe! In the night, if I shift, my hips pop in and out and in and out. Its excruciating. So getting up to pee takes SO much effort that I really struggle to get back to sleep. That plus my ribs plus my legs equals a really grumpy pregnant woman. Luckily Dr Mike could still work his magic and left me with some relief and still a bit more advice of how to carry myself for these next few days until baby comes!

Dekker was exhausted on the drive home, so as soon as we arrived, Brady took him in to change his diaper and put him down for a nap. He happily offered to carry in groceries after Dekker was down but I opted to make those few trips from the car to the house in an effort to get some exercise. There really wasn’t much anyway. Once baby was down and we were resting up, Brady gave me a half hour foot rub!!! It was sooo relaxing and exactly what I needed! Then he made my favorite comfort food meal for supper (chicken fingers and cheesy mashed potatoes) and we ate while Dekker slept.

Baby got up, pooped, ate, and played. When he was born we picked out puppies as “his animal” and while I know that sounds kind of silly, he has a nice collection of beautiful stuffed dogs that sit in his room. He’s really starting to love dogs recently and the last few days, he’s been picking puppies off his shelf and slowly spreading them out through the house. Today he picked the one that was given to him in the hospital. He fed it crackers, gave it kisses, and took it everywhere he took his cars, which is really saying something. Not too many things compare to his “zoom zooms.”

Our house is so quiet now and I’m feeling actually quite positive. Not so much positive like “baby is for sure coming tonight!” or anything crazy like that. Just happy with how the day played out, and I think thats all I can really ask for right now! We got out of the house, not too much, but the perfect amount. We picked up a few groceries, but just the staples we were out of. We didn’t do laundry or any real chores. We played a lot, and ate good food. And my FAVORITE thing about today is the realization that, if my body carries this baby until the latest date its allowed to before I’ll be induced, I will carry her for one more week. One. Seven days. I have carried her for over forty weeks now. I can do one more, no sweat.

Still have a tub and a snack ahead of me. Lucky girl, I know.

The Longest Day of the Year

It seemed like today just draaaaagged. I prayed so hard that today would be delivery day, and I had such faith. Its hard when you pray with expectation and then the answer is no. However, that is the answer for my prayer of baby being born today, and I can accept it. However, the whole day felt like a waiting game.

We slept in solidly until around 9:30, which was incredible. We woke up to Dekker just wailing away in his crib. He normally wakes up slowly and cutely, jabbering and bouncing around on his mattress. But he was straight out bawling. So Brady rushed his room to find a single stuffed animal had fallen from its place on the the shelf. And Dekker was sooo upset! The puppy received a kiss and was put back on the shelf, but Dekker was up. So we all had breakfast at the table together. Lately, all my little boy wants is toast and cereal. He would eat them for every meal. However, for someone who loves uniformity, you’d think he’d have a pattern to toast-eating. He doesn’t.


Once the crust is gone, he eats the rest of the piece in one bite. Every time. Without fail.
Once the crust is gone, he eats the rest of the piece in one bite. Every time. Without fail.

After breakfast, we went downstairs to play a little. My ribs were really bothering me and I was feeling pretty much miserable, but to help us all feel a bit better, we decided to go be outside. A walk could help with labor, for one thing, but also, being outside is good for the heart, I think. So we all got dressed and headed out to get the mail. It was beautiful out, and Dekker was beautiful too.


Our street
Our street

Our good idea wasn’t as good as I had hoped. Not one contraction resulted from our walk around town. I was so good and wore my support belt and everything, but all I got was serious body pain. My pelvis was in terrible pain and my legs may as well have just ripped off my body. It was horrible, not to put too fine a point on it. Once we were home, I just lay down in bed to give my bones a break from holding up my belly, and the boys had a snack.

Dekker went down for a nap shortly after we got home from the walk, and Brady and I had lunch. Toasted garden tomato sandwiches again. Just as good as last time. We watched a decent amount of How I Met Your Mother and I dozed a little in the afternoon. We did laundry again, which I know seems like we’re doing laundry every day, but we’re trying to stay as caught up as possible, since we’ll likely fall behind pretty quickly once we finally have baby girl and bring her home.

Sigh. Baby girl. I know I shouldn’t whine, because she is only overdue by two days! I just know that, the later she comes, the worse it is for Bradys work schedule. I’m not being some crazy bitchy wife who is demanding he stay home and change diapers for the first week or anything. He is the sensitive husband who wants to be part of our babys first week of life! I’m confident that the home builder Brady works for will do everything in their power to rearrange things for him, but I also know that, if he takes that time, his schedule will really suffer and he’ll fall behind. Brady takes real pride in his work and I struggle with the fact that I could mess up his credibility or even just his SUPER busy month of October. Yes, they will let me carry her until October 1st before inducing me.  October 1st is also Brady’s first day scheduled to be back. So you can all likely see the pressure I feel I’m under. I am, however, the only person putting me under this pressure. I just wish she would come.

Deks woke up after a rather short nap (for us, anyway) and was ready to go. So while he usually eats right when he gets up, this time, he ran around and played for a good hour first. We had supper around 5:30 but he wasn’t really feeling it and when we asked him if he just didn’t like it, he shook his head “no.” So he had his allotted amount of bites before we headed downstairs for some relaxing and playing. Dekker is really excited about dogs right now. Not always the real ones, but stuffed ones, or pictures of puppies. So he raced around, holding up anything with an animal he could find and barking like crazy, until he settled for a small stuffed dog in a margarine container. He and the puppy (and the margarine container) took a load off and watched some tv with Brady and I before going back to toys.

IMG_2278Now normally, at this point of the evening, we have to haul him upstairs kicking and screaming, and put him to bed. Playtime is never long enough, it seems. However, it was only 6:30 at this point, after a bunch of playing! So we decided to bathe the kid.

Its not news that Dekker hates the bath. His last few have been pretty ok though. Once we can get him in the bathtub, not crying, he gets more comfortable and gives in to the splashing and toys. I am happy to report this was probably our best bath in the last year!!! He was bawling as we lifted him in but as soon as he was in, he was fine! I soaped him up really good and he played and read bath books and splashed and splashed and soaked the bathroom, but was completely thrilled. He was still upset when I had to rinse his hair but he did better with it than he had in a long while. He didn’t try to get out of the tub or even really cry. He squawked, because he was mad, but then he got over it. He was in the tub for probably over 45 minutes, which is for sure a record! He was having tons of fun. When we were splashing, I actually made a point to get water in his face and he laughed and laughed. So hopefully that will eventually translate into something that isn’t so scary.

After bathtime he had a few minutes of naked time before getting into his jammies and coming to jump on our bed. Lots of cuddles and kisses later, he cried all the way to his room, and went down for bed. He hasn’t made a peep since.

I can’t believe it only 8:30. This day felt like three days. At least. I don’t want to complain, but I really am disappointed that I can’t seem to motivate my labor to start. And that I won’t see my doctor again until Thursday.

I’m also kind of ripped about a letter we got about Dekker’s eyes today. We received an appointment date from our second opinion clinic. It states that we have an appointment over a month away for PRELIMINARY TESTING ONLY, and will be booked for a second appointment to actually see the doctor. The letter also said to only bring the kid who is being tested so we can give him our full attention. Um…baby girl will be about a month old. I don’t know, it just rubbed me the wrong way. hasn’t taken much today, if I’m being honest. Just peeved in general.

Ok, time to be done being pessimistic. Time to rest my body for a bit and get in the tub as soon as diapers are through the wash. Whats for snack? Every bit of me just wants to order potato skins from the Red Bull…


Slacker Sunday

Nope, I haven’t had the baby yet.

Normally, we would have attended church this morning, but feeling a little discouraged, I decided to avoid having to answer all the questions and just stay home. I know me, and I know that having to say over and over again that I am, in fact, past my due date would either cause me to cry in front of everyone, or just break down once we had left. So we stayed home.

I was so excited this morning, though. I woke up at 6am to pee, and I realized that I had been having contractions all night. Real ones. Painful ones. Obviously they weren’t horrendous because I would fall back to sleep once they were over, but I had them pretty much all night. When I woke up at 6am and realized this, I got really excited to start monitoring and timing them. And then they quit. I think I had one more all day. Sigh. So I went from hopeful to hopeless pretty quickly. I’m just hoping it bodes well for delivery in the near future! However, I was more than annoyed that my contractions had quit, so I was awake. Brady woke up shortly after and we watched some Netflix. As tends to happen on mornings like these, I was exhausted again by about 8:30 and Brady was then wide awake. So I slept for TWO HOURS while Brady detailed our car. Dekker slept the whole morning away, which helped. We all took our time getting up and getting ready for the day.

We had my parents over the for the afternoon and evening. They came and played with Dekker until he (and my dad) needed a nap, and then Brady, my mom and I went downstairs to watch Pitch Perfect. I love that movie. I always feel somewhat uplifted after watching it.

Supper was around 6:30, and was sooo delicious! I had prepared honey chicken on rice, and my parents brought fresh corn on the cob!! There was the perfect amount of food, with one one small container of chicken and sauce leftover. I hesitated even keeping it, but there was too much chicken in it to throw it away. If it was just sauce, I would have considered it. But no.

Dekker had a pretty solid meltdown after everyone left, so figuring it was only ten minutes before his normal bedtime, we’d get him ready. He cried the whole time. We opted out of bedtime playing and cuddles as well, and just put him to bed. He was finished. Going to bed it hard. I get it. And really, lots of kids struggle with bedtime from a very early age. We’re only really starting to see it in these last few months, so I can’t complain.

Ok, the day is done, and the bath is run. Woah, accidental rhyme. I did enjoy the day, but my request for all of you tonight is this: My doctor is on call TOMORROW and not again until next week. I would LOVE for her to deliver me, and if I don’t have baby girl tomorrow I will delivered by another doctor from her group. I was delivered by a different doctor last time and it was fine, but I really love my doctor, and would also love to have this baby in my arms. So PRAYERS FOR DELIVERY TOMORROW would be much appreciated!


** Last thing! Thanks to everyone who replied to my Facebook post about wanting to crochet. I’m excited to get on some projects, being that its officially fall!

Goodbye Due Date

Baby girls due date has come and gone. I am disappointed, but living on, knowing she will indeed come when the time is right. The time will be perfect, as will she.

My goal for today was to NOT mope! Not many babies are born on their due dates, and I didn’t go into the day with high expectations for it at all. It was on my mind that today is the last day of summer, and how great would it be to have another summer baby?! But I tried to hold that kind of pressure at arms length and just enjoy the day. Positivity!!!

I started out pretty well. We had eggs for breakfast and then went downstairs to watch “What to Expect,” since I had been wanting to watch it recently. What better day than your due date? I was pretty optimistic for the day, and things were going well. I started to get frustrated with life in general around lunch. For no real reason, honestly. Little things started bugging me. So I did dishes. I filled the dishwasher and handwashed the rest. I didn’t feel much better so I started up a load of laundry and stuffed diapers from yesterday. I tried to keep busy. I texted friends. I took pictures. Here are some from today:

40 weeks pregnant!
40 weeks pregnant!
Who am I to tell him the "right way" to play toys?!
Who am I to tell him the “right way” to play toys?!
Reading with daddy
Reading with daddy
Talking on the phone with mommy
Talking on the phone with mommy




But I found keeping my mood up was hard. I had braxton hicks all day today. And while those things are completely normal and I’ve had them since before I even felt the baby move, My entire day was spent with what felt like one constant contraction that didn’t hurt and wasn’t labor. It was just plain annoying; a constant reminder that nope!, nothing was happening yet.

When Dekker went down for his nap, Brady and I ate toasted tomato sandwiches for lunch. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it! We made them out of our fresh garden tomatoes and they were sooo delicious and sweet. So that was yummy! I still very much had the nesting bug after that, so I did another load of laundry and tried to think of something artsy I could do. I know, perfect time to start a project. But I really wanted to! I couldn’t think of what to crochet, and I’m starting to hate that crocheting is my only “skill” when it comes to crafting. I cut out some material for a pattern I’d like to try and make but I pretty well stalled out after that. I was just flat our discouraged.

It helped that my sister called. We talked for an hour and a half, and a lot of it was really good encouragement and helping talk me down from where I was. She let me feel exactly how I feel, even though I know I’m being somewhat irrational, but we talked logic too, and about the things that are actually important. Baby will come. It was also nice to just talk about life with her. We reminisced, talked cooking, friends, etc. It was nice, and it was also a break from my crazy mind.

While I was on the phone, Dekker got up and had supper and was pretty hands on for the evening. We had some funny bedtime “cuddles” which are really more like wrestling matches now,

IMG_2253and only now that he’s in bed are we thinking about food. Well, thats a lie. I’m starving and am sooo ready to eat! Brady ran to the Red Bull and snagged a menu so we can enjoy some take out. I am hungry for so many things that we don’t have, so hopefully the restaurant can help! Yum!

Tomorrow will be spent with my parents here at our house, relaxing and hopefully watching another movie and relaxing. Or hey, in labor!!! Whenever, my dear. You are more than welcome here.