Shopping Day #1

I’ve decided to leave my photo post/haul post for when I get home, since we still have a full day of shopping ahead of us. But we’ve had a super fun day 🙂 Jerilee arrived to pick me up around 6:30 this morning, and with us gaining and hour, we were checked into our hotel and shopping well before noon. The mall was super quiet, which was perfect. While we’ve had a bit of disappointment about not finding tons of clothes yet, we’ve got some good accessories, makeup, etc.
After we walked both levels of the mall, we hit up the old spaghetti factory for supper, which was just as amazing as I remember it being years and years ago. We ate way too much and limped our way to the end of the mall where the car was parked. We let it run for about ten minutes before shivering our way back to the hotel. We are happily tucked away for the evening and ready to rest our feet for the night.
It’s not cool that I’m still in skinny jeans. You guys clearly come before my own comfort.
Sleep well!
PS: Thanks for keeping the kids, hubs. I love you guys so much, and it’s been work to not talk about you guys constantly today. See you tomorrow, beb.

Early to bed, early to rise

…Makes two happy girls shop waaay too much!

Thats right. I’m going on a road trip with my very own (ya, thats right) Jerilee this weekend, with the goal of shopping until we can shop no more! Well, we could keep shopping, but probably our bank accounts couldn’t. Its going to be awesome. So this is going to be a suuuper compressed post of the day, so I can get extra sleep in preparation for our departure time of 6:30am!! Its going to be wicked. Jealous? I would be, if I weren’t the one going.

The events of the day were based around Laela’s doctors appointment. She is five months old and weighing in at 15 lbs 12 oz, which is pretty much huge, actually! Not “Dekker huge,” but pretty big compared to how slowly she was gaining not long ago. Her chubby little body is enveloped in her perfect, smooth skin that is starting to develop little beauty marks already! She also popped tooth #2 today. I can’t believe that!!!

The little man slept on the drive home from the city, and then no more afterwards. He was pretty irritable later in the afternoon but seems to reach this incredibly silly stage into the evening. I LOVE him like that! I spun him in circles and then held his hands while he tried to walk around. We threw balls at each other. We made jokes, and took pictures.


IMG_4228He snuck up behind me at one point, and very lightly cupped my butt, saying “Bum.” Observant little dude. He also named my iPhone button “The La Button” because my lock screen is a picture of Laela. He has never been mischievous with my phone at all, but now he’ll occasionally ask to push the button to look at Laela, and today is finally got its name. He also pulled out “La’s niiiice.” That just warmed my heart.

I love my kids. And my husband. I’ll miss the fam this weekend, for sure. But I’m sooo looking forward to some time away. I can’t remember ever roadtripping solely for the reason of shopping and girl time. I think its overdue. And it may have to become a tradition.

All that being said, I’m off to wind down in a quick bath before bed. Sleep well, all! See you at the mall!


Photo Post: Much Needed Day at Grandma’s

There’s not a whole lot to say that the title hasn’t already said. The kids and I drove out to my parents house this morning and spent the day having tea parties, singing, running the hallway, throwing a ball, and being photographed. I have such beautiful kids!! All the pictures on this post are courtesy of my mom, just in case anyone wondered. She’s kind of a big deal.

IMG_4200Today was a day of playing with food. My mom set out the little table and chairs in the middle of the living room and it was a huge hit!


IMG_4201See that little tooth poking out down there? And those sparkly eyes?! I love her.

IMG_4202Tea party with ketchup and ketchup. And Laela blowing raspberries, as per usual.

IMG_4204A princess has to wear her lip gloss…

IMG_4203She is SUCH a little model! Who wouldn’t want to take pictures of her?!

IMG_4205Again, way too beautiful waaay too young.

IMG_4206Someone is finding her toes!!

IMG_4208Dekker wanted to have a tea party with George, so he put him on the chair and my mom helped push the chair up to the table. But Dekker insisted he needed to be closer to the table. And closer. Until George was considerable less part of the actual party…

IMG_4207And my beautiful boy, looking exactly like how I almost always see him in my mind. I love this boy sooo much!

What a solid day today was. I’m feeling very thankful for who I have around me.










We’re finally done!

I am more than 150% relieved to announce that we are DONE with Dekker’s eye drops!! Every fibre of my being wanted to skip out on the last dose tonight and just let him be free, but if he contracted an infection tomorrow morning, I would probably beat myself up about it forever. This way, infection or not, I have done everything humanly possible to protect him. With lots of prayer, help, efforts made, and some solid work done by great and competent medical staff, we have al survived, and Dekker has thrived.

If I can be blunt, all support and help aside, I am exhausted. I have felt wildly alone in this process, somehow. Dekker was scared of me, always assuming I wanted to put drops in his eyes. We’ve had to be fairly cooped up, because I’m scared to do his drops in a public place. I know I have been lucky enough to have breaks on the Fridays to get my hair done, legs waxed, etc. But I still feel a bit off about the whole thing. I don’t feel joy that the worst is over, and that we don’t have to upset Dekker five times a day anymore with stinging medication. I feel frustration. I’ve said a lot that I tend to lean towards the negative side of thing, and I’ve spent for sure the last few years working hard to rectify that. However, I am feeling very “glass half empty” today. If you think of it, please pray for renewed energy and joy tomorrow. I’d love to have an awesome day.

Today was good though. We headed into the city to get Dekker’s glasses adjusted first. They’re really loose on his face for some reason, and he’s looking over them a lot. He hasn’t done that since we got the back strap. After the adjustment, he’s still looking over them. I’m thinking they weren’t fixed quite right, but I’m also wondering (and secretly hoping) that he actually just doesn’t need them anymore so he’s not wanting to use them. We’ll know in a few weeks I guess.

We hit up McDonalds after that. I know, of all places. We were going to get Dekker a special treat to celebrate his last day of drops, and our original idea was a bit, delicious milkshake from Fuddruckers. However, it was frozen outside. As we drove into the city, we stopped at a red light next to a McDonalds. Dekker pointed to those blasted golden arches and screeches “Fries!!” So it was decided. He ate his meal and drank his very special apple juice before he and laela both cashed out in the back seat of the car. It was a good, low key celebratory day.

And now, I am tired, and much grumpier than I wish I was. Time for a bath and a sleep. Hopefully I find the right side of the bed by morning.

Congratulations, Dekker! You survived two really hard weeks! And you did it with class, and patience, and love. Mum loves you to the moon and back!

Only two short weeks ago...
Only two short weeks ago…


So after Dekker threw up a bunch yesterday, we had no idea how the night would go. I’m happy to report that he slept like a rock. On his face. All night. He was pretty iffy in the morning still. He had a bit of cereal, but not much at all. Then he asked for banana, but didn’t come close to finishing it. I gave him a slice of bread with butter, and he ate about half. All he wanted to do was slug back milk, milk, and more milk. The general rule for tummy sickness is always bland foods and clear fluids, I believe, but I didn’t want to deny him milk. Dekker is pretty clear about what he wants most of the tim, so if the kid was thirsty for milk, we didn’t want to turn him down.

We went downstairs to play after breakfast, and he wasn’t exactly into it.

IMG_4162He began fussing right when we got down to the toys. When Dekker gets really frustrated day to day, I call him over to me and gives me both of his hands, and we have a bit of a face to face chat. Well, we sure tried, but that little guy just couldn’t keep it together 🙁 So when I reached out my hands for his, and he came in for a hug instead, I scooped him up and he dozed in and out for a bit. Eventually, he wanted to go down and play. It was pretty slow moving, but he was awake until his usual nap time! That was pretty great because that way, he and Laela went down at the same time, and slept a good couple of hours.

While Dekker played, didn’t play, watched shows, snacked on crackers and water, and sat on the floor staring at the wall, Brady and I did all the laundry. All of our clothing is puke-free! I also gave in and started packing up the clothes Laela has grown out of. Its so sad to already put an age away, yet its exciting pulling out all the fun new stuff too. And I’m pretty sure by this age, Dekker was already in nine month stuff, so moving Laela up to six doesn’t feel too bad.

Ok, how does anyone get rid of the stickies left by a label if they're still there after a wash?!
Ok, how does anyone get rid of the stickies left by a label if they’re still there after a wash?!

After those two chores, I felt nice and accomplished. However, we did the big freezer count the other day and hadn’t written it on anything we could actually use or help us star organized. So I quickly made up a chartish thing on Excel, printed off a few pages, and filled it in with out “stock” while Brady and I watched Modern Family reruns online. For having a sick little boy, and an especially tired baby girl, I feel like we did a decent amount of chores and dreaded jobs. Laela woke up before Dekker did, so we had some snuggles while we finished up the episode we were working on. She is just the sweetest (perhaps the most frightened?) little girl in the world!

IMG_4165The evening was better. Dekker clearly felt better than he had in a while. He was hungry when he woke up, so we gave him some milk and cereal while we finished making breakfast. After his bout of sickness, if the kid just ate cereal and bread for a few days, that would be fine by me. But he wanted a banana. I gave him half and he gobbled it up, immediately asking for more. After that, he got excited about the supper we had prepared and proceeded to have fish and mashed potatoes with us. It was refreshing to see him hungry and happy, and then satisfied, just wanting to play toys.

Bedtime was pretty easy. Of course, Dekker would rather be up playing, he thinks. But our sensitive little boy knows himself, and he often knows that he is, in fact, very tired. We cuddled and hugged and kissed and had a big drink of water. We said we loved each other, goodnight, and he was down. No fussing or crying. Just resting.

The last thing I’ll say about today is that tomorrow, it will be TWO WEEKS since the day of Dekker’s surgery. Do you know what that means? Tomorrow is our LAST DAY OF EYE DROPS!!! I am sooo excited! I’m sure he would be too if he had any idea it was coming. Wish me luck! One more day of wrestling with Dekker to get those healing drops in, and then we can go back to normal life. I can’t wait!!!




I’m still reeling a bit from today. Nothing went like usual. A lot of it was awesome, with just a few “challenges” thrown into the mix.

Our day, like any other proud Canadian’s day, began at 6:00 this morning, in order to catch the men’s hockey finals in the Sochi 2014 Olympics. Brady got us coffee while I grabbed our pillows and turned on the Christmas lights in our guest room. We were hoping to cuddle up in our guest bed and watch the game on the iPad so we didn’t wake the house. Once we were all settled, we discovered that our apps didn’t stream the game >:( I was a bit miffed, but we got over it and switched out the comfy bed for the old couch in front of the shockingly quiet tv. I suppose it wasn’t the ideal set up but it worked. As I’m sure you all know, but for my records sake, Canada whooped Sweden 3-0. I was feeling fairly patriotic this morning 🙂 Still am.

The kids were in good spirits when we got them up. Yes, it is true. We went to church this morning for the first time in a while. We didn’t go last week mostly because Dekker’s surgery was less than a week old, and he tends to get pretty overwhelmed with all the people. Really not wanting to push him harder than necessary, we had opted out until he felt more healed. He didn’t eat great this morning, so we packed snacks and figured it would likely be rough, but we’d just roll with it. Church has been hard for Dekker for a long time now.

It was evident that lots of people from our church had been praying for Dekker. There was such an interest in his condition, and how the surgery had gone. As I had predicted/feared, many people approached him and asked how he was. Instead of throwing his head back and getting scared, he smiled at them. All of them. I think I saw him shy away once, and even that was done quietly and calmly. It was a curious response, but one I much preferred to his usual reaction of fear and overwhelm.

I can’t lead up to it, guys. Dekker sat through church. As in the whole service! Singing, sharing, praying, the sermon, everything!! Yes, he was a bit noisy, but it was incredible to hear him be so happy! I stood up at once point and shared with everyone how his surgery had played out, and I mentioned how thrilled I was that he was sooo happy and social this morning. All the while, he’s saying “Oh ya!” and “WOW!” out loud. It was adorable and made me feel incredible. He is sooo different, and much happier. He did awesome in church and afterwards while we sat and visited with friends and doddled getting out the door, like usual.

Once we arrived at my parents place, he was playing like crazy, happy as a clam. We were having soup, and he’s not very good at soup, so I warmed him up some spaghetti from a few days ago. He loves spaghetti. I asked him if he was hungry, and he headed right over to his spot, ready to eat.

And then he wouldn’t. I convinced him to take two bites – our minimum – before offering him what I knew he wanted. Bread. That kid would be thrilled if all he ever ate was bread and butter. He wouldn’t touch it. I cut it in half. Still nothing. A cracker? Nope. Not that either. Just a big cup of milk. I was getting more and more frustrated with him. We don’t really cater to him being picky, and he eats whatever we eat. So when I gave him all these options that he turned down, I finally gave up and let him down from the table. I walked him over to where my mom was feeding Laela in the living room, and asked him to thank grandma for lunch. We got “thank you” and “lunch” but he wouldn’t say “grandma.” I asked him twice with no response at all. And then he vomited. A BIG stream. Into the cream colored shag carpet. He immediately got scared and burst out crying. I was completely shocked! Brady scooped him up and I ran to the kitchen for a rag and a bucket to clean it up as fast as I could. Brady followed me with Dekker. And then Dekker puked again. A bigger stream. All over the (thankfully, tile) kitchen floor, and up the floor cabinets. Vomit everywhere. After that one, my boys took off to the bathroom to at least try and hit the tub if there was more to come. Once they were officially ok, I headed back to get to work. My dad took over the kitchen clean up (thanks, dad!) while I tackled the carpet. It was a huge mess 🙁 But it was cleaned up in pretty great time actually. Dekker didn’t lose anymore, thankfully, but he was quite shaken up. They eventually came back out into the living room to sit with us, and Dekker ventured out after a few minutes. He was back! Feeling great, cracking jokes, throwing  ball, playing away! It was sooo weird!

Once Laela was down for a nap, my mom and I took off for the city to pick up a couple of things, and the boys stayed back. Dekker went down for a nap pretty quick, Laela slept the whole time, and Brady did our taxes. I assume dad napped too 😉 We hit up Costco, the mall, and Walmart, and I think I can safely say we got pretty much everything we needed. We came home to a quiet house, and mom whipped up some amazing poutine for us! We woke Dekker at 7:00 to eat, but he didn’t want to. I mean, he did. I could tell! He had one bite of bun but that was it. I would offer him things, and it was as though he would really want them, but then he’d contemplate them, and not eat them in the end. He sat and stirred Cheerios for a minute before putting the spoon down and announcing “done.” We tried, but he wasn’t hungry. And I was NOT going to push! He drank water, so thats better than nothing. On an empty stomach, he was a trooper!! I couldn’t believe he was so playful and funny and telling jokes, and that he had done sooo well at church for the first time in so long, yet he had this sickness building up. I know he felt it, because he hardly ate. Way to be, Dekker! He sure didn’t wear it on his sleeve that he was feeling ill. Until he was literally wearing it on his sleeve. Gross.

We’re all home now, and I think its fair to say that we are completely, justifiably tired. Dekker has a bit of a fever so we gave him some Tylenol and a good drink before bed, so hopefully he’ll feel better in the morning. Laela is having her milk, and she’ll go down right away. And we are so ready for a bath and a sleep!

Goodnight from these two cuties!!

IMG_4155Don’t you just want to eat them??


The Last Two Hours

Besides the last two hours, my day was nice and fairly uneventful. A beautiful gift was left on my doorstep, courtesy of Fine Silver Designs, a company run by a friend of mine, so that was a lovely surprise and a good “event” I suppose. Also today, Dekker tolerated his drops beautifully!!! First thing in the morning, he was not impressed. Second drops were our first ever experience being free of tears!! He simply grabbed a book and waited for me to finish putting them in. I have made a point since we began doing drops to warm them up a bit before putting them in, but these last few days, that dropper lives in my bra, and I think it really helps. The third set of drops was fine too, and he went off to bed.

While both kids napped, Brady and I finally got to a task that has been on my list for months – taking inventory of our freezer. It was insane, guys. Pages and pages were filled with lists of items of food we knew about, and those we didn’t. We are ridiculously blessed. Everyone should probably come over for supper and eat some of our food.

When it was around 6:00pm, Brady popped a casserole in the oven and I went to get Dekker up from his nap. He was such a sweetheart, all soft and cuddly in his jammies. When I lay him down on his change table, I gave him a book and started to do his drops. Again, no fight. Also, no drops. The dropper was completely empty. I’m not sure what I expected. The bottle to beep when it was empty? How can anyone tell when a dropper is empty?! Dekker say patiently while I shook the thing and squeezed air in his eyes, madly trying to get drops out. I gave up and grabbed the cream instead. The cream is fine, but it leaves his vision blurry, so putting it in right before meal time isn’t ideal. Plus, it wasn’t all warm, and its a lot stringier cold than when its warm. So after Dekker had allowed me to pry his eye open and fuss with the drops for so long, he lay still and let me mess with the cream too, which took longer and I think felt worse. He amazes me.

Being out of drops is not ideal either, because we still have three days of drops. I called Superstore immediately and asked them to please get our refill ready, and I was out the door shortly after. It was maybe around 6:30, and Superstore closed at 8:00. So I ate a few bites of the delicious supper Brady made us, and bolted. I made it there in good time and got the prescription within minutes. I texted Brady to see if we needed anything else, and I browsed the makeup while I waited for him to respond. I have a particular product I want, but its fairly pricey, so I went to see if it was on sale. It wasn’t. However, there was a tester. Being that its not something totally yucky to use after someone else may have used it, I put a bit of it on my finger to use. What kind of makeup section has NO mirrors?! Silly, right? I smudged it on my face and left.

As I left through the exit doors, I passed a man sitting on a chair. I know some of you may view me as judgemental or stereotypical, but he looked rough. Ratty clothes, unkempt, etc. Once I was past him, I heard him say “How are you tonight?” Maybe it was rude, I don’t know, but I didn’t respond. I was already past, and if I turned around and went back, I didn’t want to strike up a conversation. I knew I could make it home to see my kids before bedtime, and I didn’t want to jeopardize that. So I continued on. Maybe five seconds later I looked behind me and he was a few short steps behind me. I picked up my speed, and he matched my pace. A lot was rushing through my head in that moment. Get in your car and lock your doors immediately. Don’t doddle. Don’t appear nervous. But I was nervous. I figured, even if I locked my car the second I got in, I wanted a head start. So I ran. I booted it all the way to my car, got in, locked up, and drove out. I saw him come out into the parkade and start walking towards a woman putting groceries into her car. He got between her and her cart and said something to her. She jumped, laughed, pushed him playfully, and they chatted as I drove off. So maybe I totally overreacted! But I was pretty shaken up actually. And mildly annoyed that I didn’t have a chance to look at the makeup I had blindly thrown on moments before.

On my way out of the city, I grabbed some coffee for Brady and I for tomorrow. I, Hailey, am going to wake up early tomorrow morning, on purpose, to watch hockey with Brady. I have never willingly watched sports on tv, much less at 6am. If I’m going to do it, there better be Tims involved. Good wife?

It was nice to see the kidlets before they hit the hay, but now they are down and we can relax for a couple of hours. A bubble bath, a snack, and some Modern Family are on the list tonight.

Mental Health Day

I was sooo looking forward to today! Sometimes, having high expectations makes for bigger disappointments, but today did not disappoint at all! As per usual, I’ll start from the beginning. Which is probably the most interesting part anyway.

Laela chose last night to be the night she’d sleep a really nice long stretch. Which is great on a normal day. But her waking up to eat at 6:15 when my alarm is set for 7:30 made it a bit less adorable. However, those hours of unbroken sleep were lovely, and I felt really rested. So we fed her and Brady came and hung out with me while I got ready for the day. I was out the door by 8:30 to make my hair appointment by 9:30. I ran a few ideas by my hair girl before deciding to go with the much riskier cut. She was super excited to do it, and I was pumped to try it out! Hair grows back, right? I understand I may get mixed reviews, but I’m sooo happy with the decision I made!



IMG_4146I know, I look a bit glamour shot ish, but my mom thought I looked pretty and wanted to take pictures of me 🙂 Anyway, I got the cut and color and left my appointment at 11:30 to meet Jerilee for lunch around noon.

I parked in the underground parkade so I could leave my coat in the car, and headed up to buy a new hair product while I waited for Jerilee to arrive. We hit up Extreme Pita in the food court and grabbed some pita pizza. I had never tried it, but it was kind of super delicious. I got the buffalo chicken one with less hot sauce. I hate sweating when I eat. Anyway, we had a nice lunch together before heading over to Bath and Body Works to pick up some shoes Jerilee picked for me a week or two ago, and to smell all their new stuff. Guys, they have a pineapple soap!!! It smells amaaaaazing! However, the mennonite in me saw that the sale sucked so I left them there 🙁 I’ll be back, pineapple soap! No one is safe!

When Jerilee went to work at 1:30, I headed over to my chiro office. It was nice and quiet when I got there, so I didn’t have to wait. I got right into a room and Dr. Mike arrived after maybe two minutes. He complimented my hair and asked a bunch about Dekkers eyes and how they were healing. He said he had been thinking about the surgery and couldn’t understand a detail or two, so we talked it out a bit and he took a real interest, which I always appreciate. I got a good treatment as well, and he says I’m in way better condition now, so thats good to hear! He told me to stretch my mental health day out, and not to go home before I did some shopping. I told him I already bought shoes and he said that didn’t matter. Nice guy, hey?

I didn’t take his advice, however. I hit up Costco and dropped about $200 on all the big items we are running out of. Then I cashed in my Roll Up win for a hazelnut latte and drove to see my mom and show her my hair. I know, it seems silly and maybe a bit vain, but since the cut is very new and, let’s be honest – weird, I wanted to see her reaction. It went over really well, and we had a short visit before I headed back home. I wanted to arrive before the kids were awake, just to have a bit of down time with Brady. It worked out 🙂 Both kids stayed in bed for over an hour after I got home, which was great. When it was time to get them up, they were both super grumpy, so they ate, played a bit, and went to bed. Well, Dekker went to bed. Laela’s still having her last bottle of the night, but she’ll go down right away here. And then supper for Brady and I!

All things considered, it was a really good day! I love this new hair, I had a great date with Jerilee, and I always leave Dr. Mike’s office feeling warm and fuzzy. I loved seeing my mom in the middle of the day, driving with any music I want playing really, really loudly, and then its always nice to arrive home to a quiet house and my family.

I vote all mothers get days like this once in a while. I feel incredible.


No relation whatsoever…

I had a pretty horrendous night last night. I never quite got to the point of officially sleeping. I rolled over constantly and kind of just dozed all night. That being said, my head is tired and can’t produce a witty, thought out post. So I will simply put up the pictures I took throughout the day and tell you why! Sound good? Good.

IMG_4127Yup, this is one of our kitchen chairs. I think we have seven of them, but some are dismantled, and some are too icky to be used. I just booked Brady and into an upholstery class, courtesy of Hiddenstitch. I’m sooo excited to get these redone and less “duct tape chic.” We’ll actually be able to seat more than three people at our table without having to put them on chairs that flatten beneath them.

IMG_4129Dekker was ready for the day sooner than the rest of us, so he sat on the bathroom counter with me to brush his teeth and while I did my makeup. I’ll admit that I’m kind of super nervous when he sits up there, but he’s never fallen off or gotten into any trouble. He digs away in my makeup bag, but hasn’t broken anything yet. It would be worth it if he did. I love having him to close, interested, and contained. I needed him close today. Drops didn’t go as well as yesterday, thats for sure, so I took his love as much as I could get it, when he wasn’t mad at me.

IMG_4130When we were leaving town, there was a little old lady trying to cross the street. However, whoever cleared the street had left a median of snow in the street, and she was struggling to get over the pile. So Brady helped the little old lady across the street. Awwwww!

IMG_4132Laela is officially growing out of stuff :*( It breaks my heart! I mean, it doesn’t. I’m happy she’s growing and healthy and doing her thing like she should, but her first pair of ruffle bum pants are too short. However, I apparently missed that memo when I dressed her…

IMG_4134I can never get my nail pictures to look super beautiful like other people do, but they actually look pretty cool! There is a really electric blue, grey, and a super sparkly silver. They’re a bit weirder than I usually do, but I like them! They’ll be fun for a while anyway. I may come out of tomorrow with weirdo new hair, so weird nails make sense.

Thats all I have for pictures today, so I’m gonna be done. I need a soak and an early night. Tomorrow, I’m getting my hair done at 9:30am, so I’ll have to leave just about an hour before that. And if you guys know me at all, you would know that I HATE early mornings and everything that comes with them – alarms, bad breath, cold weather, etc. But I’m going to get coffee and let my hair girl work her magic! Then, lunch with Jerilee, chiro with Dr Mike, Costco, and home. Almost a full day without having to do Dekker’s drops 😀 Best day ever!!!

Until next weekend, anyway. But we’ll talk more about that later. Sleep well!






On my own with surgery boy!

I have been very blessed to have someone out at our house every day since Dekker’s surgery. As I mentioned yesterday, I find putting his drops in really hard, and its been nice to have backup. The one day Brady was gone, I had my mom over. Today, I had to grow up and take care of the kidlets myself. Yes, I know I can take care of them on my own, surgery or not. Even putting drops in, at the most, that takes up like four minutes of the day. So I sent Brady off for a day of snowboarding. I get my break from the craziness we call “home” on Friday, so I figured he deserved a day away too.


When I got the littles up, Dekker probably did better with his drops than he probably ever has. I’m not sure why today was different, but he did better than expected. I mean, he still fought and cried, but eventually gave in and let it happen instead of me having to pin him down and struggle every second. Yay Dekker!

We spent the afternoon playing toys and building towers and having snacks. It was totally low key.

Drawing beside me on the recliner in "ni-night" position.
Drawing beside me on the recliner in “ni-night” position.


See how much better his eyes look? Fairly centred. Not perfect, but they’re still healing. And pink instead of blood red!!


You’d think he’s smiling for the camera here, but I actually just caught the first millisecond of a “Stop it!”


Throughout the day, I have also been researching what I want to do with my hair this next time. I’m getting it done on Friday. Since I’ve stuck with the blonde, I have to go in every two months-ish to get it retouched, and that is giving me the wiggle room to play with it a bit more than I used to. I found a new “one day” haircut. Not today, or anytime soon probably, but if I could have a haircut to try out, and then back out after a few days, I would go with this…


I LOVE this!! But I don’t know if I could pull it off, or take the time to style it constantly. But its pretty rockin’. I’ve never sported anything like it.

Brady was home around 4:30 with Tims. Did you guys notice that the roll up cups have two spots to roll up this time?! We only noticed it today, so hopefully we didn’t throw a car away!

We got Dekker up, fed us supper, and then went downstairs to build some towers. Brady built this one, but it was all Dekker’s idea. And as you can see, he was pretty proud of it!


Now, baby boy is in bed, baby girl is drinking her milk and is on her way out, and our bath is run and bubbly and waiting! Gonna spend tomorrow at my parents’ house, having a totally relaxed day while getting out of the house at the same time. Goodbye cabin fever!