The Three Bears

The kids all woke up fairly early this morning. Ok, it was early for us. Maybe 7:30. Brady decided to sneak them downstairs and let me sleep in, which is SUCH a lovely gesture, but I woke up pretty quickly and didn’t fall back to sleep. My loving husband would have likely been more than fine with me hiding out in bed for a while, watching some YouTube, and getting extra rest, whether I was sleeping or not, but I wanted to join the fam for our usual breakfast and playtime.

Except this morning, our children were three bears. And not like the cute story where the three bears only whine a little bit over the temperature of their breakfasts. Our kids were BEARS this morning. They were very complainy. But we’ve had our kids be whiny before, its nothing new, so we powered through. We fed them a bit more to ensure they weren’t hangry, we entertained them and played a bit more hands on with them to make sure they weren’t bored, we broke out the laundry because they like having a task to do. Nothing worked. They just hated everything.

So finally we decided that everyone, even Dekker, needed a nap. So they ate (Dekker ate quite mournfully) and finally we brought them to bed.

It was one of those really choppy, unsuccessful naps. Dekker fell asleep immediately, but Laela didn’t. She finally fell asleep after a BIG cry, that of course, woke Dekker. Then we went to get him up, and since Laela had fallen asleep way too late, we had to wake her up a short time later. Needless to say, the kids were not well rested, and were just as grouchy as they had been in the morning.

But we kept our heads up and kept at it, like every parent with whiny kids does, and they did ok. We had company over for supper tonight, and amazingly enough, Dekker loved the honey chicken! He always does, but usually, he fights it in the beginning. This time, he just ate it happily! Laela was a bit more sceptical, but she ate around the chicken and ended up finishing most of her rice anyway. And she ate lots of cucumbers out of her salad. So it was a pretty successful meal. The kids then played downstairs and watched Paw Patrol while we visited with our guests, but they left right around 7:30, and the kids needed to go down.

Brady praised them up and down for changing their attitudes and being SO good and playing SO well while we visited, but it fell on deaf ears. Not just the kids deaf ears, but ours, as we couldn’t hear anything over their unbelievably loud wailing. Needless to say, it was time for bed.

Through lots of tears and arguing, the big ones are fast asleep, and Rowan is wildly overtired, so not sleeping yet, but he’s whiny and on his way out. And then for a soak for Brady and I. And then to bed. We are sleepy after being on our toes all day long. Time to give those feet a rest.

Bday Partay!

We stayed in this morning. We could have branched out and went to church, but we had a plan at 4pm that we wanted everyone to be rested for. We kept a really low profile and spent the morning playing toys, talking Christmas, and eating oranges. After lunch, we put Laela and Rowan down for naps, and Dekker stayed up and played quietly. It was a really uneventful day up until that point.

Around 2:00, everyone started to lull and we got moving. We all got cleaned up and dressed and ready to go. Dekker insisted I put “some stuff” in his hair, specifically, and Laela rocked the side pony, which is basically one of my favorite things.

Hailey’s youngest son, Zaden, turned three today! We arrived at his party near the beginning of the festivities, as we tend to try to do. Not out of politeness and being on time, necessarily, but so the kids can settle in a bit before the actual party begins. We weren’t there long at all before the place began to fill. There were SO many people! It was a fabulous group, though. It wasn’t long before all of the kids, including Dekker and Laela, went downstairs and played together. We were amazed that they joined in, not because the kids weren’t great (they are!) but they were quite a loud, boisterous bunch, and there were lots of them! While we were surprised they went down with everyone, we weren’t surprised that they came back up after not too long. But they weren’t upset, and they went back and forth between the basement, and upstairs with the adults.

We ate pizza and drank iced tea and had a super yummy cake for dessert. It was all delicious. We left Hailey’s house in complete shambles, but she seemed to have expected such a thing, and brushed it off. It was a crazy, loud, energetic, busy, FABULOUS couple of hours before we headed out. We all had a really really lovely time, but it had to end at some point.

We made a quick stop for milk and headed home. Dekker slept most of the drive home, but was a total basket case once we got home. Our kids usually wake up well and are ready to go, even if we wake them up, but he was right ticked. Honestly, it wasn’t that off putting even, because we knew he was ready for more sleep. So everyone got their teeth brushed, and went right to bed.

Good night, sweeties. Rest up well.

A Day That Felt Wasted

Don’t get me wrong. We didn’t have much planned for the day to begin with. We wanted to have a relaxed morning, and then I was going to spend the afternoon being a bit creative and Christmassy, and Brady was going to do some repairs on his van that we learned of during his last tire rotation.

We had our morning, which was nice, but the afternoon was a different story. Brady discovered very quickly that while his brakes are worn, they are NOT even close to needing to be changed. Same with the calliper he was going to replace. Praise the Lord he didn’t actually install anything and we’ll be able to get our money back. But he had to bleed the brake lines and fuss with a few things like that, just from digging around and figuring it all out. Also, he had pulled two tires off and had the van up on cinder blocks. All normal things for vehicle maintenance, but a super pain when – surprise! – the vehicle didn’t actually require any. So his afternoon felt like a loss. I, on the other hand, had an afternoon of disconcerting phone calls and kids who didn’t nap well, so my crafternoon was also lost.

We fed the kids a supper they loved and didn’t complain about at all, which is always a treat. We were away from the table for a few minutes and upon returning, we found Dekker cleaning up some milk that Laela had spilled, all by himself, without being asked. What a fabulous boy! We praised him up big time. He was SO proud of himself, and rightfully so. Then we spent some good solid time with them downstairs before bedtime. We could really tell we hadn’t been the most present parents today, and we wanted to change that before they went to bed tonight.

They are now tucked in and feel more than ready to turn in for the night ourselves! But first – supper. I’ve felt so off all day, I haven’t eaten since breakfast. Its time.

FINALLY The Tree is Up!

I’ve been saying for several days now that we’re going to decorate the Christmas tree, but this afternoon, we FINALLY did it! This is our first year with an artificial tree. We’ve always used real trees, which I have loved, but their one downfall is that I have to wait until a ways into December before I can put one up! So we rocked a fake tree this year, and while I love having it up early, I admit that I’m a bit sad that it doesn’t look the same. Our tree is gorgeous! Its lush and very real looking, but its not the little charlie brown tree that I’m used to. Its darker. Weirdly, I think it’ll be an adjustment for me to love it. But either way, I know I should just be very thankful I have it at all 🙂 I love having the Christmas tree up.

Other than that, we did the rest of our Christmas decorating. Its not much at all, considering we’re trying to sell the house and have to be ready for a showing at a moments notice. The less clutter the better, always. But we did the few things we had decided one, and besides that, we’re just trying to keep our poinsettias alive. Easy peasy, and festive.

We had a SUPER yummy supper of potatoes and this delicious lemon pepper fish from Costco (that I haven’t been able to find in ages) and now we are tired and sluggish and ready for bed. Rowan has been having a rough go on his milk today, since he can’t breathe and all, so we’re hoping he takes after his siblings and sleeps his sickness off rather than waking up a hundred and one times in the night. He looks sleepy to me!

Now that our tree is up, it looks more Christmassy out here 🙂 When can I wrap presents for under the tree?! I’m so ready!!!

Christmas Shopping 2015

We spent all day today Christmas shopping! I always look forward to this day, yet it usually looks different. Brady and I often do at least a chunk of it kid-free, but we didn’t have that option until much later into December, and I’m already feeling SO behind this season! So we got everyone pumped up about the day ahead, threw them all into their new winter jackets (because it was SO COLD today!) and got on the road mid-morning.

I’ve got to say, we CRUSHED it today!! We got everywhere we wanted to, cleared the list of things that we were hoping to accomplish today, and we did it in good time with great attitudes from everyone involved! Clearly someone was praying for us today, because MAN!, it could have been different, with three of us under the weather. It was a huge success, and Brady and I both feel like it was an incredibly smooth day.

I know its weird to talk about money, and I don’t much care to, but if you’ve been following me for any length of time really, you’ll know that we do a little savings thing through the year so that, regardless of Brady’s work load, we don’t have to be broke over Christmas. By the end of October, we’ve saved roughly $1500, and that is meant to cover Christmas, top to bottom, whatever we need it for. Coats, gas to visit family, gifts, seasonal coffee, you name it, it counts. Well, we don’t have any huge plans for this year, so in the beginning of the day, we deposited $1000 of it into our account, right back into savings. So we ran our day on $500, straight cash. And I am THRILLED to say we easily stayed within that amount. We have over $100 left!! Plus, $100 was spent on Christmas tree lights, food, a few little groceries we just needed, coffee, etc. So its not as though we went hog wild on gifts. There is still a bit of shopping left to do, but I feel very happy with the outcome thus far 🙂 We’re almost done, and have spent a small amount of what we saved. Its nice to know that a bunch will stay in our savings. It always feels good entering a new year with extra savings, right?

The kids were patient and pleasant, and we only had a small number of whiny moments. We could tell at one point that the kids were fading, so we drove thru at McDonalds for drinks and a treat. The kids just wanted water, so we got them each a cup of water, free small coffees for Brady, and four of their new soft baked chocolate chip cookies. We paid $2.10 for that snack, and let me tell you! Get in on those cookies! Ours were hot and melty and delicious! For $0.50, you can’t go wrong!

We got home around 6:00pm, so the kids got their supper decently late. We felt bad putting them to bed at 7:00 when they’d slept the whole drive home, and then ate so late. They were so energized! So we asked them if they’d like to stay up a little bit later and they were both SO happy! They seemed to accept bedtime pretty well when it was time, and now everyone is tucked in. Are we are tuckered out! Lol!

Supper and a soak are in order. I’m chilled through and through, and my tummy is growling. But I feel weirdly refreshed. Its been a great day! Now to wrap presents and get everything else started! Hopefully I’ll start some baking soon!

The Sick Cycle

Laela has had a runny nose for a day or two, but she’s been a chipper little girl regardless of it. Yesterday evening, we put all of the kids down at the normal time, right around 7:00pm. Rowan fell asleep, but was in and out like crazy until about 8:30 when he seemed to break. When we went to him, he was snotty and dry coughing and a big sloppy sick mess.

After an incredibly interesting night, to say the least, I woke up with a sore throat and a slightly runny nose as well. Brady and Dekker are still in the clear, but as a family of five, we know how the cycle works. No one is safe.

Brady had a morning meeting, so he went to that on his own. Then he snagged some Tims for us, and dug our Christmas decorations out of the storage container. It was good to have him home and start doing the very beginning of Christmas decorating. Unfortunately, we discovered that we threw away the majority of our tree lights when we packed our decor up to put into the container. It makes sense. Most of the strands were pretty pathetic, and need to be replaced, but I wish I had remembered! Because of that, we couldn’t decorate our tree. But we did set up a cute little display that I started last year that we really like. Just some little mismatched trees on a ledge above our stairs. No big deal, but I like it anyway.


We didn’t accomplish too much on top of that. If you know me at all, you’ll know that, if I feel at all under the weather or strained in some way, I get chilled. I have been frozen for a good half day now, and I know I’m not the only one. Plus, we’ve all got to be ready for tomorrow! We’re going Christmas shopping tomorrow!!! Its going to be lots of fun, and LOTS of everything, haha! Going with our three kids will be an interesting dynamic, but I’m excited to give it a go anyway 🙂 This evening, Brady and I made a list of all of the places we need to hit, which ones we’ll rather order from, where we’ll go if we can’t find what we’re looking for at the first place, etc. We have our cash that we slowly save throughout the year so we don’t have to feel broke at Christmas, and I got it all organized and ready to go so we can hopefully pay for all of our Christmas gifts in cash! Something about that feels awesome 🙂 Though counting the nickles and dimes out makes me feel like an old lady 🙂 Its ok. Old ladies are onto something with that, I’m sure.

Hopefully the fam sleeps well and is all feeling well tomorrow! I feel so behind already with Christmas shopping, I’m determined that tomorrow will be a success!

Reflux is a Biiiiit of a Problem

We took Rowan in to speak to his doctor today. As I’ve mentioned, his meds are helping him east better, for sure, but he’s begun fighting his morning bottle again. However, less than an hour after he refuses that morning bottle, he wants it so badly. I think he’s waking up and feeling refluxy because his meds aren’t lasting through the night, so when they finally kick in, he’s starving.

I mentioned it to my doctor and she was more than willing to figure out his top dose. She figured out how many mg/kg he was allowed to take, and bumped his dose up! He’s allowed to take up to 3 mls 2x a day, which is twice what he’s been taking. Obviously we won’t go all the way to the top immediately, but I’m confident now with how much he can have, and I can start experimenting with going higher in doses and see what works. Of course, as his tummy muscles get stronger and he gets more mobile and eats more solid food, we’ll ween him off of it all. But not yet. He’s in that in-betweener stage where he just needs some extra help. We all do sometimes.

After his appointment, we grabbed lunch and waited for Brady to run into work for a quick 20 minutes to throw on a basement hand rail. We picked up some parts for Bradys van and then made our way to Dr. Mike’s office. Brady and I both needed adjustments so the whole clan joined the party. Dr. Mike never ever seems bothered by the crew. He walked around and adjusted Brady while delicately stepping over Rowan, who was rolling himself around the room. He talked with Dekker and even teased him a bit and rubbed his head. I know thats small, but I LOVE that interaction. Part of it is because I can see how far Dekker has come, and how not too long ago, he would have flipped his lid if someone touched his head or addressed him even. But I love it even more because Dr. Mike has gotten that reaction from Dekker, and has still persisted to have a bit of a camaraderie with him, and its paid off! Dekker really likes him! So as usual, it was a good appointment.

When we were just on our way out of town, we saw on FB that a friend was needing some drywall mud to finish a reno, so since we were already in the city, we grabbed some and brought it over to save them a trip. It was actually really fun to go walk through their house and see their plans and progress and everything they’d dreamed up!! What a vast improvement that is going to be for their home! It was just fun to be part of the excitement for the fifteen minutes that we were there. I can’t wait to see the end result!

We drove home with 2/3 kids sleeping in the van, while the little miss worked tirelessly to wake them. Upon arriving home, we pulled out the winter gear that we bought the kids at the end of the season last year to see if it fit. Dekkers jacket is definitely a bit oversized, but a nice long coat never hurt a little boy. Laela actually had two new sets. She’ll rock the 2T this winter and likely be up to the 3T next year. The 3T is SO much cuter, but I didn’t know she’d stay so petite! Live and learn, I guess. And we didn’t try Rowans stuff on him because he was “out of sorts,” we’ll say, but its 12-18 months, which is exactly what he’s wearing now, so I’m sold on it. They’re all so cute in their new stuff, and they all love it. Win!

We finally put up the tree, but all of our decoration are in our storage container, so that will come another day. We ate pulled pork for supper that had been cooking all day, which was delicious, and then the kids went down pretty soon after. Everyone was trashed, but in a good way, I think. Hopefully a good nights rest will be just the right thing for everyone, and tomorrow will be another lovely day. Brady has a morning meeting, but then hopefully he’ll snag our decorations on the drive home and we can get on some of that. The kids are so ready for the festivities to begin!!

And so I am. I love Christmas 🙂

It was a really good day. I’m feeling very thankful.

Kim and The Boys

I had a very strange, anxious, difficult night last night, and I woke up feeling a little bit under the weather. However, I was so thrilled to have Brady home today, and to be having Kim and her kids over for the day! It was a pick me up after my unpleasant night! I don’t remember the last time their crew made their way out here for a playdate that wasn’t related to a birthday party! Things just keep coming up. Sickness, weather, you name it, its interfered with our plans. But today was in stone! Despite my crappy night and her youngest sons MAD teething and their super early morning, we were determined.

I’m glad we were. It was so nice to just be in each others space, and get caught up in visiting. The kids were great, and pretty much entertained themselves and each other. They played with those Wendys links and Duplo, and watched some Chuggington and Paw Patrol. We ate a yummy lunch and kept the conversation moving. But it was finally time, after her three year old passed out on the couch, for them to haul out and head home.

I’ll admit that I fell asleep on the recliner not too long after they left, but not because they were a handful or anything. My restless night just caught up with me and I dozed a little bit. As we occasionally do, we opted to feed the kids and just eat after they go to bed. Dekker ate like a champ, but Laela didn’t eat too much. Rowan had roughly half an egg, which is great for him! He really enjoyed it today. But the kids were trashed incredibly early, and at 6:30, they’re already tucked away for the night. Hopefully they use the early bedtime to their advantage and have good long rests. I sure plan to use it to my advantage and sleep better tonight!

First, though, supper with Brady. I’m hungry.

Em’s Bday

Today was had the opportunity to go to the Childrens Discovery Museum before it technically opened for the day. Kim had booked it for two hours before opening for her oldest sons birthday party. I had never been, and honestly, I didn’t know it existed.

We arrived shortly before 10:00am in an effort to let the kids warm up a bit before everyone else arrived. We were pleasantly surprised when they dove right in and played without looking back. Laela found a dolly (“goggy”) and Dekker threw on a reflective vest and hardhat, and worked with the pylons. He loves a good ‘struction zone. Everyone started piling in, and our kids seemed totally fine with it. Brady and I sat and visited with the other parents and watched Rowan breakdance on the floor. It was nice to get reacquainted with the friends we had met at the last birthday party, and meet a few other friends. Kim and Aarons parents were all in attendance, so it was nice to put names to faces that way too. (PS I don’t think I’ll ever picture your dad without a beard. He looks great! He should always have one.)

We did some singing and eating and gift opening before the kids could no longer be contained and went back to playing while they still had some time. It was a loud, uproarious, laughter-filled event. I can confidently say that every kid had an absolute blast, including the birthday boy.

We left right around noon and headed for lunch. After a quick bite to eat, we dropped by Costco to get a refill of Rowans prescription, and then drove home. The kids didn’t nap at all, and we didn’t get home until around 3:00, so it was too late for naps. So its now bedtime, and everyone is SO ready!

I’ll close the blog off with a few cute pictures from the party. I apologize in advance. I know some people see them flip flopped or upside down or just wrong in general. They are showing up correctly on my laptop but obviously not everywhere. We’ll be calling Bluehost tomorrow to see whats going on, so if they’re wrong, just use your imaginations 😉

Dekker and Aaron building Mr Potato Head together. I assume he was on a coffee break from his ‘struction job.
In all of his gear
Fitting in with all of the boys
But doing her little girl thing as well 😉 This girl is SUCH a little mommy.
Enjoying birthday cake and juice before heading back to the races! Dekker LOVED his Paw Patrol mask, tho he did ask a few times why the puppy didn’t have legs.
Aaaaand we just thought we looked nice today, so we took a couply selfie <3
Aaaaand we just thought we looked nice today, so we took a couply selfie <3

Morning Spent With Sisters

I really had a fabulous morning. So rarely do I get to spend time with my sisters, as we all live in different provinces, but today, I spent a good chunk of time texting with both my sister, Caitlin, and my sister in law, Grace. I think I can honestly say that we don’t talk too terribly often. Its not due to a lack of love or interest, but we just all lead super busy lives. Sometimes I’ve felt like my life is the boring one, haha, but its actually been incredibly busy recently, and there is no difference with my sisters, thats for sure! Everyone has lots going on, and the conversation was flowing easily. My gosh, I miss those girls.

I will see Caitlin at Christmas, which is probably one of the most anticipated events, if I’m being honest. I likely won’t see Gracey until May or June, but our texting relationship has grown, and I feel nice and close to her, even though we’re far away in actuality.

This morning just felt a little bit like we were all hanging out together 🙂 which I love. Hopefully it can happen in person in the Spring or Summer. I can’t wait! I miss you girls!