My Hummingbird

I stepped outside my front door a couple of days ago to take a picture for a photo group I’m part of. I was standing on my step, trying to get a good angle when I got so startled, I just about lost my balance. One of those huge flying grasshoppers was coming at me. It literally went around me, bounced off the side of the house, and flew away.

It gave me the willies. Like the full on shivers.

Once it was gone, I tried again to take the picture I came for. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that sucker flying around again. Rather than jumping out of my skin and racing back into my house, I took a step back and just leaned against the house to watch it go. I didn’t know grasshoppers could stay in the air for so long!

It wasn’t a grasshopper.

It was a hummingbird.

A tiny little grey bird flying madly around my entrance.

And for whatever reason, I just started to cry. I was struck SO HARD with emotion seeing that little hummingbird, who seemed to just drop in for a little visit. I have never seen a hummingbird at our house before. Never ever. But that wasn’t enough of a reason to cry.

I don’t want to make something up that isn’t there, and I don’t want to suggest that this was necessarily a “sign” if it wasn’t. But who am I to limit God? For whatever reason, this teeny little hummingbird brought me to tears of all kinds. In that moment, I felt sorrow, and excitement, and comfort, and release. I can’t tell you why.

All this being said, you’d better believe we’re going to be getting a hummingbird feeder next season! Any information or tips would be appreciated, because we are NOT bird people. But it turns out at least I am a hummingbird person, for some unknown reason. I’m going to embrace that, and at the very least, I’m going to try to bring some beautiful little birds to our house, just because.