Dekker’s First Day of School

It officially happened. Dekker went to his first day of school today. He was itching with excitement to get there all morning! I wanted to ask questions and take pictures, and he would pacify me with a lovely, patronizing smile, and then say “Can we go to school now?”




IMG_0015 IMG_0022


If only dropping him off had gone a bit smoother :/ He liked walking around the rooms and seeing all of the toys and stations set up. I could tell he was anticipating the trucks and books and wooden blocks. However, when it was time to sit at his spot at the table, he got really nervous and upset. Dekker is VERY obedient, but when he gets in that fearful place once in a while, he panics, and absolutely will not follow what I say. Will. Not. His teacher came and offered some comfort, but he was very clear that he was “really really nervous” and “too shy.” Finally, his teacher offered him her hand and said it was time for everyone to go have circle time. He reached for me instead, and she intercepted his hand and lead him over. His brow was furrowed, but he didn’t look back at us. is teacher turned around and whispered “I’ll text you.”

And she did. Within the hour, she sent us four pictures of him playing, and said he settled in nice and quickly after we left. That he was talking and singing along to the songs. I am so thrilled, because I KNEW he would love it as soon as he gave it a chance, and I’m glad he did. What a relief!

So. Dekker is five,  and starting school. I don’t have a cool sign, or app to make a picture with, but here are his details!!

September 6th, 2016
45 lbs
41″ tall
Future occupation: digger
Favorite toy: Lego and links
Favorite vehicle: Excavator
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite food: (and I quote) “All of the meals you guys make are my favorites. All the food.”
Favorte show: Paw Patrol & Octonauts
Favorite friend: Rowan (lol!)
Most exciting thing about going to school: The playground

I’m already anticipating asking him these questions at the end of the year 🙂 I expect a lot of growth and change. My little boy is officially growing up!


So nice that the teacher texted you! After a rocky drop off, it’s always nice to have that assurance! What a big and exciting day for all of you. Sara starts on Thursday!


I love that she wanted to help him settle in, and also to reassure us that he was happy 🙂 It really helped a ton. I hope Sara’s first day goes super smoothly!