What We’re All Busy With

Our family has been bustling this week more than usual. Its been a big week, but leading up to a great trip makes it totally worth it!

Brady has been working 12 hour days the last two days. It’ll be a shorter work day today, but he has physio after work, so he’ll get home around the same time anyway. I don’t love these super long days, and I know I’ve been spoiled by Brady having a flexible schedule, making it easier for him to be home earlier than the average working person. Still, we miss him around here. But physio cannot be missed if its at all possible. He won’t be able to go in for it while we’re gone at the lake, obviously, but they’re actually making progress on his injury and we aren’t going to stop! I’m feeling hopeful, and I think he is too.

Solly has been teething SO HARD these days, and is SO busy with that, haha! It means his mood can go a number of different ways. Sometimes he’s just plain sad and overtired, crying and crying and crying. Sometimes he is only happy if he’s eating, like yesterday, when he’d wake up from night or nap and want food instantly. And I do mean instantly. Check out his blanket lines! He had JUST woken up.

The other kids have been beautifully busy with being in baby mode!! The prime toys right now are two little dollies that Laela has, plus two little bottles I’ve received in the mail as samples over the last while. They are fully preparing to help with their new sibling, and its really a sweet thing to witness. While they fight over the dolls constantly, I love seeing them take their dolly off to wherever, and hold it properly (sometimes), and feed it, burp it, and then “put it to bed.” Its wonderful.

I’ve been busy with getting ready for the lake! I’ve been making lists, trying to complete jobs around the house, organize a handful of things including a bunch of things that will be going on in our house while we’re away. Yikes, there is just SO much swirling around in my head!! Yesterday and today, I raided the kids closets and grabbed every piece of clothing that we’ll need to bring for the lake, and its all up in my closet, waiting to be packed. If I thought my closet was full before, I had no idea what was to come! Haha! Kids need SO MANY CLOTHES for a lake trip, our closet is just bursting! Its great, though. I feel at least somewhat prepared.

Tonight I’ll duck out for a second attempt to get my legs waxed, and any last minute shopping I need to do, though I’m not sure there will even be any! Maybe just a quick in and out trip, but at least my legs will be ready for the lake. And my arms. And my eyebrows. Haha!

So this week has felt really busy, but I think it will all pay off in the end, and we will be as prepared for the lake as anyone really could be. I’m so so looking forward to our time away, to breathe in the fresh air, splash around in the water, blow bubbles, and eat ice cream every day. Being at the lake isn’t just about the actual lake 😉 Lake life, baby!! Two more days!

(As an aside, if you wander past our house and see people in it, they’re probably supposed to be there. Lol!)

*whispers* Its Working!

You know those things that you work so hard for and sometimes it just feels like you’re the only one listening? Or that you’re just going in circles? Thats sometimes how I feel in my parenting, and I’m sure there are lots of people who can relate to this. I have to remind myself that my kids are kids and they actually do need to be reminded about certain things 500 times before they’ll actually absorb that that particular rule isn’t dependant on anything, and that it is always a rule. But before they actually absorb that, it is a constant run around to drill these things into their heads. It takes a lot of work. Parenting is simply not for the faint of heart. Is there anything that specifically is for the faint of heart? Might be nice to sign up for something like that on the side…

Today, I had not one win, but TWO!!! One win is enough to help me breathe a little easier, and its a good reminder that I’m not just talking for no reason, but that things are absorbing and they actually are listening. They went like this.

Dekker was getting after Rowan about bringing him a toy that he didn’t want. Something like that, anyway. Something super minimal. After two reminders from me to speak politely to Rowan, Dekker was not listening, and was just giving Ro heck. I finally went over to them and I asked Dekker to go take a breather in his room. Not a time out, but a break. A break that he could dictate when he was ready to come out and be friendly again. Just a moment to regroup. Sometimes, they go smoothly, and sometimes he wails out his woes for quite some time. It depends on the day. Today, he came out almost too quickly. As in I almost sent him back in, just to make sure he was for sure ready. But he surfaced beside me in the kitchen and told me he was ready to come out and be with us again. I asked if he was sure, and he said he was. I gave him a hug and said I was glad he was back, and was about to get back to making salad dressings when he piped up, and said “You were right, too.” I asked what I was right about, and he said “I think I really was mean to Rowan. I’ll go ‘pologize.” And he did! They had a hug and Rowan apologized back (because he is more Canadian than the other kids) and playing commenced. I thought that was pretty awesome!!

Laela was bucking the system at lunch. Its not unlike her. She is just not much of an eater unless she is SUPER interested in the food. Otherwise, she could take it or leave it, but most often, she’d leave it. That was lunch. I asked her at one point to take another bite of her food, and she glared at me and basically smacked her food against her mouth, faking a bite. Right away, I reminded her to check her attitude and remember to be respectful. No answer. I asked her again to take a real bite, which was met with “I just caaaaan’t.” I basically told her that if she wasn’t going to eat any lunch, she’d have to take a nap. And again with the smacking of the food against her mouth. So I hauled her into her bed for a taste of naptime. She wailed and wailed. I gave her a few minutes to calm down and stop crying, and then I stuck my head in and asked if she would rather sleep or eat lunch. Lunch, she chose. When she plopped down at her spot, she was smiling happily and told me she was really hungry. She ate without issue or complaint. When she was done, she thanked me and asked to leave the table. As she carried her dishes to the sink, she told me “I was sooo hungry! I’m sorry I fighted with you!” I forgave her, obviously, and our day has continued to roll on.

The last little comments my kids made to me in these scenarios helped me see that they’re actually understanding. I don’t desire to just control my kids, but I want them to learn right from wrong. And I think its working!! They offered up more information than I had asked for, and it confirmed that they knew what they had done. An apology that I don’t have to ask for is the best kind, and a lesson recognized that I don’t have to push down their throats is so much more satisfying.

This part of today just feels like a win. I promise I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but Dekker and Laela should be allowed to!! They’re exceptional. I mean they ALL are, but this one is specifically about these two. GREAT JOB, DEKKER AND LAELA!

Cleaning Morning

We had a bit of a nutty evening yesterday. We hauled everyone into the city for a bit of a later errand run, and accomplished almost nothing off of our list. My one appointment fell through, but we blew past it and decided it was ok, and we’d go do our grocery shop instead. But for the first time in years, we got to the grocery store, and decided to just skip it and go home because Solly was screeeaaaming and would absolutely not be pacified by anything. Literally, not a thing. Food, drinks, meds, snuggles, taking him out of his car seat, nothing. He wailed and wailed and would not be comforted. So our trip to the city was mostly a bust, with the small uppers being that we ducked in on Jerilee’s place to say hi, and that I got to pick up one of the makeup items I decided to purchase with my birthday money! Woot!

I’ll admit that I was pretty wiped out after that wildly unsuccessful trip into the city, and fell asleep very tired and discouraged. We REALLY had needed a productive evening and it was a total bust.

I woke up quite tired, as I have been lately, but the kids were in happy moods and got their breakfast together easily. I didn’t realize right away, but halfway through breakfast I realized the floor was covered in cereal. SUCH a mess. As in much worse of a cereal/breakfast mess than usual. I asked if they had been throwing cereal or how they had made such a big mess, and while neither Dekker or Laela would tell me what happened, they both insisted they would clean it up. And really, if they’re going to clean it up, why worry, right?

Once breakfast was over, Dekker ran for the vacuum and eagerly waited while I got Solly out of his spot and dumped out both high chairs. Its amazing how much those things hold! Wow! Tell me it isn’t just us, lol! I moved the high chairs away from the table and asked Laela if she would move the other chairs. I know Dekker is the master of the vacuum, but I’ve been trying to find a job that is specifically for Laela while Dekker is vacuuming, and I thought she could move the chairs. As expected, Dekker dove into that job as well and moved a bunch as well. Then he began vacuuming and Laela ran off to play with Rowan. I caught her on her way out, though, and reminded her that the bulk of the mess was actually quite obviously from her, and she needed to do her part in cleaning up. Right away, she agreed and asked what she should do.

That was how she ended up wiping down all of the dining chairs and high chairs with lysol wipes!

She loved the job, and worked on chairs the entire time Dekker vacuumed, which was a pretty long job. Sure, neither result was perfect, but I don’t expect perfection from myself, and by default, and definitely don’t require it from my kids. They’re kids, for crying out loud! Lol! But they did GREAT, and while they have such beautiful giving hearts and a desire to help, I want to nurture and encourage that the best way I can. So I think this may be something of a new normal.

Now to just think of a regular daily-ish job for Rowan. Hmmm. I’ve read lots of ideas for young kids but so few of them are regular, daily jobs. Anyone have any ideas? Please throw them out there!!

Regardless of whether or not Ro has something to do, I loved the teamwork and the happy attitudes this morning. I swear, they were happier to work and do a job for me than they usually are to play with their toys. It was lovely!

Thank you SO much for all you do, kids!!! You made it a great morning!

Expecting the Best: 14 Weeks

Yesterday, I realized that 14 weeks was coming up here, but it still feels like I’m in my first trimester, haha! I feel a bit trapped in the bad cycle of sleepless nights, fitful rest, drowsy medication, and nausea. They all affect each other and I don’t really have any control in the matter. As we close in on our lake trip (we leave on Saturday) I am really really hoping for some renewal in my body, and that soon, the nauseous part of my pregnancy will be gone. With that, the drowsy meds can go, and then I can have more energy during the day, as well as hopefully some more restful sleeps that aren’t altered my medication. I have high hopes for some relief at the lake. Just wish me luck as I prepare for the lake. We have SUCH a crazy week ahead, with so many unpredictable things and so many preparations to make. Yikes yikes yikes.

Size/Comparison: Apparently, the baby is the size of a beet! That’s pretty decent! I recognize that the sizes of beets can vary but frankly, the other comparison I found was that the baby is roughly the size of a house mouse. Sooooo I’m going with beets. Because gross. Though I also dislike beets. But not as much as I dislike mice.

How am I feeling mentally: I feel some relief in regards to the baby. I see my tummy continue to grow and I’ve watched my body shift and change. I used to have tighter stomach muscles, sure, and I’d show later. But I’m thankful to see the progress and the changes. I’m so happy that I can’t finally feel that good uterus bump when I’m laying down first thing in the morning. It has helped my sanity greatly. Other than that, I was able to encourage another mother today, just a little bit, over Facebook. I don’t know her personally, but she recently lost a baby into her second trimester, and is just aching to be pregnant again. While our situations are obviously different, I know that feeling of so desperately wanting to be pregnant again. Its almost taboo to say it, for fear that those around you will think you’re trying to replace the baby you lost, or that you’re just blowing past it. But I KNOW that ache so so well. The ache for your lost baby doesn’t go away when you get pregnant again. It changes, though, and it feels separate somehow. At least to me, it does. I will always ache for my baby Theo. But I also am anticipating my little papoose with the utmost excitement and attention. I am more ready for this baby than I think I’ve ever been. So my heart still hurts, that hasn’t stopped, but my confidence continues to grow, and I have peace. On a completely different note about mental health, I think my hormones are starting to level out. Woot! Its about time! I’ve been hard to live with for a while now, hahaha! Seriously though…

How am I feeling physically: TIRED. My nausea is under control but it isn’t gone yet. And my boobs still hurt. What gives, Hailey’s body?? I am starting to slowly feel a bit more like myself, so I’m thankful for the small bit of progress. Definitely can’t be picky! Like I said, I just need more sleep. Better sleep. Then I think healing will really come!

Appointments: Nope. I’ll have an appointment a week after we come back from the lake. But I did have a phone chat with my doctor the other day. I had asked her a question in my appointment and she had wanted to run it by a group of doctors in a meeting. It was about eating fish, haha! Of all the little “rules” that us pregnant ladies are supposed to follow, I know the fish one is actually somewhat legit. My love for a good tuna melt has grown over the last couple of years and I wanted to ask her just how serious the limits were. Sadly, while its not like some hard fast rule, its recommended to eat even LESS fish than it used to be!! Seriously, at MOST two tuna melts a month. Its such a bummer 🙁 I love fish. SUCH a bummed. Sooooo if anyone goes fishing and wants to share/sell off some of their catch, please let me be the first to know! Because I’m definitely allowed to have more of that, and less of the humungous fish like tuna. Help a hungry prego out!

Buys/Wish List: I bought our unborn baby an amber necklace, hahaha! Its WAY too early in the game to buy it, I know, but one that I’ve always had my eye on but has never been in stock when I’m looking was finally available!! Also, I always end up having to buy one thats slightly longer than I’d like, and this one I could actually get in a shorter, more baby-ish size. Sooo I snagged it. Also, if you remember from last week, I bought maternity shorts to last me through summer. I’m happy to report they’re SO comfy and fit great and I’m super happy with them 🙂 Wins for me!

How are the kids feeling: They’re good 🙂 They’ve been playing with Laela’s dollies a lot these days, wrapping them and taking turns caring for them. I’m really excited to see what bringing another baby home will look like for them. I think they’ll be super helpers, and very involved. Hopefully in a good way, haha!

The BEST thing about being pregnant this week: Honestly, it seems dumb, but my favorite part of this week was feeling my real bump and knowing my baby’s house is growing. That brought so much relief, as I’ve been anticipating it. I know it seems like a weird thing to want and to wait for, but its always been a constant for me, and I’ve been anxious for it to make its appearance. I hope it keeps growing!

Anything else: Just a heads up, next weeks series post is going to be bumped by a day. I don’t mean to keep changing it up on you guys. It’ll just be different next week, but I have something very important to post about on August 7th. Sorry for the change.

Pictures: The bumpity bump…

Its definitely visible to me, and I know it changes throughout the day, depending on when I’ve eaten or not eaten or peed or not peed. Actually, its crazy how much bigger I am when I have to pee!! Anyone else experience that? Its nuts!

Thats it, thats all, guys! Wish me luck in the week to come! I think its going to be a bit insane, but hopefully that means it’ll go quickly. Whatever gets me to the lake faster, I’m on board for!! But first, a bit of running around today, delivering a couple of things, and getting my legs waxed. Let’s see if I can get through that appointment without fainting. Sigh.

It is my birthday.

Office reference, anyone? Please don’t let me be the only one!

It is my birthday. Aging feels so strange. I have all year to prepare for the official switch over to another year, but my late twenties have been interesting. As in, they’ve felt peculiar. I’m not suggesting life is any more interesting for me than anyone else, but I think like a lot of people, I’m hesitant to age, and to see my twenties go. I can’t decide whether I feel old or young, accomplished or stalled, or whether those things even matter or not. Lots of feelings. Lots of self reflection.

I don’t plan to go super deep in today’s post. I can’t even figure out how I’m feeling, so trying to write it out would be completely fruitless. I’m not unhappy. I feel like I should put that out there. I’ve loved my years, and I love where I find myself as I’m officially through twenty-nine years of life. I’ve felt that I’ve gone through a good heart shift in the last year or so, and while I am FAR from perfect (like far far) I feel like I’m a better person than I was a year ago. So even a little bit of progress counts as progress, right?

My day began early, with breakfast in bed, and some quiet Netflix before the kids woke up. I took my time doing my makeup and listening to music while the kids ate breakfast, and then I went down and spent the morning with my family. We ventured to my parents for lunch, as did my brother and his family, and we all feasted on yummy pizza and chips and berries and all kinds of delicious things. We had a BIG homemade birthday cake, with coffee, and chatted the afternoon away. It was lovely to all be together, and also fun, and also also delicious. Thank you, all, for coming and spending time with me. And thanks for the presents!!! Woot woot! Right up my alley!

We all headed home around 4:00, and our crew is suuuper low key, coming down from all the company and energy 🙂 Clifford is on tv and I’m online shopping with some of my birthday money. Woot! Its been a super lovely day and I’m very much anticipating a quiet evening among my favorite people!


Frustrated with my Body

I know I’m not allowed to be especially upset with my body. Trust me, I know, and I agree. My body has done some amazing things, and I am incredibly grateful for it. Its strong, and capable, and hasn’t failed me too terribly often. But, flesh does fail. I’m human, and my body is imperfect. But I’ll admit to you guys that I put a decent amount of expectation on it, and I get incredibly discouraged when it fails.

I haven’t been private about the fact that I’m not sleeping well. I’ve never had this kind of struggle with sleep in pregnancy. Yes, pregnancy fatigue is a thing, I’ve been there. I am there. But these days, I fall asleep without issue, but my night goes one of two ways. One way is that I wake up shortly after falling asleep and spend most of the night half awake, wildly disoriented, and when I get up for the day, I’m completely out of it. The other way is that I actually sleep fairly deeply but I dream constantly. The dreams range from unsettling and nerve wracking to completely scary and shocking.

So last night, I finally had a good deep sleep, but it felt like I dreamt all night of my children being abducted. It. Was. Awful. A very very hard night to get up from. But I did, and I got everyone up for the day, because YAY! They were all in their beds. Win!

My mom is the most loving human to walk the earth, and offered to bring lunch over and eat with us. We ate a good meal, and I got the little boys down for their nap. Then, I left mom with the kids and I ran off to the city to get the side of my head re-shaved. It was a GOOD drive there, with GOOD music and GOOD fresh air.

I made it to my appointment, and my hair girl began. Probably 20 minutes in, I started to get whoozy. I blew past it, though, knowing I was sitting down and fine where I was. I just closed my eyes and rested. But it wasn’t getting better. I was wiping sweat off my face and seeing spots.

She walked me out and took a picture of my hair (because its beautiful, as always!!) and then helped me get to the bench, where I blacked out.


I got my bearings and everything was fine, but I decided to skip the couple of errands I needed to run and just go straight home. I was super discouraged.

I HATE when that kind of thing happens. Its not the first time something like this has happened at a weird, inopportune time. I often black out in waxing appointments when I’m further into a pregnancy when I’m laying down and the baby crushes my organs. I blacked out multiples times in a Dollarama in the same visit. That was a fun one. I blacked out while getting my nails painted once. And all the time at home, though I’m quicker to just sit down and get my dizziness under control before I actually fall. It just drives me completely up the wall!! I ate a good, hearty lunch. I drank water. I did everything right. My blood pressure isn’t even that low this time around, when it has been in past pregnancies. What gives?!?!

So, rant over. I’m just feeling bummed. It was such a nice outing, and break, and breather, and I feel so frustrated that my body struggled so hard to keep me off the floor. Dang it, Hailey’s body! Keep it together!!

Maybe I’m just getting old. It is my birthday tomorrow…..

Dekker’s Latest Eye Appointment

Its been a while since I talked about Dekker’s eyes on here, I think. Probably since his last appointment, lol! Well Brady took Dekker to an eye appointment this morning and I thought I’d throw it all down here 🙂 For you guys, who care, and for me to remember.

First, I’ll start with a confession. I lied to Brady about the time. In all fairness to me, the last two or three appointments they’ve gone to together, they’ve been late. They arrive at the hospital on time, but its lined up SO FAR BACK that by the time they’re checked in, they’re technically late. So while the actual appointment was at 9:30, I put it on the calendar as 9:15. Just being proactive, not that mean 😉 But of course, today, they were on the freaking ball, and were at the hospital at 8:50. Whoops. Of course, being that early, no one was lined up, and they checked in right away. So so early.

A beautiful thing happened, though! They got into their appointment early! Win!

Orthoptics is always first, where they run the majority of their tests on Dekker. He tends to do well for the first while, but is pretty over it about halfway through. Not today! Brady texted once they were out of orthoptics and back in the waiting room, and said that Dekker cooperated easily and beautifully the entire time 🙂 That being said, though, Brady got a feeling that Dekker wasn’t able to identify as many things as he was supposed to. It was looking like his eyes were declining, even just a little bit, but enough that it was showing up in his tests. Not the end of the world, but it was a bit discouraging.

It was only a few minutes before Dr. Rubab called them into her exam room for the next part. Because Dekker had cooperated SO well in his prior tests, she didn’t have to redo really anything, and said that his eyes are actually doing great!! Basically, his vision is at 20/30, which obviously isn’t perfect, but is just a line below where he’d ideally be. So not at all like it had seemed in orthoptics, but rather just likely it hadn’t changed much at all since his last appointment! It was SUCH a win.

Funny story. They were out of the hospital before Dekker’s appointment was technically supposed to start, haha! That NEVER happens. Amazing!

So, a BIG attaboy to Dekker for doing so great in his appointment, not complaining at all, and for never fighting wearing his glasses!! He’s put in some great work, and its paid off!

Another successful trip to the eye doctor done 🙂 We’ll be back in 4-5 months!

Another Day, Another Deck Build

Brady spent another day at my parents house, working on their deck. Lucky me, by default, I spent the whole day hanging out with my mom and the kids! Woot! I think I can safely say that it was really nice for everyone. Brady got the trickiest part of the deck completed. I had someone to chat with over the age of five. The kids had someone fresh to read them new stories, and had toys to play with that are different from their everyday stuff. And I think my mom enjoyed the company, too, and the bustling house. Its good to mix things up 🙂

Obviously, however, tomorrow will be another deck day. Or at least  deck afternoon. Brady is taking Dekker to an eye appointment tomorrow morning, and when he gets home, we’ll load the kids up and head back to mom’s house for some more work hours. Its SO nice when you work for family, and there is no tight timeline to run by strictly, but Brady also takes pride in his work and his speed, and we don’t want to take advantage and let the project drag on forever and ever, either. So in between all of our appointments and scheduled plans, Brady will likely be at their house fairly often, trying to finish it up. He’s getting a wicked tan!!

I’ll admit, after a LOVELY day of visiting and having company and some help with the kids, I am still wiped. Right. Out. Wow!! Brady told me to head right up to bed once I got home, and thats exactly what I did. I dropped the diaper bag on the floor, walked up to our room, took my pants off, and crawling into bed. No other stops were made.

My body is ready for bed. I am tired.

Or perhaps I just over ate at supper….. Thats entirely likely as well.

Worth it.

The Oldest and the Youngest

I realized I have a handful of super cute pictures of Dekker and Solly from the last few days that I can’t leave unshared. So while they’re unrelated, I’m going to do up a quick post about my oldest and my youngest boys.

Dekker is SO psyched to go to the beach!! He’s been colouring a lot recently, and today, he drew a picture of the lake that I actually thought was pretty awesome.

He told me the “top blue” was the sky, and the “bottom blue” was the water, and then the sand! To his dismay, the yellow sunshine was a tad on the green side, but he understood why, haha! I thought it was a great picture, and he was super proud of it.

Another thing that stood out to me about him today was that he is totally in baby mode!!

He swaddled his stuffed puppy (its more of a pancake at this point) and snuggled it on his chair, patting it and holding its head. It looked SO soft and SO nice. Dekker tends to be a bit of a slow starter, and while he’s never showed any issue with the new babies, he usually takes a while before he wants to be involved with them very much. I think it might go differently this time 🙂

Last, and probably least, haha, Dekker ate an apple like this today!

My mess-free boy has NEVER eaten an apple this way. He always prefers things to be sliced and as neat as possible, so this was kind of a surprise to me. An even bigger surprise was how much he loved it! Even though he was sticky at the end. It was cool to see him let go of something that he seemed to need in the past. Win for Dekker!

Then we have our Solly, who is SO sweet these days! You may or may not have seen the picture I put up of him a few days ago.

That boy loves a good chocolate chip cookie, and Rowan loves that Solly no longer tries to eat his chocolate chip cookie.

On that same day, we ran some errands in the city, but made it home just as Solly was moments from sleep. Poor baby was SO tired, but hilariously adorable and unmoving on his daddy’s shoulder as he was carried inside.

He perked up a little bit and joined the kids for lunch before going down for his much needed nap. We left the table for moment and accidentally left his plate within his reach. He pulled it over to himself and we found him LOADED DOWN with banana.

Thats a half banana, shoved into that massive baby mouth, and if you can’t tell, he is SO PLEASED with himself! Some goldfish snuck in there as well. Truly, though, it was adorable, and Brady and I laughed so hard. It was awesome. Yay independence, haha!

I love my kids to pieces. They are so incredible, on all the levels, in all the ways. It was fun to spotlight these two today.

Feeling a TAD More Together

Its been a pretty good day so far 🙂 You guys are in the know. The last weeks have been challenging in a lot of ways, and I’ve been feeling overdone. The kids are going through a really hard stage, Solly has been actively working on his first set of molars (two have cracked the surface, but we still have a ways to go,) Brady’s work has been all over the place, leaving him working more evenings than usual, I’m still sick and fatigued, and the medication I can take for my nausea is basically like taking sleeping pills all day. Its been a challenge. But today, I feel a tad bit better 🙂 Even though its a small victory, I feel like it needs to be acknowledged 🙂

While the kids ate breakfast, I did a load of dishes. For some reason, the last few mornings, I’ve woken up feeling sicker than usual, and beyond that, my arms feel like I’ve slept directly on top of them all night or something. I haven’t done that, and I know this because I spend a decent amount of time awake in the nights, but my hands and arms have been basically dead to me the last couple of mornings. They were the same again today, yet I pushed through and got a load of dishes in! Small victory, lol! And by the amount of dishes still left on the counter, you’d never know I did some 😉 But it still counts for me! I earned my coffee, that’s for sure!

The kids played pretty well through the morning, and I’ve been able to do a teeny bit of sorting and organizing. Solly burst into tears, however, right around 11:00 and that was just it. He went from playing happily to wailing as though he’d fallen or gotten hurt, except that I was with him when the crying began, with no incident to speak of. I did everything in my power to calm him but he was right pissed. I finally plopped him in his high chair, got a bit of food into him as fast as I could, and he went RIGHT to bed, no struggle. Poor teething baby.

While this went down, I chatted on the phone with my mom and we made a pickle plan! I’m so stoked to can some pickles this summer!! Its been a few years since we did our last pickle day, and we’re both completely out. However, after doing a bit of research, we may have a wrench thrown into our plans :/ We’ll have to see how that all winds up, but we have high hopes of making pickles in the VERY near future. And somehow, that plan with our tight timeline doesn’t feel overwhelming for me. Yet another thing that’s giving me a tiny bit of hope that my first trimester craziness/moodiness/everythingness is potentially on its way out. I can dream!

The one bigger thing on my list is getting hyperorganized for our lake trip coming up, as our days leading up to it are full, and are getting fuller! But the biggest part of that was getting organized food wise, and I did that yesterday! I planned our meals and even snacks, so all that’s left to do for that is a quick grocery shop right before we go 🙂 Look at me over here, accomplishing tiny unimportant things!! Go me!

The big kids are currently eating popcorn and watching some tv while I’m researching, blogging, organizing, etc. Its relaxed around here. Brady won’t work a super long day today, since he has physio in the mid-afternoon, which is so nice. Its been a successful day so far, where I feel like I have things a teeny bit more together than usual. Its all pretty minimal, but these last couple of months have really given me a run for my money, and I’m starting to see little improvements.

I’m feeling really thankful today 🙂