Last night, we went to my parents place to join in in the celebration of my nephew Charlie’s fifth birthday. The kids played outside for a while upon our arrival, and then we had a supper of grilled cheese and soup – birthday boys choice! Food happened early because ice cream sundaes were to follow and all of us parents wanted to give our kids a chance to run off as much of that sugar as possible before going to bed.

That turned out to be a good move, because there was a large buffet of candies to add to our ice cream sundaes, and in most cases, the kids ended up with more candy than ice cream! But they LOVED it! We had to laugh when, at pretty much the exact same time, the kids all started bouncing off the walls. You just knew when the sugar high had hit. With that, the last activity of the party commenced.

Simon and Grace had bought their boys some cute pinwheels a week or two back, and they had really enjoyed going for a walk in the wind and watching them spin like crazy. We didn’t know, but as a party favour, they had purchased some for our kids as well, and we all went for an evening walk together. Our boys all got multicoloured “windmills” and Laela’s was more purple, which is always the way to go for her. Some of my kids were better at being photographed than others…

Isaac couldn’t miss out on the photo op 🙂 Our kids have all been actively photographed since birth, haha! Its pretty familiar at this point.

At least you can see that Dekker is excited, right? Haha!

Solly was pretty determined to massacre his pinwheel, so we changed our method with him.

He wasn’t too upset about it.

They just ran and spun their pinwheels like crazy. It was a lovely bright colourful walk. Felt good to laugh at the kids as they ran around. Laughing feels so strange for me these days. Not in a bad way, but it feels strangely unfamiliar. I guess we haven’t laughed quite as often in the last couple of weeks. It feels refreshing.

Simon ran down the road with Ro and Charlie, which I can’t imagine was especially easy or relaxing, but it was cute to watch, and the little boys LOVED it!

It was a really fun late afternoon and evening. The kids were happy and entertained, and we were all in good company. We even got to enjoy Grace’s moms company, which doesn’t happen all too often. We love you, Deb! 🙂 We are so fortunate to have family nearby to celebrate with and support while they’ve also loved and supported us.

Even with all that ice cream and all that candy, our kids slept like logs. Success!